Moan McVulpine: Voting Yes could be bad for your marriage

AS FULLA Shitford, a consultant divorce lawyer, warns, a Yes vote could destroy your marriage as you know it in Scotland. Moan urges Scots to look at why the majority of women voters will probably vote No.

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By Moan McVulpineTaking the adult out of adultery

DIVORCE WILL hit more than 11,500 women in Scotland this year.

Not all of them will be the fault of list MSPs.

One in four men, at some point, will feel the urge to stray and act upon it. It’s the news every faithful woman dreads.

Of course, the women will survive – temporally at least. But inside, it can be so spirit crushingly devastating that their soul and sense of self remains permanently damaged – crushed.

Fulla is a consultant divorce lawyer near Newton Stewart in Dumfriesshire.

She is in the same mould as Harmer Andwar, the high profile lawyerly defender of serial liars, misogynists and perjurers – otherwise known as Citizen Sheridanz.

Fulla knows that the message currently being sent out by the SNP is one of relentless insecurity for the bedrock of society – wives and mothers.

Aside from predatory list MSPs seeking out previously faithful husbands, Scots women will also have to beware narcissistic predatory misogynistic champagne Socialists who’ve gone to jail to defend their right to lie in court.

Many folk just don’t trust politicians and, given the antics of the two hinted at above, it’s no surprise.

Both are SNP endorsed because they’re an important part of the Yes campaign.

One can appeal to the Firstminster’s baser instincts and the other appeals to the dirty manky denim jacketed unwashed Trotskyite brigade – the People’s Republic of Cardonald, or somewhere like that.

Together, they’ll be responsible for thousands of lost Yes votes – they might even ‘collaborate’ on a book together. Er, haud on.

But the one real breathtaking element of the blatantly immoral brigade is their ability to pontificate as if they were somehow morally superior.

From bleating about “anti-Scots”, which is really just a synonym meaning “anti-SNP”, to calling everyone a liar but themselves, their well polished brass necks would be something to admire if they weren’t, on reflection, so transparently repugnant.

So when one of them uses their plinth in the Daily Redcoat to castigate the basturt English aka Westminster, it’s always worth reminding yourself of the type of person they are.

What’s in it for them: power, narcissistic supply, money, ability to abuse others with impunity?

When you answer those questions, the conclusion is always the same. They’re in it for themselves.

As Fulla Shitford once said: “Meet the new would be bosses. Same as the old has been bosses.”


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