Crybaby Nationalist takes to the bottle

A REDTOP newspaper exposes a vile threat from loose cannon cybernat Nick Durie. He repeatedly uses a word which suggests the potential influence of Stuart “Blub-blub” Campbell’s extremist blog, Wings Over Scotland. And a nugget of pre-indyref information slips out. Consequently, Blub-blub Campbell takes to the bottle for solace. AhDinnaeKen, with obvious caveats, falls off its proverbial seat laughing. Here’s why:

Don't do it Wingman. The country is depending on you. :)

Don’t do it Wingman. The country is depending on you. šŸ™‚

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

THE DAILY Record yesterday reported a vilely worded threat against indyref supporter and activist, Aidan Kerr, now defined by cybernats as a “defector”.

“Defector” is used four times in a sanctimonious tirade by “dedicated dad” and threatening cybernat, Nick Durie, who chillingly said of Aidan that he should be “castigated, shut down and prevented from operating”. Scary stuff and not very funny at all.

All that's missing are words like "cleansing" and "quisling" and "traitor to his country",

All that’s missing are words like “cleansing” and “quisling” and “traitor to his country”,

Ross McCafferty, social media commentator and mostly amusing wag, highlighted that the use of the word “defector” was used by Stuart Campbell in his blog predating Durie’s attack. Considering that Durie types are attracted to Wings like flies to something decidedly unpleasant, the link is a logical but potentially fallacious one to make – post hoc proctor ergo hoc etc.

A quick investigation proved Ross’s observation to be correct. But, to be fair to Blub-blub Campbell, he had used the word in quotes, suggesting its original use may have originated elsewhere.

Published on the 16th Feb this year, it certainly predates Durie's vile attack.

Published in the Wings on the 16th Feb this year, the use of “defector”certainly predates Durie’s vile attack. Coincidence or magic that Durie referred to Aidan Kerr as a “defector”? You decide.

So, was Campbell partly to blame for Durie’s tirade? Who knows? The jury’s out and we* certainly couldn’t say he was. We* know how authoritarian and bullying Campbell is and how fond he is of threatening law suits or setting the authorities on people to shut opinion down. So we*’re saying nothing.

There are several threads attached to this story and readers can follow them as they will.

AhDinnaeKen is concerned with the bombshell dropped by Yes campaigner, organiser and activist Ross Greer – referred to by Campbell at the top of the page.

According to Greer, much of his time and fellow Yes campaign organiser Jonathan Mackie’s time, was spent keeping the likes of Nick Durie and Wings Over Scotland as far away from the official Yes campaign as possible.

Official Yes campaign organiser openly admits Wings caused the campaign problems - shock. Cognitive dissonance a go-go.

Official Yes campaign organiser openly admits Wings caused the campaign problems – shock. Cognitive dissonance a go-go.

They clearly recognised the real and potential danger of such toxic campaigners being directly linked to their movement.

Public perception is everything in such vital campaigns and it’s possible, given a bit of conjecture and whataboutery, that the Yes campaign could have achieved a better result had they not been impaired by and associated with the likes of Campbell and his “creepy as f**k” grassroot surveillance goons.

What we do know, is that the poor wee hate-preaching blubberer is blubbing away into his vodka bottle in the official knowledge that the Yes campaign considered him to be as toxic as Nick Durie.

Blub-blub indeed.

We*’re still laughing.


The bottom tweet precedes the one above - proving that cybernats and extremist hate preachers have no sense of irony or self awareness. Natch!

This is a screengrab of Campbell’s Twitter timeline last night. The bottom tweet precedes the one above – proving that cybernats and extremist hate preachers have no sense of irony or self awareness at all. Natch!


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19 responses to “Crybaby Nationalist takes to the bottle

  1. Major Disaster

    So Nicola Sturgeon condemns abusive comments made by a cybernat to Ruth Davidson, and then remains totally silent about ‘Wingsy’ Campbell.

    Far be it for me to ask why, (but I will), especially as ‘Wingsy’ was endorsed and congratulated by Stuart Hosie, for his ‘Fund-raiser!

    As it seems mighty curious that one abusive cybernat is condemned, and the other is lauded by the Deputy leader of the SNP!

    Perhaps an enterprising journalist might like to ask messrs Sturgeon and Hosie why this is so…

    As perish the thought that the SNP have double standards, when it comes to being homophobic and abusive…

    • Wingsy manages to keep his homophobia under wraps. I think he has a little secret there.

      It’s his undisguised misogyny which is one of his many major public relations disasters.

      I don’t think Nicola’s side of the SNP has too much to defend itself from re endorsements etc. The quote from the Daily Record made that clear.

      The SNP’s Salmond side and wild side are the factions who back Wings. Interesting dynamic to watch within the SNP.


  2. Major Disaster

    Well, well, someone has put in an FOI request about ‘Wingsy’ Campbells expenses claims during the indyref…

    Things are getting interesting!

    As the Electoral Commission (according to the downloadable PDF), are liaising with the Crown office and Procurator Fiscal..

  3. Major Disaster

    The fallout from this could be interesting;

    Especially as he works with Blair Jenkins wife, and the firm has won ‘lucrative public sector contracts’, a coincidence I’m sure….

    Especially in the light of this;

    Was Kyle McRae telling folk to say that Marc Hughes was a member of UKIP?

    It may not be the case, but it would fit with both the cybernats and SNP’s modus operandi….

  4. Major Disaster

    Just spotted this….

    ‘Wingsy’ really is milking them for all they are worth…..

    Note the reference to the 2014 Glasgow Subway Cards.


    • Yes. Still takes time to blame “Labour-controlled SPT” when in fact it was Primesight’s Keith Lammie who pulled it straight away. The Local Government Act is an inconvenient part of the narrative Campbell fails to point out.

      The funny thing is, the donors take it as read that it was a decision taken for political reasons when it was merely Primesight’s ad manager following the law.


  5. Wewil

    The head office of Yes may have tried to keep their distance between WOS but the Bathgate Branch of the Yes campaign certainly did not. My wife was handed WOS’s Wee Blue Book twice by Yes Campaigners on the Saturday before the referendum.

    • Yes. The irony being that the only people who would read the likes of the WBB because of its size would be those already committed to Yes anyway.

      Honest and decent Yes voters – the vast majority by far – must have been appalled at the connotations of being associated with Wings.


    • It would make no difference. The chap has no sense of conscience. Anyone who could tell a victim of sexual assault that they were part of the problem resides in a ‘special’ place outwith the realms of mere mortals like ourselves.


  6. Major Disaster

    Interesting to see this;

    So according to Professor John Robertson ‘Reporting Scotland’ has a ‘Psychopathic Leadership’?

    News to me…

    • Jings

      I don’t know what’s funnier. The school project like evidence that the good professor uses to try and justify his findings or the laughable fawning comments beneath it. I’d like to see an example of a negative story, could it just be one that is reporting the utter shambles that is the snp administration?

      Here we are 6 months after they event and the yes campaign still haven’t worked out why they lost.

      • One of the major biases of all news outlets – from the fairest to the most partisan – is bad news bias.

        Something going wrong has much more impact and interest than good news stories. The good prof seems totally unaware of, or chooses to ignore, that basic truism.

        It’s why I can’t take him in the least bit seriously. His appearance at Pacific Quay with the pro-Scottish Government’s anti-media supporters reinforced that opinion.

        And the rambling witterings which assume that the reader’s already in on the previous narratives is plain embarrassing.

        He’s in good company with Ponseybody.


  7. Professor Robertson and the confirmation bias of doom.

    He ensures, despite Bateman being at the helm, that Newsnet will never quite get away from that “crackpot” quip aimed at it by the Daily Record.


  8. jings

    Yes it is true longshanker that news by its very definition tends to report problems rather than things that are going well. That is an inconvenient truth that seems to have completely passed the learned professor by.

    I note you referring to Bateman being part of the newsnet team as an improvement. Bateman may have been a credible journalist 10 years ago but im afraid any shred of credibility he had is long gone. A visit to his blog confirms this where you are confronted with rambling, spittle flecked, nationalist diatribes masquerading as insightful political analysis. He also has his fawning disciples and the level of hero worship they display is toe curlingly embarrassing.

    Lets not forget that many of his disciples will of course be funding Bateman through his wine club so if they want brain out nationalism (and of course if they are willing to pay for it) he delivers it in spades to feed their sense of grievance. He too has completley failed to understand why they lost, which is surprising as i did think their may have been some intelligence in there, but perhaps he doesn’t come out and say it because it doesn’t fit wlth the paranoid grievance narrative that his disciples are paying to read.

    • Thankyou Jings

      I’m showing my personal bias here, of course, but I still have a soft spot for him despite most of what you said being true.

      There’s some real power, facts and insider knowledge behind his invectives. It’s just a pity that he appears, to me at least, to still be harbouring a bitter rage at the BBC which finds its outlet via the establishment in general.


  9. Major Disaster

    It seems that Messrs Bateman and Campbell, are making a nice living out of feeding the Nationalists grudge, grievance and paranoia, if its not ‘Wingsy’s ‘Wings works’ at Ā£1000 a pop, it’s Batemans’ wine club’ where they can buy him pop…..

    Ain’t life grand!

    However I doubt any of their disciples will realise that they are funding a nice little earner for talking among themselves, on the forums Bateman and Campbell provide, as no one else is listening…

    • Thankyou Major Disaster

      Believe it or not, I have a kind of sympathy for some of the followers/acolytes/donors etc.

      Of course, it’s also tempered with a genuine contempt for anyone who can’t see through the transparent hate agenda of Wings.

      But Bateman’s a different kettle of fish. Despite the rages, grievance etc., he still has a sense of BBC instilled balance, even though it’s well hidden at the moment.

      I hope Bateman comes to his senses – however long it takes.


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