Exclusive: Wings Over Scotland ads – why they were pulled by SPT

AHDINNAEKEN has been having a right guid laff at the expense of the self-righteous hate-preaching Jedi Reverend Campbell of Wangs Over Skintland recently. His cabal of “creepy as f**k” agentura were in fine form last night. They claim the forces of imperialist oppression are out to silence the site by gagging its inaccurate propaganda/advertising. AhDinnaeKen, through blinding tears of incredulous laughter, reports:

The truth the imperialistic oppressors of Strathclyed Passenger Transport don't want you to see.

The “truth” the imperialistic censors at Strathclyde Passenger Transport don’t want you to see.

By Ahmstill Laffin

“HELP! HELP! We’re being oppressed” was the clamour on the social media sphere last night.

Stereotypical frothing rage followed an executive decision by Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) to reinforce its strict policy of no political adverts.

The decision resulted in the pulling of propaganda ads paid for by Wings Over Scotland and displayed on Glasgow Underground cars.

The action followed complaints raised by concerned members of the public who thought that the Nationalist Front were in town.

Sources close to the SPT said they “couldn’t risk being seen as a medium for right wing extremists and ego driven narcissists peddling hate-preaching agendas.”

One of the complainers contacted AhDinnaeKen in confidence to express his concerns.

He said: “My young niece was one of the leafletters stalked by Wings ‘creepy as f**k’ goons earlier this year.

“She couldn’t believe what she saw when she got on the underground train going to Hillhead.

“She felt like she was being stalked all over again. It left her feeling rather shaken and upset.”

The confidant’s niece had been followed and photographed by a sinister agent of Wings at a lonely dark train station in February.

SPT have still to explain the exact reason for the pulling of the propaganda posters.

But a quick reading of its advertising policy handbook, section 6, subsection 6, paragraph 6 is clear on this type of advertising.

It states: “No creepy as f**k stalker coordinators will be tolerated in any part of the Strathclyde Passenger Transport network. That specifically includes hilariously inaccurate posters and right wing nazi styled logos.”

A Twitter storm last night threatened to break out of its teacup resulting in the story being taken up by McCarthyite crackpot indy website Newsnat Scotland.

In a froth flecked broadside, the Newsnat story claimed that journalist Severin Carrell appeared to “support” SPT’s action.

Carrell had tweeted: “@WingsScotland buys ads in every Glasgow subway car attacking Scottish press on #indyref; says SPT to pull every one ”

AhDinnaeKen commented: “In the world of real journalism, Carrell’s tweet was straight forward reporting of events.

“Newsnat’s conflation of Carrell’s tweet into ‘support’ of the pulling of the propaganda posters makes you wonder what goes through these people’s heads.”

The action of SPT is expected to be on the lips of every indy supporting swivel eyed conspiracy theorist from now till September 18.

One Wingnut said: “This is rocket fuel for grievance merchants. We can feed off this for months.”

Whatever could give anyone that impression? There's no accounting for folk y'know.

Whatever could give anyone that impression? There’s no accounting for folk y’know.



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10 responses to “Exclusive: Wings Over Scotland ads – why they were pulled by SPT

  1. See Above

    Is it right to be mocking the mentally ill? I enjoy these posts but clearly Campbell is now unwell.

    He cannot see how an advert claiming all newspapers are against independence and that voters need to visit his website for the “truth” about the referendum could be construed as political.

    He disingenuously tries to draw parallels between his ad and one in the Metro on his website, then just waves his hands dismissively when it is pointed out that basic facts on his ad are wrong, even though much of his so-called journalism consists of rubbishing articles based on the one part of them he thinks is incorrect. He also is happy to cite wikipedia as a source, which any self-respecting journalist – apart from a self-appointed media monitor, obviously – would never do.

    Coming so soon after his Billy Bragg/Ben Fogle/Tariq Ali debacle it’s clear he has lost all perspective.

  2. See Above

    Maybe I’m the one who has gone insane. Is this really what’s happening?

    1)Primesight mark Wings Over Scotland down as charity on ad booking form.

    2)Stuart Campbell, using the royal “we”, emails to say “Wings is not a charity, we don’t know what we are.” He does not say: “On our website we call ourselves a ‘Scottish political website’ that ‘advocates Scottish independence'” which would have stopped the ads there and then.

    3)The adverts get taken down following complaints they breach the SPT’s guidelines on political advertising.

    4)Stuart Campbell gets upset and, and is so aggrieved at having his freedom of speech impinged, he starts threatening to sue people for asking about what happened.

  3. jay 2209

    One has to ask how the ads got as far as being allowed onto the train cars anyway!

  4. I’d love to know how much the rev pissed away on artwork production costs for his doomed poster campaign. Lots, hopefully…

  5. Yoshi

    One interesting thing that Campbell let out (in a lame attempt at humor)…WOS isn’t a charity. What is it though? A ltd company? How does he get paid from the money his disciples give him? Does he pay income tax?

    When his forum imploded a few years ago there were rumours that he was on benefits and taking money for “subscriptions”. No one bothered to check, so the truth was never known, but I’d imagine the Inland Revenue would be more interested now with this supposed 100K income. I hope he got his return in last year too…

  6. Jamie

    This is the childish rubbish that is turning Scots to vote Yes, keep it up and see what happens, the “BetterTogether” camp has been doing the same for months and the massive lead they had has slid away, now this site is helping that along, the NO side have really lost the plot, starting to wonder if they want to lose on purpose.

    • First they laugh at you, and then they laugh again, and then they keep on laughing and then they die laughing.

      You seem incapable of reading between the lines Jamie.

      Keep it up. 🙂


  7. Alan

    Months out of date, I know, but was anything ever made of one James Dornan’s (MSP for Cathcart) letter to SPT enquiring as to why the ads were pulled? Not the most prominent of nationalists, again I know, but I came across a twitter post showing his exact letter sent to SPT.

    Not surprising then or now that there is some form of SNP support for Wingsy, just wondering whether this specific show of solidarity was ever picked up on.

    • Nothing that James could make political capital out of.

      I suspect he was given the standard reply – no political adverts allowed anywhere due to the auspices of the Local Government Act 1986.

      I asked him on twitter about it but, in typical politico speak, he didn’t reply with an answer.


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