Notorious historian defends Nazis from comparison to SNP

CONTROVERSIAL HISTORIAN, David Irving, argues the Nazis were many bad and evil things, but comparing them to the SNP is beyond the pale. AhDinnaeKen reports:

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

By Ach TungHistory and politics correspondent

THE NAZIS may have been genocidal war criminals on an industrial scale, but comparing them to the SNP is a slur on their reputation according to a notorious historian.

David Irving claims that if you put aside some of the more negative aspects of the Nazis such as the centralised police force, state sponsored silencing of dissent and systematic oppression and destruction of undesirables, you would find the Nazis were much more effective in both rhetoric and action than the SNP could ever dream of.

“The Nazis did what they said they would do and eschewed the type of pretendy gesture politics we see from the SNP” said Irving.

“Hitler delivered for the working class – even throughout the war – and offered opportunities previously unavailable to ordinary German citizens.

“Unlike the SNP’s eight year subsidy of the middle-class, the Nazis delivered true social mobility.

“Unemployment was virtually eradicated, vocational training programs were greatly expanded, and efficient workers were rewarded with generous incentives for further advancement.

“All of these things took place over a five year period between 1933 and 1938.

“The SNP have had eight years to improve the lot of the working class. What they have delivered in real terms can be summed up by two words – hee haw.

“So stop impugning the Nazis by comparing them to the SNP.

“The Nazis were to progressive politics what the SNP are to numeracy and literacy. Er, haud on!”



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2 responses to “Notorious historian defends Nazis from comparison to SNP

  1. Stuart

    Sadly though he may well be right.

    The problem lies in the refusal of the SNP to own up to its Fascist supporting past.

    You will find no mention of the ‘Green Terror’ launched by Andrew Dewar Gibb, then leader of the SNP!

    “In 1937, at a time of considerable anti-Catholic hysteria directed against Irish workers in Scotland, the SNP warned of a “Green Terror” caused by Irish immigration, and called for the Scottish people to be given the “key to the racial destiny of their country” or face a race war.”

    You will look in vain on the SNP website or their entry on Wikipedia about this, as it has been ‘airbrushed’ out…

    So it goes with many other aspects of their dubious past, I believe they still hold the annual Donaldson lecture at the party conference, how many other political parties hold conferences named after Nazi sympathisers?

    A very good book to get on the subject is ‘Fascist Scotland’ by Gavin Bowd, which lays all of this bare in some detail.

    • Wasn’t that the book that Scotland on Sunday used the swastika/saltire mock up to illustrate a piece about? Oops.

      Think that was just about the only Sunday in several years when Kenny Farq wasn’t promoting stuff and debating via his Twitter account. Lolz.

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