Moan McVulpine: Scots are being kept in the dark about poison leaking from our own countrymen.

MOAN SAYS the latest Cybernat attack on a ‘national treasure’ was the type of Nationalist aggression which paints a toxic picture of the whole Yes campaign.

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By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘active’ into radioactive

BRAGG, FOGLE and Campbell sound like disparate names from an indy comic.

In fact, they are the names of three persons normally domiciled in England who have made their own proclamations on the Scottish independence debate.

One, Billy Bragg – an alleged singer – was openly welcomed by the Cybernat community.

Billy wants Scotland to gain independence so that the ‘Northern Light’ of Scottish Nationalism can illuminate a political reformation for the English in the political darkness.

Don’t laugh. He was deadly serious!

Another, Ben Fogle, was attacked and told to shut up.

Ben’s crime, you see, was that he made an appeal to the heart strings of the Scottish public through the medium of his Twitter account:

“A week in Scotland and I’m reminded how much I like Scots and Scotland. Please don’t leave us……….” said Fogle.

Like many appeals, it was based on sentiment and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just as many people will be voting with their hearts as with their heads come September – on both sides of the debate.

Ironically, Toxic Hate Preaching Avenger, Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland, commanded Fogle not to “meddle” in “our business”, as if, somehow, he has the ‘authority’ to speak for the mythic “us”.

He spewed: “If you like us, have the courtesy and respect not to meddle in our business. Scotland and Scots will still exist either way.”

Like most ‘wee man’ dictatorial censors with a jumped up sense of their own importance, it was a crude attempt at the silencing of free speech through ‘othering’.

Laughably, though predictably, it’s not even consistent.

Earlier in the campaign, Campbell Tweeted in defense of Billy Bragg – another Englishman – who didn’t have “the courtesy and respect not to meddle in our business.”

Yet, because Bragg was ‘meddling’ in favour of a Yes vote, that was acceptable and Campbell was supportive.

“Here’s a thing.” he raged, “Billy Bragg got a ton of abuse from Labour No types for his comments. Where’s the media outrage?”

Where indeed? With Campbell defending him, maybe the media were scared.

To cut a long tediously toxic story short, Campbell got caught up in an argument with well known Labour demagogue Duncan Hothersall.

The crux of their argument centred on the right of Ben Fogle to make an appeal to the Scots.

According to Campbell, Fogle should either have been born in Scotland or live in Scotland, otherwise he has no business meddling in “our” affairs or voicing an opinion. Y’know, the antithesis of free speech.

Fogle proved that he’s no wallflower however: “I certainly won’t be cowed by some narrow minded cybernats. It’s one of the great liberties many countries don’t have. Free speech.”

No doubt Ben would be interested in cybernat Campbell’s ‘interesting’ take on song singers in Scotland – he wants to lock them up for singing songs he doesn’t like. Go figure.

In terms of birthright, Dunc Hothersall quite rightly raised the spectre of ethnic Nationalism against Campbell’s crude attempt at censorship.

Campbell’s ethnic definition of Scottishness is as follows: “”Scots” = people born or resident in Scotland… Ben Fogle isn’t.”

The implication’s clear. In ethnic Nationalists like Campbell’s world, you can only have an opinion on Scotland’s referendum if you live here or you were born here.

Fogle used to live here and holds the place in great affection. It provided him with his career break. He also revealed that his “grandfather was a proud Scotsman”.

Four words: Nigel Quashie, Scotland squad.

Nigel Quashie represented Scotland’s football team at international level on 14 separate occasions. Quashie was born in the London Borough of Southwark to a Ghanaian father and an English mother.

He had a proudly Scottish grandfather and was more than happy to represent Scotland’s football team.

Even within the twisted logic of Campbell’s toxically segregated world Fogle qualifies to speak on the hallowed referendum.

If Quashie can qualify to play for our international football team – and one of the stronger symbols of our modern Scottishness – then Ben Fogle more than qualifies to pass an opinion.

Even more so than Billy Bragg.

But that’s not how it works in the “creepy as f**k” world of the would be Nationalist apparatchik.

That Nationalists at senior level turn a blind eye – if not openly endorse  – this type of creepy twisted logic tells its own story.

Campbell made it clear that Nationalists shoud only tolerate opinions from those qualified to pass his ad hoc “Scottishness” test.

God help us.

And God bless Ben Fogle.




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8 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Scots are being kept in the dark about poison leaking from our own countrymen.

  1. John Ruddy

    The difference, of course, was the Labour types politely debated with him. Ben Fogle got abuse.

    • Thankyou John

      Can’t say I was too impressed by Bragg’s entry into the fray.

      I suppose his sentiment was/is sound though.


    • Alec

      Yes, it’s bizarre… like being pinned against the wall by someone who screams and spits in your face, then when you try to break the choke-hold, whines about broken fingernails.

      Campbell, as we know, has a long line of breathtakingly unpleasant comments dating pre-Internet (including pissing on the Hillsborough dead).


  2. Maximinus

    I suspect that by his own lights the good Reverend is not being, um, weird.

    This is classical nationalism, only those lucky (gifted, CHOSEN, take your pick) enough to live in the Blessed Motherland can comment as only they have the ability to understand the unique nature and requirements of their blessed peers. Witness Fat Eck’s comments about Nigel Farage’s visit to scotland; how Farage had ‘no business here’ how he ‘doesn’t understand scotland’ (from a man who seems to ‘understand’ the English, Welsh and Irish well enough to plant his fat arse in Westminster).

    This is not inconsistency, this is nationalism distilled to its essential idea. We are special, they are not. Hence, we understand the other all too easily but they can never understand us.

    I am was born in scotland and have lived most of my life here and the funny thing is that my arse points south like everyone else’s…I must be the odd one out.

    • Alec

      It’s more than that. There’s an ugly attempt to demand racial purity tests, and it’s for the Good Reverend to contemptuously decide what it means. See also his implicit awareness of his meddling nature by defining it to include those born in Scotland… thus it doesn’t matter if you’re a rank hypocrite who avails himself of the benefits of the UK which you seek to deny others.

      See also the toxic Mae Carson whom I’ve met on CiF and is a Wanger. Born in England with an English father, married to an Englishman and having lived in England for almost half her life. I am something she never will be… 100%, fully, undeniably Scottish and having lived here all my life.

      And I bet it eats her up.


  3. Alec

    I’ve heard half reports of the Police being called in as she’d back-dated the claims to the previous financial year. D’you know more?


    • No. Just what was in the Daily Mail.

      It’s likely she’ll be cleared of wrong doing by the police though.

      • Alec

        My feeling as well. And this will be trumpeted by her and hers in the same way that they excused the Westminster MPs with questionable claims.

        I see Aamer Anwar is threatening that to call her a criminal is defamatory. IMO, any politician – especially one with her rhetorical box of tricks – who resorts to this is like a boxer who calls the Police whenever his opponent lands a punch.


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