Salmond’s “nation of drunks” in context.

IT’S EASY to take anything anyone has said out of context – in order to make it appear they said something else. It’s usually done to discredit. Politicians do it all the time, newspapers do it from time to time and, whenever Sun King Salmond is queried over something controversial he said, the stock defence is to claim that the quotes were being taken out of context. AhDinnaeKen asks, is this what happened to Salmond’s “nation of drunks” quote?:

Quote taken out of context or Wee Eck banged to rights? You decide. (click on image for full size)

By Screw Tinny

SUCH IS the polarisation of the Scottish populus around Firstminster Salmond and his various utterances, that context becomes the overriding argument.

Roof (sic) Davidson put Salmond’s Putin comments from his now infamous GQ interview into perfect context at Firstminsters Questions (FMQ) last week.

Her contextualisation of the timing of Salmond’s comments left not only Salmond, diminished, but showed that he had also diminished the reputation of Scotland on the world stage.

And so to the “nation of drunks” quotation.

As can be seen from the above in the magazine, the “context” was the discussion of alcohol in sports sponsorship. A subject which naturally progressed onto the Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) of alcohol proposed in the SNPs European Court bound bill.

In terms of MUP, Alistair Campbell asked the Firstminster, “So the state has to act on this?”

Salmond babbled on about the marketing of whisky to the Chinese being about “social emulation and authenticity, not cheapness.”

He then said: “if you are promoting it is authentic and of great worth, you cannot promote it from a nation of drunks.”

The implication is clear. Salmond thinks of his own “people” as “drunks” and that that reputation will have a diminishing effect on whisky’s marketability.

That one comment probably reveals, more than any other, the underlying puritanism of our childless virtual teetotalling Firstminster.

Of course, there’s wriggle room in the comment to exonerate him from the claim that he’s talking the Scots down. But not much.

The SNP mantra around the MUP bill used to be that it would save sixty lives a year.

Yet, it was revealed last year that almost ten times that amount died from methadone related diseases and actions.

So, if saving peoples lives was the real issue, then priorities would point to the methadone man sector as having first dibs on legislation.

But, there’s nothing we can sell to or market to the Chinese on the back of those wasted lives. The Chinese have had enough of the opium trade for a couple of centuries.

Instead we have MUP, the ill fated and poorly thought out Jakey Apartheid Bill – a bill which will do nothing to alleviate societal alcohol issues other than further impoverish those individuals with real problems.

AhDinnaeKen doesn’t often feel insulted by politicians, but this is one such instance.

Salmond, if he had any decency should further qualify the remarks or apologise.


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One response to “Salmond’s “nation of drunks” in context.

  1. Alec

    Although this flies in the face of the previously enunciated position than minimum pricing is all about harm reduction, I do agree with him for once… even though that he remains, like most of Scotland, a disgrace to Scotland.


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