SNP commit Scottish taxpayers to directly subsidise SNP rhetoric

NEW tax powers to be granted to Scotland in 2016 will pay to keep Sturgeon in foodbank branded helicopters and strident anti-poverty commitments:

Swinney makes a committed commitment to commit to anything that is non-commital. Yesterday.

Swinney makes a committed commitment to commit to anything that is non-commital. Yesterday.

By Letthum EatcakeAusterity and Penury correspondent

JOHN SWINNEY, yesterday, committed to not commit to a non-commital SNP commitment to not commit to income tax non-commitments.

The Deputy First Minister and finance secretary refused to commit to the SNP’s manifesto commitment to achieve Full Fiscal Autonomy in 2016.

Under the 2012 Scotland Act, the Scottish Government will commit to ignore the first 10p of income tax in the manner they ignored and let lapse the 3p tax varying rate power in 2007.

Swinney said the tax powers, if used as the SNP committed to, will prove expensive to the SNP’s ability and commitment to gain a further majority Scottish Parliamentary vote in 2016.

While the non-commitment will only serve as a paper cut in the momentum and popularity of the SNP’s previous commitments, critics see it as further evidence of a slow popular death as the other 999 cuts catch up with the SNP’s non-committed rhetoric.

Despite Sturgeon’s whinging whining bleating about ‘more powers’, the SNP have still to fully commit to use the powers they are in control of now said Truth Davidson.

She further said: “You only have to look at what happens when they (SNP) do commit to full responsibility in order to see their idea of what ‘Stronger for Scotland’ means.

“Thicker poorer schoolkids who cannae read or write, longer NHS waiting lists for the more expensive treatments, fiscally hamstrung local democracy, middle class students subsidised by less well off students, state surveillance of family life and a politicised ‘tooled up’ centralised police force.

“What’s not to like, love and vote for in the name of Scottish Lions roaring ‘more powers’ for Scotland?

“Now that’s what I call full on commitment to non-commitment.”


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