Wings Over Clipeland and the new Twitter landscape


Like the hissy fit over Kate Higgins, this Tweet has gone to hate-preacher heaven.

Like the crybaby hissy fit over Kate Higgins, this Tweet has gone to hate-preacher deletion heaven. Or something.

By Longshanker aka @Ergasiophobe

“Nowadays, if you so much as express a controversial and unpopular opinion about something (a concept more traditionally known as “freedom of speech”), you’re likely to swiftly and suddenly find yourself staring at the inside of a prison cell.”Stuart Campbell – Crybaby Nation, Nov 2012, Wings Over Clipeland.

Take a look at the Tweet above. And its timestamp.

It no longer exists. It’s been deleted. Eradicated. Excised. Erased.

Laughingly, AhDinnaeKen wonders why.

Presumably, it was tweeted in response to this:

Figuratively speaking it's as pleasant as its subject matter. But in any world other than literalist Nationalists, could this comment be considered a threat against Nicola Sturgeon.

Figuratively speaking, it’s as pleasant as its subject matter. But in any world other than literal Nationalism, could this comment be considered a threat against Nicola Sturgeon?

Hardly pleasant, but hardly worth reporting to the police either. The literalism of some Nationalists embarrasses the concept of figurative speech. It’s as if it doesn’t exist in their limited and polarised online world.

Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Clipeland blog is rapidly gaining another disreputable online reputation: that of a vexatious hypocritical authoritarian clipe.

Indeed, Campbell’s recent Twitter behaviour can only be viewed as that of a creepy “playground” clipe – he referred to Twitter as his “playground” when interviewed by Paul Hutcheon of the Herald. Now he’s spending much of his Twitter playtime threatening to clipe on those he doesn’t like.

The recent suspension of Twitter accounts criticising Wings and the threats by Campbell through the form of ludicrously prissy “Formal” notices would be hilarious if it didn’t also bring Twitter’s newly declared policy on abuse into disrepute.

Twitter’s bosses have openly declared that they want to close the gap on Facebook. The difference in numbers of users between the two social media platforms is phenomenal.

One of the key areas highlighted by the Twitter beaks was that of abuse. They felt it was important that they “put the cost of dealing with harrassment on those doing the harrassing.” and that a crackdown on abuse would encourage more users to the platform.

Which is all very fine and well. There are some disturbingly well documented cases – the most recent being the Twitter “threat” storm raged against Jeremy Clarkson’s ex-producer – where such a policy is more than welcome.

But what happens when those complaining of harrassment are actually using it as a cloak to harras and close down debate?

Then it becomes a completely different issue because it undermines Twitter’s credibility. And it lets Twitter be seen as aiding and abetting the abusers. A counterproductive state of affairs for Twitter.

Campbell’s recent “Formal” notice diktats (dikTweets) is just such a phenomenon. The above deleted Tweet is a sign that the authoritarian hate-preacher wants to take his abuse that wee bit further and, ironically, see Tweeters imprisoned for tasteless comments which he and his cohorts, presumably, do not approve of.

It goes beyond Campbell’s wee man syndrome and drifts into “creepy as f**k” territory.

AhDinnaeKen’s @Ergasiophobe account received one of Campbell’s “formal” threats yesterday. It was mindful of the sort of thing that Rick the anarchist from the BBC’s Young Ones would do – either that or write a letter of protest to Mr Echo of Echo and the Bunnymen.

Our crime? – A tweeted reply to besotted schmuck and Wings promoter, Stephen Daisley of Scottish Television. The @wingsscotland moniker was part of the original tweet by Daisley and we* never realised that not deleting it from our reply would cause such apparent offence to Campbell that he deemed it as harrassment worthy of his “formal” threat/notice.

Thin skinned doesn’t come into it.

Campbell also got Twitter’s guardians to suspend @neiledwardlovat’s account for questioning the dodgy figures referred to in the Salmond endorsed Nationalist bible, the Wee Blue Book (ADK passim) .

@OneTarves suffered suspension too. Several others were threatened with such action by Campbell – including @sjfletcherviews above. Despite Campbell’s false claim he had “no interest in anything you say, ever” he decided to report @sjfletcherviews to the police – with address attached.

Worthy behaviour of alternative media or “creepy as f**k”? You decide.

Ever since Campbell won his ill founded claim of defamation against the Scotsman, his ego has landed. His hubris has expanded exponentially and he’s taken to threatening anyone he sees as a threat to his polarised world view.

If Twitter play into the hands of little Napoleons like Campbell, the gap between it and Facebook will only increase.

And that would be an unnecessary shame.

Every time we* read it we* can't help but laugh, even though, taken to its logical conclusion it's a threat to "freedom of speech" and it undermines Twitter's credibility.

Every time we* read it we* can’t help but laugh, even though, taken to its logical conclusion, it’s a threat against “freedom of speech” and undermines Twitter’s credibility. Welcome to Scotland’s brave new alternative media. Can we have the old biased MSM version back please?


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  1. Alec

    This might be a useful source for countering vexatious claims.


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