Moan McVulpine: Maximum whine power generation for Alba

MOAN knows that renewable energy in Scotland is Salmond’s vanity project legacy, and the closing of Longannet power station is mostly due to wind power over capacity.

By Moan McVulpineputting the watt into watt the f**k

WHEN YOU embark on a vanity project  to prove the green moral superiority of your government it can have unintended consequences.

When those consequences result in the premature loss of peoples’ jobs – at Longannet for example – then it provides ample opportunity for some 180 degree grievance stoking.

Rather than look at the real cause, over capacity, why not take the chance to yet again drone on about the evils and inherent oppression of Alba by Westmonster?

And that’s exactly what grievance merchants like Joan McAlpine list MSP do – they see it as their Nationalistic/patriotic duty.

Longannet is the perfect pawn in this game of crooked energy chess for the likes of Joanie. It’s too much to resist.

It’s easy to blame higher transmission charges levied on the likes of Longannet. But much of that charge is a heady mix of Scotland’s over capacity and distance from the centres of power consumption.

The further away you are from the those centres- in Scotland’s case that’s England’s cities – the more you’re charged for the power going onto the grid. The transmission charge rewards generators close to the centres of consumption – it allegedly aids efficiency and cuts down on power loss over long distance. It’s not perfect but there is logic in it.

According to Joanie’s brand of grievance stoking logic, it’s a deliberate ploy by those English basturts doon sooth tryin’ tae dae us doon and keep us in oor place. Or something.

National Grid tells us that Scotland generates 11 gigawatts of power but our peak demand is only 5.4 gigawatts. That’s a problem of over capacity – exacerbated by all those lovely windmills out there.

Due to the vagaries of the transmission system it results in higher charges to the electricity generators.

The irony of Joanie’s Daily Redcoat 1314 gigawatt grievance generation is that she claims Europe demonstrates how energy transmission should be done. And she might have a point.

What she omits however, in the whole of her whining rant, is that due to rules formulated in Europe, Longannet would be closing  down in 2020 anyway due to EU emissions directives and carbon pricing.

But that inconvenient information would get in the way of her grievance narrative, so it’s conveniently ignored.

It’s another example of why you should always be on guard when Nationalists claim they have Scotland’s best interests at heart.

Nationalists have Nationalists best interests at heart. That interest is power. And I don’t mean the electricity kind.




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18 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Maximum whine power generation for Alba

  1. Major Disaster

    I’d expect no less of the SNP to blame the closure of Longannet on Westminster.

    However it’s yet another mess that Alex Salmond has a hand in…

    As ever it was about grabbing headlines, and him being at the stage centre.

  2. Nial

    Peterhead, which is further away, got the contract, so the connection charges clearly aren’t the whole story.
    Perhaps the anti-coal green levies which are used so support the windmills are more of a factor than is being revealed.

  3. Major Disaster

    How very interesting

    Something for you to listen to as ‘Stuart from Bath calls Jim Murphy…

  4. Ben Lowrie

    I’ve got an idea longshanker, why not start a fundraiser? I see wings has managed one again but I’m sure you could beat it and it would go some way to further expose/combat wings?

  5. Major Disaster

    I think you had better have a look at this…

    Kate Higgins is now Nicola Sturgeons ‘SPAD’, and the ‘Rev’ is not happy!


    • Interesting as well that he should claim she’s been responsible for abusing him over the years. Kate’s too savvy and professional to action something like that, but she could have him on a defamation charge.

      I see from some of the comments in the thread that Campbell’s “creepy as f**k” online ‘family’ claim that Kate has somehow acted with this site and me to sustain this abuse.

      Hilarious. “Then they laugh at you and die laughing.”


  6. Alec

    What’s up here? The Vicar of Bath is off to a retreat.

    A earlier post – retained thanks our [1] jocular use of – shows he is most upset that Kate Higgins has been made Grand Vizier at Bute House.

    From the Good Reverend:

    Kate Higgins is the root cause and the heart of the abuse I’ve endured for the past three years from people in the Yes movement based on utterly false and baseless accusations of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, racism, gingerism and just about any fucking idiotic smear you could think of. They’re incredibly offensive.
    You won’t find much by way of explanation on the site because unlike that group of people, I don’t believe it’s constructive for independence supporters to tear lumps out of each other in public. I’ve pretty much just put up with it all and blocked all the dickheads, and that’s also why the post was so short. I didn’t really want to be writing this comment.
    While Higgins was just a dim-witted honking nobody with a handful of followers who failed every time she put herself forward for any elected position, the situation was bearable. I’m less comfortable with her being someone with the ear of the First Minister and shaping the country I’m fighting for, not to mention spreading poison about this site from that position, as some in Yes Scotland did.
    Christ, I’d have been happier if the FM had hired Blair McDougall – at least he was just doing his job for his team, not shooting his own players in the back. Call it a crisis of faith.
    That’s the last comment I’ll be making on the matter. I expect to cool off a bit by next week and get back to work.

    [1] You know why.

    • Bleat bleat. Whine whine, Blub blub.

      I’m still laughing.

      What a crybaby.


      • Alec

        See at 1206pm from the toxic Mae Carson after her midday cup of wormwood:

        I recall Kate being a strong supporter & backslapper for Dunc and his anonymous (and vile) blogger pal and newspaper commentator who hides behind the pseudonyms “Ah Dinnae Ken” aka “Longshanker” aka “Ergasiophobe” and no doubt others, during at least 2 vile attacks against Stu. One accusing him of homophobia the other of being a misogynist.

        The anonymous blogger also targets Joan McAlpine with a venom rarely seen in anyone sane.

        No matter what Kate’s qualities are regarding gender equality she cannot be considered a good candidate when that is taken into consideration.

        Leaves me doubting NS’s judgement when clearly there are many others with less controversial ‘contacts’. Sorry if that upsets anyone, but it’s how I see it.

        I was as distressed as Stu when I heard this news.

        Time will prove you right Stu.

        She iirc was raised in heathen Anglican territory with only one part Scottish parent, and is married to an Englisher making her children – who were born there – even less Scottish. I am, however, 100% and have lived here all my life.

        And I bet it eats her up.

        She’ll be knocking 80 so knows she’ll never get another chance.


  7. Noreen Harding

    Dear Longshanker, thanks for this information, most useful. I can smell shit from a hundred yards distance. There’s a huge pile of it in Bath and I’m sorry to say a lot of it in bonnie Scotland too. Keep up the good work.

    • Alec

      Are you from Bristol?


      • Noreen Harding

        Ha Ha Alec, good point, no I live in north east Scotland so would have to have superhuman senses to smell it from that distance. However it is pretty pungent so maybe with a good headwind? REgards

  8. Peter MacINTYRE

    “National Grid tells us that Scotland generates 11 gigawatts of power but our peak capacity is only 5.4 gigawatts. That’s a problem of over capacity – exacerbated by all those lovely windmills out there.”

    Shouldn’t this be “our peak DEMAND is only 5.4 gigawatts”?

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