Moan McVulpine: Keir Hardie would back Labour if he were alive today

MOAN does her body snatching best to steal the mantle of social justice and moral superiority from the festering corpse of Scottish Labour.
By Moan McVulpineputting the clap into claptrap

HOW WOULD Robert Cunninghame Graham, the founder of the National Party of Scotland, vote if he was alive today?

Who cares? He was a pink champagne socialist and nobleman playing at politics to assuage his privileged boredom. Much like ex-Westminster economist banker Alex Salmond.

As for Keir Hardie, Graham’s pal and founder of the Labour party, our activists in Cumnock, Ayrshire, where Hardie spent his final years and is laid to rest, say the feeling is the SNP don’t represent Cumnock values.

In fact, none of the parties appear to represent Cumnock values.

It’s a little known fact that during the indy-ref campaign, Cumnock held it’s own mini-referendum over the currency to be used in the town in the event of independence.

By an overwhelming majority of 80 – 20, Cumnock residents said they were happy to continue with the Giro.

Hardie, a temperance man, might have backed the SNP’s incompetent attempt at the economic prohibition of alcohol.

But even he would have seen that it leaves the middle-class unscathed with the same room for  maintaining functional alcoholism the class has always enjoyed.

He’d also see straight through the hypocrisy of a party which heavily promoted the figure of saving 60 lives from alcohol related deaths a year to promote the mostly useless bill.

All fine and upstanding in spirit, I’m sure, but it pales into insignificance when directly compared to the methadone related figure of 600 deaths per annum.

And yet nothing is done to address that growing social misfit timebomb. Ho hum. Let them drink heroin substitute. Or something.

Social justice? Progressive? Civic? I’m sure Mr Hardie would have had a thing or two to say about that.

When Joan McAlpine suggested that Hardie might sport an “I’m with Nicola” badge, the ghost of Hardie reputedly arose from his Cumnock grave and said “Beware faux socialists sporting middle class subsidies and calling it progressive.”

Hardie cared about working class people everywhere and had no truck with Nationalists – he would be appalled at Nicola’s monomaniacal Scottish independence obsession.

He would see straight through it for the division it drives between all the classes on this island.

But that’s Nationalism for you. It will take any guise, even the guise of socialism and social justice, in order to achieve its populist aims.

If only Nicola was honest enough to explain the immediate and ongoing fiscal repercussions of independence, or full fiscal autonomy for that matter, when it landed on the rocks of political reality.

As soon as Nicola and her cabal of identity politics hingers oan did that, then maybe an undivided Scotland would trust the Nationalists.

Until then, Keir Hardie can rest uneasily in his grave – despite the ill intentioned antics of political ghouls like Joan McAlpine necromantically resurrecting his name to promote their particular brand of Nationalism.


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