SNP MPs wear the little white rose of fascist gesture politics

THE LITTLE white rose on display in the House of Commons yesterday was a metaphor for the SNP’s transparent gesture politics says “vacuous cynic” Longshanker:

"It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge." - Adolf Hitler.  The White Rose faithful would agree with that no doubt.

“It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.” – Adolf Hitler. The White Rose faithful fifty-six would agree with that sentiment no doubt.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

THE SCOTTISH National party paid tribute to Nazi sympathising fascist poet Hugh MacDiarmid at the Queen’s speech yesterday.

Sporting the little white rose of Scotland, that wisnae really a little white rose of Scotland but a big white rose of England, the fascist fifty-six looked like a block of synchronised brownshirt apparatchiks.

Stepford MPs, so to speak.

Indeed, in many ways, the stance of the block was symbolic of centralised diktat ‘dae whit yer telt’ behaviour – all in the name of moral superiority and communal self-righteousness of course.

For the cult supporters back home, the gesture may have been intended to portray unity of purpose, but it was all too transparent for apostates of the Nationalist cause to see what was happening. It was like Parliamentary Star Wars: Attack of the Drones.

And the little white rose posturing perfectly captured and exposed the falsity of the Scottish Nationalists – like Salmond’s ‘most accurate’ parliamentary answer ever – they didnae even get it right. Tsk tsk etc etc.

White rose falsityAs so neatly and sarcastically portrayed by Muriel Gray in the tweet above, the roses, like the SNP’s rhetoric and gesture politics were false – impostors pretending to be something they weren’t.

Ian Smart is a much maligned bête noire of the cybernats and SNP politicians these days, but the open and public tribute by the fascist fifty-six to Hugh MacDiarmid is telling. Smart frequently refers to the SNP’s fascist/Nazi sympathising past and receives predictable abuse for doing so.

Aside from the fact that MacDiarmid’s poetry is so boring it could ossify air, the wee nasty intolerant fascist bigot was well known for his political extremism.
In a letter to his chum Sorley MacLean, written in 1940, MacDiarmid said that the British bourgeoisie were a “far greater enemy” than Hitler’s Germany.

And yet, the fascist fifty-six proudly sported their false roses in tribute to one of MacDiarmid’s piss pathetically parochial poems: the Little White Rose of Scotland. Maybe MacDiarmid’s belief that fascism offered the best model for an independent Scotland was coursing through their veins as they sported their roses with pride.

Who knows, but it’s an ill omen that the Nationalists would be so bold as to lionise MacDiarmid in the name of standing up for Scotland.

For anyone who cares about the social union of these islands – something Salmond was keen to stress would remain intact upon independence being achieved – the following unpublished words of MacDiarmid in relation to the impending bombing of London by the Nazis should never be forgotten:

“Now when London is threatened
With devastation from the air
I realise, horror atrophying me,
That I hardly care.”

Guernica in Spain had proven the terror and devastation which air war brought to civilian populations and MacDiarmid was fully aware of that when he penned those words.

Men, women and children all suffered horribly during the blitz on London. They were murdered, maimed and mutilated through relentless bombing from the air and wee Hughie MacDiarmid didnae care a jot because they were English.

Yesterday the SNP took that fascist inhumane sentiment into the heart of London in the UK parliament and brazenly brandished it with their meaningless faith based and false gesture politics.

If it wasn’t so transparent, shameful and disgusting it would have been laughable.

The fascist fifty-six in the House of Commons, yesterday.

The fascist fifty-six pose for a big selfie ootside the Hoose o’ Commons, yesterday.




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18 responses to “SNP MPs wear the little white rose of fascist gesture politics

  1. Alec

    Is there a list of which MPs wore it?

    • He served in France during WW 1 Your opinion of his literary work my reply is to leave you this quote : ‘Eccentric and often maddening genius he may be, but MacDiarmid has produced many works which, in the only test possible, go on haunting the mind and memory and casting Coleridgean seeds of insight and surprise.’ Shallow immature minds do not seem to be able to appreciate his poems. And as for your quote: Now when London is threatened
      “With devastation from the air
      I realise, horror atrophying me,
      That I hardly care.” The key is in the “I realise horror atrophying me”. It is obvious that you have never been atrophied with horror.

      • This ‘shallow immature mind’ is able to appreciate that an unattributed quote, in the context used here, carries no authority – unless of course it’s by you. Which carries even less.

        “I realise horror atrophying me.”

        I’m atrophied with horror that someone is prepared to act the interpretive revisionist for such a horrifying wee man.

        I’d call it apologism.

      • Alec

        The canon is replete with people writing of courtly love and praise of women, then going for a quick knee trembler with a milk maid who then is ditched when pregnant.

        Some of the most talented artists have been utter shites personally such as Werner Herzog or Patricia Highsmith, whilst the loveliest of people have been shite artists such as Ed Wood.


      • Jings

        Your pathetically weak effort at english interpretation has just made you look like an apologist of fascism.

    • All 56 SNP MPs wore it.

      Apparently it’s SNP tradition at parliamentary openings; see photo of Salmond and Swinney at Holyrood opening in 1999:

    • Yes I would love to support them.Just donated to the SNP by the way.

  2. Stuart

    The link to Ian Smarts article for those that wish to read it. (and you should)

  3. allanwils

    They should have sat on the Tory benches – The Allies of the Jacobites

  4. Lazy, spiteful and incompetent history.

    As noted, he served in the Royal Medical Corps in France and Greece in WW1.

    During the second world war he – in his fifties – trained as a fitter on clydeside, and served as a charge-hand making copper shell-cases, then as a merchant seaman on a Norwegian boat under Admiralty orders,

  5. See Above

    HR Anderson: there’s lots to enjoy in the works of Hamsun and Celine too. But I’d expect politicians to be a little more careful in how they express that. That said, that white rose poem is awful trite, isn’t it?

  6. Yorkist

    White Rose of … Scotland? Is this a thing? I will not allow it!

    Love from,


  7. Al

    I think C.M. Grieve/Macdiarmid was a CPGB candidate in 1964, and was an admirer of the WW1 brave anti-war activist John Maclean. And some would consider some of Grieves’ early Scots poetry (eg some poems in “Sangshaw” in the 1920’s) to be very good, though many would disagree of course. That he was a Stalinist for many years does not negate his part in the Scottish literary revival. He had a Scottish identity and not a British one. I think you have to look at his whole life and not just the bits that suit a particular political rant to score points.

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  9. Laughable anachronistic ahistorical nonsense. Good night 😪

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