Moan McVulpine: Let’s have the confidence to sack the politicians

MOAN said last night’s TV debate revealed that if we vote Yes or No, we will continue to be lied to by politicians on the make. They will continue laughing at the voters while puffing up their egos at taxpayers expense.
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By Moan McVulpinerippng the pish one column at a time

SALMOND AVOIDS answering the question. Darling avoids answering the question. That more or less encapsulates last night’s TV debate.

Salmond answered the question on currency – in terms of the debate. Darling answered the question on successful independence – in terms of not answering the question.

Salmond presented a schoolboy vision of a political shyster.

His snark about driving on the right and alien attack was, technically speaking, piss poor. You had to ask, how much does his inner publicity Star Chamber get paid at taxpayers expense?

Five pence would be too much.

Salmond was so schooled in presentation by his American lifestyle guru that he even came in front of the lectern. It was intended to convey a closeness to the audience, a physical statement of intimacy and integrity.

Instead, it looked like a forced and regimented creepy cynicism. Ho hum. Same old same old.

Darling remained behind his lectern. All he needed was a fedora and a beard and he could have been a muppet representation of George Galloway.

Of course, there was enough on show for both sides to claim victory. And both sides were right.

The loser was the everyday voter and taxpayer.

Vote Yes for an unparalleled and empty political cynicism with a centralising Nationalist twist, was the message from Salmond.

Vote No for increasingly right leaning and remote Westminster governments was the basic message from Darling.

Of most importance to the money in Scots pockets post September was the currency issue.

When asked to name plan B Salmond floundered and repeated his empty bluster of old.

That performance proved to undecideds and the less partisan of both camps, that voting Yes will be a huge and blind leap of faith in the Nationalists and their allegedly brilliant leader.

Get the currency issue wrong and we could be bankrupt and poverty ridden before you could say “magic money tree”.

Only hard core Nationalists could be happy with that possibility.

Let’s step onto the front foot.

Spoil your ballot paper.

It’s the only option worth voting for.


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One response to “Moan McVulpine: Let’s have the confidence to sack the politicians

  1. Jay2209

    What happened to Joan’s warning that David Cameron and the British Establishment were about to whip a frenzy of patriotic jingoistic ‘up old blighty’ on the back of the World War I centenary.

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