SNP’s Paisley candidate admits to being a fool

SNP FOOT in mouth candidate for Paisley, Mhairi Black, admitted to being a bit of an eejit today. But she still stuck by the reason for her eejitism. AhDinnaeKen reports:

Mhairi Bluck: Urging voters in Paisley to put the nut in gullible scum celtic supporters. Or something like that.

Mhairi Bluck: Urging voters in Paisley to put the nut in gullible scum Celtic supporters. Or something like that. Yesterday.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiphobe

MHAIRI BLACK, the SNP candidate for Paisley, repeated her claim today that No voters in last year’s independence referendum were “gullible”.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland, Black repeated her belief that “some” No voters were “gullible” and “there was an element of truth to that”

When asked by the BBC’s Gary Robertson to clarify her remarks as a possible “error”, Black said: “An error? No, I don’t think so. I think there was element of gullibility in terms of the lies that some people were told.”

Probing further, Robertson said: “When you call people gullible that makes it sound as though in some way they’ve been foolish.”

Struggling to find a suitable answer Black failed to retract her claim.

She said: “I understand what you’re saying. And yes, maybe the word wasn’t the wisest.”

Despite the admission of being unwise, Black noticeably refused to retract her “gullibility” claim.

It was the same type of relative apologism witnessed recently when Black was exposed for labeling Celtic fans as “scum”.

Black said her “scum” comment should be put in some sort of “perspective”.

She said: “Tony Blair started a war”, and claimed that by highlighting the “scum” comment her detractors “priorities are a bit skewed”.

Paisley’s voters, like many in Scotland, seem not to care about the gaffe prone candidate’s lack of experience or standards of decency and civility.

After the referendum she infamously said it took all her fibre not to “nut” Labour opponents who were commiserating with her over the result.

Black is currently 11 points ahead in the polls over her nearest rival, Labour’s Douglas Alexander.

The SNP Paisley candidate is understood to have pledged to put every fibre of her being into not ‘nutting’ Douglas Alexander in the unlikely event he hold’s the seat against her.



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11 responses to “SNP’s Paisley candidate admits to being a fool

  1. Stuart W

    Mhairi Black, where did they find her?

    She is the gift that never stops giving…

    How on earth did she get through a selection process, as if she was the best candidate, I shudder to think what the rest were like.

    I can only think of one reason why she was selected, and that is that she will do as she is telt, a nodding donkey, who has not got the brains to realise what she is being used for, in a debate she will be skelped, over and over..

    No wonder she was pulled off BBC QT in Glasgow, though curiously no reason was given-:)

    The SNP must be very short of talent, if they think that she is suitable material, as she will only end up causing more embarrassments in the future if she gets elected.

    Heaven help us all…

  2. I can only think of one reason why she was selected, and that is that she will do as she is telt,

    They’ll all do what they’re ‘telt’. The gagging order will see to that.


  3. Alec

    Stupid brat.

    When I’ve raised her potty-mouthed tirades with her supporters, they’ve said it simply is a working class way of expressing herself. Fucking bollocks, and points to deep ignorance of or disdain towards the working classes.

    They could be highly prudish and intensely conservative. They weren’t foul-mouthed louts.


  4. Graham

    Ideal candidate for Westminster!!—Surely she cannot top the polls if so the mire is deeper than I thought

  5. If ever there was any doubt that the SNP holds the Scottish electorate in total contempt, then step forward violent, drunken bigot Mhairi Black.

  6. Peter MacINTYRE

    [Black was exposed for labeling Celtic fans as “scum”.]

    I really don’t get this! Surely an SNP candidate dismissing Celtic fans as scum would be unelectable in a Glasgow constituency. Does this comment pre-date her political career? Is she really that much of a loose cannon?

  7. Graham

    Well, she is in the political arena ,interesting times ahead in the toilet block,maybe it will work out fine,as the lunatics down here voted Tory and the lunatics up there voted SNP,we may have custard on our rhubarb after all

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