Moan McVulpine: Auntie Scots McAlpine attacks the Beeb again

JOAN returns to the tediously dull Nationalist pastime of sinister finger pointing at the BBC’s impartiality. Like her master’s voice, she remains silent on the SNP’s worship of Rupert Murdoch:

It's worth noting that there are people on bikes. Free space a go-go.

Progressive Nationalists turn up to shout at the BBC’s janitor at Pacific Quay.

By Moan McVulpineConfirming Nationalist confirmation bias

SHE IS one of our most accomplished whiners, so it’s no surprise Joanie McAlpine says she ‘owes everything’ to her genetically ingrained Nationalism.

But this week, the star of the Daily Mail’s front page exclusives and the Wee White Whine said her faith in the electorate was still to be tested considering she was a list MSP apparatchik whom no one had directly voted for in the first place.

She said: “To use my Daily Redcoat column as a political cudgel against legitimate journalistic scrutiny of SNP assertions is grate fun.

“It plays to my natural sense of mob inciting polemic, whirlwind whining and pointing of the accusatory finger of pious self righteousness at oor political enemies, especially the BBC.”

McAlpine was regularly ’employed’ to write Lastminster Salmond’s speeches, amongst ‘other things’ best not spoken about. It’s not in her, or AhDinnaeKen’s, best interests to reveal the pecadilloes of hypocrisy she’s so well known for in political circles.

That’s why she occasionally uses the Daily Redcoat paper to paint herself and her party as victims of conspiracy and dark forces. It resonates with the gruesome grievance gallery and keeps the hardcore tinfoil hat brigade on board with their Nationalist masters voices.

McAlpine’s prejudice directly addresses the ranks of Nationalist Front hate preacher acolytes, chip on shooder progressives, and Mobnat conspiracy theorists.

Claiming that there is a considerable body of academic and journalistic evidence, Joanie attacks the BBC with hilariously sinister abandon.

It turns out her academic evidence is sourced from the widely laughed at and discredited Professor John Robertson of the List D West of Scotland University.

No media outlet in the UK, never mind Scotland, was interested in Robertson’s alleged academic analysis which claimed there was systemic bias in the BBC against the SNP and the SNP’s Yes Campaign.

The only bias Robertson’s media analysis proved was the confirmation bias of the author himself – a stereotype associated with ‘media bias’ types. For anyone remotely interested, it’s worth reading some of the rambling clunky caveat ridden prose of the Professor’s on the Newsnet Scotland website – his alleged academic authority quickly vaporises and dissipates into the ether of paranoid predilection.

When pressed by the Beeb, Professor Robertson was not prepared to release the full research data he based his claims of bias on. Things that make you go hmm, doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But that doesn’t stop Joanie from clutching at ever more desperate straws.

Citing G.A. Ponsonby of Newsnet Scotland as a journalist – we’re still laughing every time we think of that – Joanie quotes from his bacofoil book “London Calling: How the BBC Stole the Referendum”.

Her quotes are notably short on detail and highly selective. The use of the phrase that Gordon Brown’s speech was “broadcast repeatedly” is generically non-commital ie there is no context with other channels, broadcasting lengths, news reports etc.

In other words, Joanie’s assertion is just that, an assertion. And it’s why she also covers herself with the following carefully worded reference to Ponsonby’s journalism: “perhaps more than these specifics is the underlying attitude.”

Quite! How to write off the book while seeming to support it. Quo vadis Joanie? Quo vadis?

The one issue we* can agree on with the ginger whinger is her claim that not enough SNP political drones are being asked by the BBC to comment on government policy.

That is a legitimate observation. So far, there may be perfectly reasonable excuses for the Beeb, but that stay of execution can only last so long.

The fascist fifty-six represent a bloc which cannot and must not be ignored or sidelined by Auntie.

Otherwise everyone’s favourite, and mostly trusted, media outlet plays into the hands of Nationalist grievance merchants like McAlpine.

And that’s not good.



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