Moan McVulpine: Word of McAlpine is gospel according to the Nationalists

MOAN MCVULPINE discusses the mystery behind the barefaced front of Nationalist mouthpieces, and says they do not represent politics but the comedy wing of Nationalism:

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By Moan McVulpinegiving it to them baby

THE NATIONALISTS like to present themselves as the voice of Scotland. But is that true in the real Scotland?

Take their recent attempted demolition of the CBI’s reputation. Everyone and his dog knows that the CBI is mostly Tory. They represent big business and, almost naturally, their values correspond with Tory values. So far, so what.

Furthermore, the CBI have recently shot themselves in the foot – public relations wise – over their recent Declaration of No. They’ve started hemorrhaging Scotland based members due to the ‘partisan’ nature of their stance.

It makes them fair game for the Nationalists.

But, and this is a big but, are certain big ‘N’ Nationalists going over the score in their condemnation of the “bosses union” in order to fulfil a Nationalist mantra – ie ‘we hate the Tories’ and so does Scotland.

Advocates of Scottish history are familiar with our forefathers highly successful use of ‘scorched earth’ tactics to deny tactical advantage to their (mostly English) enemies.

And the recent PR gaffe by the CBI, gives the Nationalists another opportunity to demonstrate their ‘scorched earth’ mindset to achieve a Yes vote.

Post referendum, the CBI are still going to exist – like it or not. Despite the loss of some high profile Scottish members, they’re still going to have a great deal of influence on Scottish business.

Does publicly trashing, not only their High Heid Yin in Scotland, but their integrity and raison d’être, bode well for post-referendum relations with a potential Nationalist government?

Is scorched earth smearing and denigration really the kind of signal a serious political organisation should indulge in?

Particularly when the Big Boss, Sun King Salmond, is such a suck up to corporate moguls like Murdoch, Trump, Amazon et al.

What the attack/smear by Salmond’s ‘special’ aide Ms McAlpine demonstrates is the selective memory of Nationalists:

“The head of CBI Scotland, Iain McMillan, has always been vocal in his opposition, not just to independence but to devolution.” she points out in her weekly comedy relief column in the Daily Ranger.

Have these people ever heard of irony? Or does Ms McAlpine think that a sizeable portion of Scots forget that the Scottish Nationalist Party originally opposed devolution as well.

It’s called ‘selective memory’ and it’s a prominent trait of Nationalists throughout the world, not just the wee jobby Scottish ‘civic’ variety.

Labour ‘couldn’t deliver a pizza, let alone a Parliament‘ sneered Salmond in 1997 before his Damascene conversion to Home Rule.

Of course, McAlpine’s attack makes great copy for the converted to the cause and adds to the feel good ‘momentum’ currently occupying their heids at present.

So much so, that McAlpine takes off on a flight of fancy and compares the Business for Scotland wing of National Collective to the CBI.

It took me a couple of rolls of lavy paper to soak up the tears of laughter.

As pointed out by ‘evil unionist’ anti-independence Tweeter @brigadoongent, Business for Scotland is only marginally more/less credible than Labour for Indy and its ‘swelling’ ranks.

Both organisations fulfil a key element of the recently formed Nationalist shibboleth that the Yes campaign is more than the Nationalist party.

Aye, right!

But, since when has reality stopped Nationalists from making laughable assertions?

Answers in green crayon to evil Tory mouthpiece, the CBI.




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9 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Word of McAlpine is gospel according to the Nationalists

  1. Major Disaster

    You said; “But, since when has reality stopped Nationalists from making laughable assertions?”

    The latest comedy gold gem has arrived on platform 9& 3/4 courtesy of Alex himself, who has promised a Scottish high spped rail system running from Edinburgh to er Gretna Green…..

    “He pledged a commitment to an investigation into high speed rail from Scotland to the north of England and also invited representatives from the north to the first meeting of Scotland’s National Economic Forum after the independence referendum, due to take place in September.”

    When I saw this I wonder if it was April the 1st all over again!

    How much would it cost?

    Who would use it?

    Is he doing this becuase the English B*stards are getting high speed rail, and the sun king wants a train set too?

    What next a Scottish space programme?

    The mind boggles…

    • To be fair to the Sun King. That story looks like a tortured attempt at news.

      The crucial quote appears to be: “He didn’t dismiss it….”

      In other words the Sun King kept open a glimmer of hope for the councillors while making no promises on anything.

      Even the closing quote from Ochaye MacKay is a typical politico bland-ism.


  2. jambo habari

    Eh, why did you fail to point out that those ‘big businesses’ leaving the CBI are in the main organisations that are funded one way or another through taxpayers money….What a loss eh?! Aye smell a rat…

    You missed something else…CBI – Confederation of British Industry. Yup – that’s a British in the middle! Not ‘Big’ or ‘Bold’ but BRITISH! How funny that they wish Britain to remain intact! Poor auld Natz relly don’t get it!

    • “..why did you fail to point out…

      No need. It’s already well publicised who left.

      You missed something else…

      I don’t think so. It’s so self servingly obvious what CBI stands for that it didn’t need pointed out.


  3. jay 2209

    The thought of Moan and her ilk having real power in and independent Scotland terrifies me!

    • Ditto.

      Though the idea of Cameron et al having real power in Britain terrifies me as well.

      What a bummer. Eh?

      Rocks and hard places. Clowns to the left, jokers to the right etc.

      How will I vote?

      AhDinnaeKen. 🙂


      • jay 2209

        Yes but Ed Millibean says we are 12 months from a Lauboring Tory Government so everything will be ok?

  4. Kenny

    I have no particular objection to the CBI taking a stand against independence if that is what their members want. What I object to is that there appeared to be no consultation on the issue, the BBC compliantly reported the CBI line without mentioning their own membership (thus also clearly ignoring the fact that there wasn’t a proper consultation), the BBC then retained membership even whenother publix bodies felt a need to resign, and didn’t challenge the clear contradiction between Cridland and McMillan’s claims of a mandate and a proper decision when the announcement was made and their post-screw-up claim that it was all an accident. There was also no challenge to any of this anywhere in the MSM (even from rabidly anti-Beeb sources like the Sun, Mail and Telegraph) after this giant cock-up. Doesn’t that concern you? Again, I’ve got no beef with people taking a stand for the No side -they’re wrong, obviously, but that doesn’t take away their right to free speech – but I’d like to see just one British Nationalist agree that it was wrong on just about every level. Even now, they report CBI press releases without declaring an interest. If you care about the truth, you have to challenge that. You also lose credibility when you attack Newsnet or Wings for bias (pretty openly admitted by both) but expect no similar candour from your own side. Poor show.

    • The Beeb is a concern. All confidence appears to be lost – not much to do with Indy mind.

      You also lose credibility when you attack Newsnet or Wings for bias…

      No credibility to lose. You miss the point of this blog.

      If you care about the truth, you have to challenge that.

      The first casualty of the neverendum was the truth.

      your own side

      I don’t have a side.

      As for the implication that I’m a BritNat. Think again.

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