Crybaby Nationalist threatens critic with “police visit”

WELL FANCY that. Self styled “robust polemicist” Stuart Campbell of the Wings Over Scotland blog has cried ‘wolf’ and threatened a perfectly legitimate critic with a “police visit” followed by potential court action. What a whining bleating crybaby! Surely someone who said “Are we alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone being arrested or sued?” could tolerate a little scrutiny of their blog? Apparently not. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

This tweet was deleted by Campbell during his exchange with Mr Lovatt. An 'exciting, invigorating, and innovative' approach to critics by Campbell?

This tweet was deleted by Campbell during his exchange with Mr Lovatt. An ‘exciting, invigorating, and innovative’ approach to criticism  – don’t you think?

By Blub-Blub Campbell

IT STARTED on Twitter with a casual tweet and a challenging rebuttal. It ended with a deleted death threat/wish and an authoritarian styled threat of possible court action and a “police visit” to employers

For the sake of clarity, the text below captures the essential narrative of a twitter exchange between Neil Lovatt of Scottish Friendly and Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland – the original thread can be checked here:

Mr Malky: Tweet this hard and tweet it often – an SNP vote CANNOT let the Tories in at Westminster:

Neil Lovatt: that link doesnt say CANNOT, it’s perfectly possible you just don’t understand the math, like @WingsScotland

Wings Over Scotland: Is there some part of “Fuck off and stop @-ing me in your idiot wankery” you don’t understand?

Neil Lovatt: Yes I’ll do that when you actually start reporting accurately. Until then I’ll keep picking you up.

Wings Over Scotland: So for the official record: I have no interest in conversation with you. Please do not contact me.

Neil Lovatt: Thanks I’m not contacting you I’m mentioning your errors on my Timeline.

Wings Over Scotland: I wonder how “Scottish Friendly” would feel about a police visit.

Neil Lovatt: For someone that doesn’t want to talk to me you have a strange way of showing it?

Wings Over Scotland: I am required to do so in order to bring an action. Up to you now.

Neil Lovatt: As I said I look forward to your test case.

Some sterling work here as the Wingsman threatens a respectable citizen with the police for tweeting his disagreement.

 Mr Malky appears to be quite happy about that threat. They’ll be arresting people for singing songs next. Oh, hold on.

Now consider the following ‘robust polemic’ written by Scotland’s fearless challenger to the forces of corrupt imperialistic MSM hegemony. In a blog entitled “Crybaby Nation”, Scunner Campbell whined:

The default response to any kind of slight or challenge nowadays seems to be to shriek that you’re being bullied or persecuted or defamed or disrespected or discriminated against, and demand – often via the courts or the threat of the courts – that nobody should ever dare question or criticise you in any way.”

Hmm. Just as well there’s nothing like that going on in the thread above then, eh?

Rambling on he then opts for a wee bit of special bleating/pleading to justify his faux and hypocritical outrage:

“Are we alone in wishing people were allowed to shout at each other a bit when they felt strongly about something, without everyone being arrested or sued? It’s starting to look increasingly like we are, and that makes us both sad and angry. Does anyone know a good lawyer?”

If Neil Lovatt’s criticism is all it takes to upset Campbell into litigious threats, we* feel it might be rather irresponsible of him to place himself in the middle of a debate as heated as the General Election.

So if anyone can point us* to anything more upsetting to Campbell than having his figures scrutinised by Neil Lovatt, we’re ready and waiting to back the Wingsman’s threats publicly. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time Campbell dried his eyes and got on with the job of ad hominem hate preaching – y’know, the stuff his right wing authoritarian Nationalist backers actually pay him for.



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14 responses to “Crybaby Nationalist threatens critic with “police visit”

  1. Paul

    So, the bloke states clearly ‘Personal Capacity’ the divine reverend Stu decides to a) threaten with Police (for what crime? if the PF ignored the vexatious reporting and any case actually got to court it could be an interesting defence cross-examination) and b) use personal information (employer) in an attempt to silence or compromise opposing opinion?

    It’s frightening that ministers in a democratic government endorse the man. Well done for continuing to bring his methods to a wider audience.

    • The hubris and hypocrisy know no bounds.

      He also threatened Kate Higgins with a defamation action because she posted a link about Gamergate.

      Loose cannon doesn’t even begin to describe it.


  2. Yoshi

    I don’t have any evidence of anything from Mr. Lovatt that could justify such a response, however I do note that Campbell has recently responded similarly to Kevin Hague’s excellent demolition of his mendacity. Something of a pattern emerging, in other words.

    I was toying yesterday with wasting some time to more fully deconstruct Campbell’s modus operandi. This has tipped my balance, so to speak.

    Stay tuned.

    • There is nothing that can justify such a threat – especially on Twitter.

      A potential microcosm of the ghost of Scotland future media landscape – hold me to account, expect a visit from the authorities.

      Look forward to your piece. Let me know when it’s done.


    • Alec

      ~*quivers in rapt anticipation*~

      To be fair, Stewpit threatened only to report Hague to Twatter.


  3. Ian Hall

    I think what this shows is the viciousness of some of the Yes Vote. Having been harassed ,vilified and accused of vile actions by an SNP troll – I have every sympathy.

    The worrying thing is the silence from Salmond and Sturgeon on this issue.

    Best wishes for your safety

    Ian Hall

    Sent from Ian’s iPad


    • To be fair to Sturgeon, her spokesperson said there is “no association with Wings Over Scotland,”

      I believe that.

      It’s deputy leader Hosie and List MSP and influential NEC member, Joan McAlpine who officially endorse the Wings blog and encourage the lunacy of the lunatic fringe – which in the Nationalist world is bigger than your average fringe.

      McAlpine said in the Daily Record: “I am an admirer of the website Wings Over Scotland and would recommend it to anyone.”


  4. See Above

    As I said yesterday is hypocrisy is so blatant it makes me think there is a deeper malaise. It was the same when he was retweeting Billy Bragg one week and then telling Ben Fogle he had not right to comment on the referendum the next.

    What’s weird is that he and his readers seem to think that if you “choose” to believe something it makes it true or that he and the SNP in general are infallible – hence yesterday’s Sturgeon at Dunblane lunacy on Twitter.

    • ..hypocrisy is so blatant it makes me think there is a deeper malaise.

      There is. I’d call it narcissism/ego out of control to a pathological degree.

      But I’ll probably get threatened with a “police visit” if I say that.


  5. Campbell has made a real error of judgment if he thinks he can bully Neil Lovatt – a man with both solid information and a strong character. But it’s no surprise that he has tried to do so. The SNP deserves nothing but contempt for promoting this man’s foul blog – Hosie and McAlpine aren’t the only leaders who do.

    • As you are well aware Jill, he makes real errors of judgement consistently. They are the building blocks and foundations of his blog.

      Hosie and McAlpine have certainly been the most effusive and openly public about their support of the Wings blog. They have real authority in the party and it’s why I highlighted their endorsement.


  6. Alec

    For a moment, I thought the Twot was archive material. Then I remembered he does have this thing about death in chemical fires.


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