Moan Mcvulpine: Why every SNP member thinks everyone loves oor wee Nicola

Moan McVulpine discusses why Sturgeon has become a symbolic totem for everything we hate about our political system.


By Moan McVulpinecorrupting language, corrupting thought.

THE STURGEON surge is sweeping everything in its political path. I suspect Nicola cannot quite believe it herself.

No one could ever accuse her of being charismatic. Quite the opposite – she is the equivalent of a punctual political clerk who got the job because no one else was up to it.

And yet here she is, living the boxset Borgen dream and surfing the wave of political disaffection throughout the country with her consumate surfboard.

But behind all the hoopla and, at times, cult like hero worship, is a mostly dull monomaniac whose actions belie her rhetoric – so no change from any career politician on the make then.

Joan McAlpine makes much of Len McCluskey’s adoption of Nicola as some sort of validation, but he’s another one whose rhetoric never quite matches the action.

Ho hum. Next!

Two thirds of ‘high information’ low comprehension Scots trust Nicola according to a poll.

Which is extraordinary given her tolerance, backing and support for serial liars like Alex Salmond and serial fraudsters like Abdul Rauf.

The reasons she compromised her integrity for Salmond were easily explained: not to have done so would have harmed the Yes campaign – and that can be written off and excused as loyalty to the cause.

Quite why she damaged her reputation seeking clemency for a determined and hardened serial fraudster like Rauf is still not known or satisfactorily explained. Moan suspects it was something to do with keeping the tight knit Asian vote – whom she relies on dearly – on board and on message.

Who knows?

But it tainted her, blemished her reputation, and left a bad smell in the nostrils of anyone with any dedication to the ideals of trust and integrity.

She still owes the electorate a comprehensive explanation for that “mistake”.

It leaves open the question: What other mistakes of judgement is she capable of?

Maybe we should ask prospective Westminster candidates Mhairi Black and Neil Hay.

One thing you can be sure of. Like her SNP political buddies, it won’t be Sturgeon who pays the price of her future ‘mistakes’.

It will be Scotland!



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One response to “Moan Mcvulpine: Why every SNP member thinks everyone loves oor wee Nicola

  1. I read an article in Herald where she told her new fans ‘I’m not a Rock Star’.
    Thanks for the clarity Nicola.

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