Lookalikes: Nationalist bookburners on tour

Lookalike - Book burners Nationalists



Has anyone noticed the remarkable similarity between Nationalist sponsored “Action against the Un-German Spirit” in 1933 and the Nationalist sponsored “Action against the Un-Scottish Spirit” in today’s modern ‘progressive Scotland 2014? I think we should be told.

Yours sincerely

Fahrenheit 451 & Scottish Bluebell


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One response to “Lookalikes: Nationalist bookburners on tour

  1. Paul Russell

    should have doused it in crude oil to help it burn, dead cheap the now as well, less than $80 a barrel. So what would the nats have switched off first? The hospitals? The Schools? the police? the fire service? Maybe they should burn their white papers along with it.

    The snp signed up to clause 30 of the edinburgh agreement, these are not rabid yes civilians, they are elected reps of snp, as they have no respect for democracy or the so called ‘sovereign will of the scottish people’ they should be sacked.


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