AHDINNAEKEN TAKES its proverbial hat off to Firstminster Salmond’s repetitive use of the phrase “the sovereign will of the Scottish people” at Firstminster’s Questions recently. Ten times, in a period spanning less than twenty four minutes, Firstminster Salmond paid tribute to the “sovereign will of the Scottish people”. Weel din Firstminster, repetition like that goes way beyond the realms of desperation. It’s hard core Nationalist dogma at its best. AhDinnaeKen doffs its tammy to your indefatigability.

By Meeja Monitor

TO ROMANTICS and believers in democracy the “sovereign will of the people” is an uplifting ennobling and aspirational state for any modern democratic nation to achieve.

From the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 to the Declaration of Independence of Thomas Jefferson’s America, the “sovereign will of the people” is a just and true and heart stirring inspiration for all socially minded, progressive and civic peoples to aspire to.

In Scotland, Wha’ daurs meddle wi’ the sovereign will?

Only the anti-democratic imperialist forces of the bluffing, blustering and bullying Union could possibly contemplate such a thing.

And they are. Apparently.

According to Firstminster Salmond, Unionist “thieves” denying an independent Salmondland the enforcement of a currency Union on a foreign country is just such a denial of the hallowed sovereign will.

After the Firstminster’s embarrassing pummelling from Alistair Darling recently, his performance at Firstminster’s Questions on 10th August sounded like the desperation of a punch drunk Nationalistic liability – a millstone around the SNP’s and the Yes campaign’s neck.

Political convictions delivered repetitively can imprint themselves on the collective mind of the people – according to propagandists and politicians.

But there needs to be a requisite skill with which such repetitions are delivered.

View the video above and make up your own mind if Salmond’s tedious repetition of the phrase was skillful or desperate.

In AhDinnaeKen’s eyes, it is a transparent and borderline dangerous Nationalist trick designed to ramp up grievance and a sense of injustice perpetrated on the Scottish people by ‘evil’ Westminster “thieves”.

Currency Union may be what the “sovereign will of the Scottish people” desires – though that is debatable – but, if the sovereign will of the English, Irish and Welsh people don’t desire such a Union, then it can hardly be called “bullying” by the Unionist parties when they turn round and say “Naw, yer no gettin’ it”.

There are increasing signs of transparent and potentially dangerous Nationalist sabre rattling brought on by the realisation that, on current form, they are going to lose the referendum.

The Firstminster’s prattle aboot the sovereign will at FMQs was the lighting of the touch paper for certain Nationalist Front types to ramp up the Nationalist fervor.

Expect more bitterness, acrimony and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the coming weeks.

Ho hum!


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  1. JAy2209

    Yes the sovereign will of the RUK people to deny a currency union, and the sovereign will of the other members of the EU to deny EU entry on SNP terms!

  2. Major Disaster

    It’s quite amusing to see the nationalists puffed up, and thinking that they hold all the cards.

    Quite how your force 55 million people to do something against their will, is explained away with the ‘mantra that its in their best interests to agree to a currency union.

    Trouble is Mr Salmond has spent months running around using the ‘Default’ word.

    Who in their right mind is going to enter into any kind of financial arrangement with someone who says, that if they doe not get their own way, they won’t pay?

    Oh and one word for longshanker, I’d love to be able to use some of the screenshots of wingsy campbells tweets and comments, but because you have titled them using ‘colourful’ langauge, I cannot post them in the comments sections of newspapers.

    I think particularly of

    And his comment about Scotland having waited 300 years for one chance, any possiblility of retitling it, so I can circulate it more widely?

    Thank you

  3. Great website, thanks a lot !!

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