Analysis: Why STV’s Stephen Daisley needs to investigate Wings Over Scotland

Scottish Television journalist Stephen Daisley’s paradoxical admiration of both honest journalism and Wings Over Scotland’s partisan propaganda needs to be challenged. Stephen himself needs to do most of the challenging. Here’s why:


The face of the misogynistic Nationalist Front. Happy to call an ordinary mother a liar for expressing a view on the referendum. Check the Wehrmacht styled badge on the right of Mr Campbell's black-shirt.

False and vile accusations, no credible or tangible evidence, Wings Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell besmirches journalism. Smear, innuendo, intimidation and surveillance is the modus operandi of this type of Nationalist propagandist.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

“CROWDFUNDING COULD be the game-changer that opens up the media landscape and allows the best and the brightest — left and right, Yes and No, veterans and newcomers — to rise to the top.” concluded STV journalist Stephen Daisley in a gushingly embarrassing promotion of Wings Over Scotland’s recently launched online mendicant fundraiser.

The conclusion was reached by Stephen in an allegedly analytical piece written by him on the STV website. The implication is clear. Daisley thinks professional “wind up merchant” and Wings blogger, Stuart Campbell, is the “best” and “brightest” of the ‘alternative media empire’ currently being built in Scotland’s online mediasphere.

If it had been written by a Wings acolyte it could easily have been dismissed as the gibberings of a tunnel visioned zealot.

But Daisley’s nobody’s fool. Despite the lightness of his touch and humorous nurturing of the facile and the inconsequential, Daisley is a highly perceptive, balanced and fair journalist. Except, of course, when it comes to the vexatious smearing liar and self professed “professional journalist” Stuart Campbell.

There’s an embarrasingly glaring blind spot there. And it undermines Daisley’s credibility somewhat given the number of times he refers to Wings in his STV writings and Twitter feeds.

On the plus side, the STV journalist showed his mettle recently when taking SNP MSP Joan McAlpine to task for her very public attack on local councils. His review of Telegraph columnist Alan Cochrane’s referendum diary was a masterpiece in scathing critique. And his calling out of trolls for their sustained and vile online abuse of Labour’s Margaret Curran was as firm and clear as it was necessary. Though the latter piece by Daisley made no mention of Wings’ misogynistic attacks on Curran.


Maybe it’s this kind of thing which fuels Campbell’s fantasy accusations.

What AhDinnaeKen has difficulty in understanding is the affinity, bordering on supine apologism, Daisley has for Wings.

In reference to Campbell’s blog, Daisley said: “Wings Over Scotland emerged during the independence referendum as the leading alternative news and opinion site…

There’s no attribution or explanation cited for the assertion so it’s clearly Daisley’s opinion. AhDinnaeKen would like to know which criteria the “leading” was measured against.

Curiously, in his piece entitled ‘Analysis: Pro-independence campaigners building alternative media empire‘, Daisley omits Wings’ readership figures. Though he does mention page views and number of articles – 54 million and over 1000 respectively.

AhDinnaeKen checked with other journalists who interviewed Campbell if they had corroborated stated readership figures supplied by him with another independent source. To date, no one contacted – the most recent being Angela Haggerty of Common Space – have given an affirmative answer. So Daisley earns kudos points for avoiding mentioning “readership” numbers claimed by the deceptive liar Campbell. Daisley appears to know the numbers couldn’t be independently confirmed. All of Campbell’s alleged “readership” figures periodically stated by him are lies and he knows it.

It can only be concluded Campbell does so to convince readers that they’re part of something big which is achieving something big just so long as they hand over some big donations. A fool and his money etc…

Except, the majority  of that figure isn't actually readers yet Wings still perpetrates the lies. Hmm. Wonder why?

Except, the majority of that 600,000 figure isn’t actually readers yet Wings still perpetrates the lie. Hmm. Wonder why?

But the real issue AhDinnaeKen has with Daisley is his treatment of Campbell as if he is a journalist.

He’s not.

He’s an unbalanced and partisan propagandist: a not unskilled one, admittedly; a feverishly dedicated one, undoubtedly; and a deceptively disingenuous and vexatiously vindictive one, provably. But a propagandist nevertheless.

Campbell has no scruples, ethics, integrity, honesty, balance, accuracy or sense of fairness or justice – qualities a good journalist should possess or at least demonstrate more than lip service to. Campbell, on the other hand, continuously besmirches the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) code of conduct despite claiming he is a NUJ card carrying member.

In a way, his blog is a totemistic symbol of every negative Nationalistic stereotype you could wave a saltire at – a stereotype which should have cause to make any reasonable person fear the potential of Nationalism unchecked.

AhDinnaeKen experienced this Nationalist phenomenon first hand. Some time ago, we* discovered that Campbell had been circulating vexatious and untrue accusations via private email messages to third parties in order to smear AhDinnaeKen. It appeared to be an act of vengeance for a post we* published which demonstrated Campbell thinks that in video games, “beginner is for girls and homosexuals”. We provided corroborative visual evidence for that. (see below).

Alternative text

Of course it was just a “flippant” off the cuff remark and it was a long time ago – natch.

The post coincided with Wings’ first fundraiser result and took some of the wind out of Campbell’s ego fuelled sails.

No doubt in a fit of rage, or whatever apoplexy that type suffers when they get angry, he batch emailed the accusation that the person responsible for AhDinnaeKen had been arrested for conspiring to gang rape and murder him. He also claimed to have arrest records to corroborate the vile accusation.

This came as a nasty shock to AhDinnaeKen. We*’ve never been arrested in our* life. Boring but true. It took a while for our* outrage to calm. When we analysed Campbell’s accusation in a reasoned and systematic fashion, a study of the wording of the email made it clear just how unreasonably irresponsible, bordering on insane, Campbell is.

Notably, Campbell made the heinous claim to the third party without actually naming who this alleged gang rape and murder conspiracist was. That’s why AhDinnaeKen published a post demanding that Campbell come clean and name this alleged perpetrator.

Forced to respond, Campbell wrote a blog entitled ‘The Personal Touch‘ which relied on many of the key fallacies, falsehoods and lies he abuses in the majority of his fevered Wings posts.  Of course, he didn’t name the editor of AhDinnaeKen but he did name another individual whom we* had never heard of. And Campbell’s stuck to that line of argument ever since – repeating it on Twitter on numerous occasions.

Ironically, the Wings tweet highlights exactly the type of vexatious, bordering on insane, liar Wings actually is.

Ironically, this Wings tweet highlights exactly why it’s completely justified to call Campbell out as a vexatious slanderer and fraudulent liar. It’s the simple truth of the matter. By perpetrating the falsehood, Campbell is effectively defrauding his readers. Ergasiophobe knows the difference between fact and opinion. Campbell has still to learn that basic skill. And that’s the danger of big ‘N’ Nationalism. Especially with a cult like following behind it

And that’s where Stephen Daisley comes in. The individual hinted at in the email and named in The Personal Touch post, so far, appears to have lacked the appetite to sue Campbell. Maybe he’s been intimidated by the potential of Wings goons hunting him down in the same “creepy as f**k” manner they sought out and targeted Better Together leaflet campaigners under Campbell’s instructions during the Indyref campaign. We* don’t know.

What we* do know is that @journostephen, aka Stephen Daisley, due to his promotion of Wings – and his clear commitment to balanced and fair journalism – is virtually morally bound to clear up the claim made here by AhDinnaeKen – that Campbell is a vexatious liar and vindictive smear merchant who besmirches the ethics and purpose of journalism and brings it into disrepute.

Daisley attacked Alan Cochrane for his referendum diaries. His outrage was forthright and sincere. He said Cochrane’s “admission that a No vote was more important to him than journalism.” was “extraordinary reasoning.

” For that contempt for journalism, and for his disrespect towards those who strive to do the job without fear or favour, Cochrane is the Villain of the Year.”

A concise and upstanding defence of journalism and one that’s virtually impossible to disagree with.

Daisley appears to be under the misunderstanding that Campbell is a journalist. But if Stephen really believes that journalism is worth respecting then he needs to clear up, in his own mind at least, that Campbell isn’t taking the rise out of him personally and journalism in general. Which at present – so long as the Personal Touch story stays posted and no apology is forthcoming – Campbell is.

Campbell’s paranoid fantasy piece entitled ‘The Personal Touch‘, where he names the person referred to in the email smear, is a breach of the NUJ code of conduct in three clear areas. According to the code all journalists should:

2) Strive to ensure that information disseminated is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair.

3) Does her/his utmost to correct harmful inaccuracies.

4) Differentiates between fact and opinion.

But equally, if not more, important to that is the deliberate and aggressive defamation of a named individual by Campbell in order to silence and intimidate. Campbell did so in the full knowledge he had no tangible, credible evidence that the named individual had any connection in any manner whatsoever with AhDinnaeKen. It’s beyond contempt and it’s beyond reprehensible. And if it’s the future of an “alternative media empire” then Scotland must despair.

We* already tweeted a link yesterday to Stephen Daisley regarding Campbell’s vindictive vexatious conduct. Unsurprisingly, there was no reply.

If Stephen remains silent or, at least, doesn’t report something on Campbell’s vexatious defamation then he’s no better than a cheap nasty partisan propagandist like the Wings man himself. By promoting Campbell, Daisley is promoting the notion that “journalism” can be used to deliver the most vexatious and heinous claims against individuals in order to silence and intimidate them.

From what AhDinnaeKen perceives of Stephen Daisley, he has too much integrity and sincerity to let that happen.

Time will tell if the perception is accurate.

Our* kind word to Campbell would be, "Learn the meaning of journalism you lowlife hypocrite." And then grow up.

Daisley posted this gushing message on the STV website two days after the Indyref result. Our* kind word to Campbell would be, “Learn the meaning of journalism and stop pretending to have integrity.”

* tedious persistence of redundant joke in terms of the pretentiously bombastic pluralis maiestatsis



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12 responses to “Analysis: Why STV’s Stephen Daisley needs to investigate Wings Over Scotland

  1. Graham

    I read wings on a regular basis,just to see what the goes on in I Iam one if his 600,000.The people who post seem to be regulars,as I am now blocked can no longer ask be part of the fun.

    • More non-Nationalists will probably read it. But to claim 600,000 users as readers is a dishonest and fraudulent sham. Campbell knows that as well but stills persists with the façade.

      Speaks volumes.


  2. Alan

    I would have assumed that Daisley’s piece would have been checked and approved by STV before it’s publication – which would suggest that there are more people than Daisley at STV who are sympathetic to Wings cause………

    • You’re most likely right there. STV has historical form around this kind of thing.

      To be fair to Daisley, he probably wouldn’t have been aware of Campbell’s vile and vexatious accusation. But he’s aware of it now.

      He’ll probably not be able to resist more gushing promotion of his favourite “alternative media” site. And that would tell its own story.

      Unless of course he does the right thing and gets to the bottom of Campbell’s vexatious lies.

      I’m not holding my breath.


  3. Daisley’s fallen victim to two things.

    The first and most obvious is that he’s too feart to risk Campbell’s wrath. It’s not hard to see why: Wings is weird. Manson family weird. I have read the site semi-regularly, for my sins, and the one thing I’ve noticed that its always the same old people commenting on every article. But then I noticed something even weirder … go over to Bella Caledonia, the online comments sections of Scottish newspapers (and some UK-wide ones), relevant twitter hashtags, and you begin to see the same old names, and the same old profile pictures, again and again. These people are incredibly prolific, and devoted enough to keep their “Rev*” in clover to the tune of 80-odd grand, clearly. Piss him off, and they’ll be posting your address and phone number all over twitter and monstering you on every possible platform. Watch this bam’s videos;

    this is what the enemy can expect, and it’s chilling stuff. Not exactly a healthy environment for democracy. But maybe that’s just me being old-fashioned.

    The second is a simple human need to be liked. Now I’m personally a skeptical person, and that’s stopped me from, e.g. supporting the Yes movement, or joining happy-clappy evangelical churches, but I can still envy sometimes the fun that these guys are obviously having. That was a big selling point of Yes … lot’s of lovely arty types, folk singers, face paint for the weans, the sense of righteous struggle against oppression, etc. No-one likes to be the big bad red tory. Easier by far to play to the crowd a little, be popular, maybe land a cushy job at McPravda or similar.

    Ask an Englishman for their stereotype of a Scot. No longer hard-headed, thrifty and stern Presbyterians. Now much more a nation of maudlin braveheart naifs. Well, that turned out to be quite the essay!

    *What on earth is the whole Rev thing about?

    • I don’t think Daisley’s feart from Campbell. He genuinely admires the guy’s prolific output on the Wings blog.

      The disappointment with Daisley is that he’s clearly aware of this piece and the issues it raises. No acknowledgment tells its own story: he either thinks Campbell’s Personal Touch blog is correct or he doesn’t wish to address its vexatious falsehoods. Either scenario undermines his journalistic credibility.


    • Jings

      Those YouTube videos are something else. Their like something out the church of Scientology, albeit more ignorant and sinister.

  4. Major Disaster

    In reply to Charlie Murphy;

    *What on earth is the whole Rev thing about?

    Apparently because there was a murderer named Stuart Campbell, so wee Stewie in Bath gave himself a spurious title, to differentiate himself…

    There must be thousands of other Stuart Campbell’s for whom that idea has never occurred to them….

  5. MAJR

    Whenever I have had the misfortune to read any of Campbells work it has always seemed littered with outrage and scorn but not much in the way of facts and evidence, and whenever I have seen someone call him out on factual errors or omissions his response is to act as if its beneath to actually have to provide evidence to support his assertions and to insult the person questioning him then attack them and their character publically to his followers in an attempt to mobilise them in his support.

    It happened last weekend in fact, when businessman and blogger Kevin Hague made his lastest attempt in a long running campaign to get Campbell to defend his claims in the Wee Blue Book or else recognize the factual inaccuracy Hague found therein and update the information accordingly and admit that the figures he gives in the book are wrong. Campbell made a small and dismissive reply on Hague’s blog then claimed that he had no interest in the matter, accused Hague of harrassing him and threatened to go to the Twitter authorities on the matter if Hague didn’t back down, the tweeted all his followers about the matter turning them loose resulting in a lot of abuse aimed at Hague.

    This being the case I find it very hard to believe how any professional journalist can utter such gushing praise of him of his conduct as Daisley did. If bloggers like Longshanker and Kevin Hague can find serious faults with Campbell work and can see the breaches of good journalistic conduct working in their own time then a full time journalist should be more able to do so and should, in fact, be hold Campbell to a higher standard because Campbell is claiming a professional journalist.

    It would be better for Mr Daisley, and the journalistic profession as a whole, to ensure that Campbell’s conduct is in line with the rules set down by his profession to enforce good practice in the trade than to write glowing editorals about how far Campbell’s work has penetrated the mainstream without making sure he was observing those rules. Allowing Campbell to run loose about the trade like an unaccountable rogue will only hurt jouranlism and the reputations of journalist everywhere.

    • “…always seemed littered with outrage and scorn…”

      Jane Carnall hit the nail on the head when she compared Wings output to Daily Mail editorials. As demagoguery goes, keeping the “readership” agitated, excited and outraged explains the success of the Wings fundraisers. Accuracy and ethics are merely tools for exploitation to an extreme propagandist and vexatious liar like Campbell.

      Campbell is under no legal obligation to correct inaccuracies in the manner newspapers are. That’s why he doesn’t.

      His extremist modus is transparent to many, but the constant ad nauseum repetition and homogenisation of “enemies” such as the MSM, the Labour Party, Westminster, this blog and Kevin Hague etc etc is what appeals to the Wings readership. One common enemy is what keeps the readers on board and free of any confusion as they travel on their political journey.

      I can’t think of a more extreme reaction to a critic than claiming that they conspired to commit a heinous crime against the person criticised. Any individual capable of discerning facts from lies and insinuation can see that Campbell’s claims against the (anonymous) author of this blog are vexatious lies and quite possibly a criminal perversion of the law at the same time.

      For the likes of Daisley and Kevin McKenna to promote such tactics – which effectively they are by endorsing Campbell as a journalist – goes beyond reprehensible.

      To be fair to Daisley, he probably wouldn’t have been aware of the affront to journalism exemplified by The Personal Touch blog.

      But he’s aware of it now. The lack of any contact or reply to the above piece tells its own story.

      It’s small beer in the bigger world, but as stated in this piece, Campbell’s blog is a totemistic symbol of Nationalism and must be exposed as such.








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