Moan McVulpine: Nationalist flag waving and branding is a transparent gesture

CONVIVIAL NATIONALIST, Joan McAlpine list MSP, wants to plaster Scotland in saltires and Scottish Government branding. Moan thinks such brazenly transparent Nationalism should serve as a warning of the political landscape to come.
Moan McVulpine providing 'service' to the Firstminster whenever he wants it.
By Moan McVulpinecondescending where no condescension has gone before.

FIRST IT was the councils, now the embedded Nationalists want to stake their claim on public spending, too.

They hope that, confronted with the misconception that the Scottish Government pays for things, gullible Alba-onians will flock to them in gratitude.

The polemic was dreamed up by Joan McAlpine, an alleged politician and actual SNP NEC member.

McAlpine, a list MSP apparatchick* (for the moment), has gone so native since the glorious defeat of the empowering referendum, she is known as the “most convivial Nationalist at the end of a Pinot Grigio bottle”.

She’s sown her oats, apparently, with even more gusto than her heroine Mata Hari.

Now she wants to turn Scotland into a ‘region’ of Nationalist lapdogs and obnoxious f**kwits.

She and her party appear to be halfway there already. Worryingly.

Joanie would have saltires and “Scottish Government branding” adorning  all publicly funded buildings – a ghastly and tasteless Orwellian styled Nationalistic nightmare.

And she would have you believe that these buildings were funded by the “Scottish Government” while any UK public projects were funded by the “Scottish taxpayer”.

Can she really be so arrogant and dismissive of the Scottish public’s perception that they won’t notice the brazen transparency of her insular Nationalist agenda.

So when it comes to sticking saltires up things, Joanie and her ilk know where  they can stick their saltires.

The sun doesn’t shine there, allegedly.


* deliberate misspelling for poorly conceived patronising joke



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4 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Nationalist flag waving and branding is a transparent gesture

  1. Senior Moment

    The problem is that the disinformation campaign is widely believed and the British Government appears to be totally indifferent to it.

  2. jamie100

    Lol had to laugh. Good of the Scottish govt to pay for all this for us, bearing in mind all our dough is spent in the South East of England. Also misses the point that the UK govt doesn’t build much in Scotland as it devolved those responsibilities to Holyrood. Let’s hope Joanie’s constituents give her her marching orders next May. Oops forgot she’s a ‘list’ MP – just think this women will have cost the taxpayer over half a million in Salary, expenses and all day lunches in the Holyrood Bar. Good value or White (or should that be yellow and white) elephant!

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