Crowdfunding: Honesty and integrity #1 Wings Over Scotland

A TWEET by a grumpy old know-it-all grandpa type lit the touchpaper for this piece. The original Brian McC – “a retired businessman determined to see a free and prosperous Scotland” – Tweeted that he has “never doubted” the “honesty” of Jedi ‘Reverend’ Stuart Campbell of Wings Over Scotland. AhDinnaeKen decided to set the record straight for grandpa grump. Wingsy may be many things, but we doubt ‘honest’ is one of them? AhDinnaeKen pontificates:

That's what we like to see Grandpa. Fighting talk. We bet Wee Napoleon Wingsy's got the biggest balls - all 5'7" of him.

That’s what we like to see Grandpa. Fighting talk. We bet Wee Napoleon Wingsy’s got nae balls – all 5’7″ of him.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

WINGS OVER Scotland launched its mendicancy based fundraiser for the second year running recently.

It allegedly sheared more than £50,000 from its flock of golden fleeced sheep within a period of eight hours.

Quite an achievement if/when corroborated by an independent third party.

Until such a time though, its nothing but bluff, bluster and bullshit. Y’know, the Wings modus operandi.

But we* knew that already.

AhDinnaeKen’s attention was first drawn to the launch by a series of tweets between political commentator Euan McColm and pseudo-political hate preacher Stuart Campbell.

McColm had earlier appeared to suggest that the £50k figure could have been reached by the possible recycling of funds from the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. Doing so would boost the perceived donations figure – the total donated being conveniently displayed on the right hand side.

McColm Indiegogo

It’s in the rules right enough. See below.

In theory – and in practise – it’s a completely feasible and relatively easy procedure to execute.

The following is lifted directly from the Indiegogo site regarding payments on Flexibly Funded fundraisers such as Campbell’s:

For Flexible Funding campaigns, contributions made through PayPal are sent to your PayPal account instantly. You will receive a disbursement confirmation from PayPal with each contribution. After the contribution has been sent, your PayPal account will be charged our 9% platform fee by Indiegogo.

If you meet your goal and raised funds through PayPal, we will refund 5% of your campaign’s total PayPal funds so that your net platform fee is only 4%. That refund will be sent directly to your PayPal account within 10 business days after your campaign deadline.

So, technically, if an individual wanted to, they could let the funds ramp up to whatever figure – say £10,000 – transfer the amount to another PayPal account and then donate to the fund again.

It would mean you’d lose a certain amount of money, but some of that would be offset by the rule which results in a 5% refund of the campaign’s total, if reached, at the end of the campaign.

For example, your initial 10k could, theoretically, quickly appear as approximately £27,000 within a matter of hours/minutes.

The lost funds would more than pay for themselves in resulting publicity and serve the dual purpose of tapping into the Wangs herd mentality of wanting to be part of the perceived groupthink momentum. Many of them (below) quite plainly, want to stick it to the man.

It's all part of the groupthink mentality of Wingnuts Over Scotland site.

It’s all part of the hate ritual groupthink mentality of the Wingnuts Over Scotland site.

Raising money faster than the SNP or the YesScotland campaign is newsworthy in anyone’s language – even the “evil” biased mainstream media – and would be well worth the offsetting of a couple of grand to achieve.

With Campbell’s fundraiser the bar is set at a modest £53,000!? It has already been allegedly smashed.

Campbell stated that he had received a single donation of £10,000 – hence our £10,000 figure referred to earlier. Unsurprisingly, you have to take him at his word for that. AhDinnaeKen knows first-hand how reliable his word is.

We* thought it would be worth taking a look at the numbers of donators, the numbers of funders, the types of donators (named, anonymous etc) and the frequency of their donations.

1490 Funders, yet only just above 300 odd listed below. Curious.

1490 Funders, yet only just above 300 odd listed below. Curious.

At the time of writing the Indiegogo site showed Wings number of funders at 1490 – a reasonably impressive figure.

But, when counted, the number of donators listed below that figure only totalled approx 310+

A curious and somewhat large disparity.

It can be explained somewhat by Wingsy acolytes making multiple donations.

For example, one donator under the pseudonym, “Euan McColm 50% supplement“, used his/her account to donate to Indiegogo 19 times.

Others donated anything from twice to ten times. And then there were approximately 29 undisclosed donations – almost ten per cent of of the listed donator total.

Now, don’t get us* wrong, nobody’s saying this isn’t legitimate and above board.

It’s just that when you use the logic of the pretentiously named Occam’s Razor, it’s easier to reach a multitude of other conclusions regarding the veracity of Wings alleged fundraiser figure.

For the sake of interest, we* checked three other Indiegogo fundraisers: Labour for Indy, Yes in the Glen and Future of Scotland – Scottish Borders.

Curiously, their ‘Funder’ numbers matched the number of listed donaters below the funders tab – exactly.

Only Wings Over Scotland, of the four investigated, had such a huge differential.

We*’re sure that there’s a perfectly feasible and credible explanation, for such a difference.

And we*’re all ears for it to be logically and truthfully explained by the alleged ‘Reverend’.

Until such time though, it’s worth reserving judgement on the alleged funds raised.

Campbell’s discourse with McColm shows that he’s spoiling for a fight. He actively goaded McColm into libelling him. He wants the publicity and attention.

It’s the type of pathology becoming of a wee man narcissist – unedifying and distasteful.

"Honesty pays, but it doesn’t seem to pay enough to suit some people." - Kin Hubbard

“Honesty pays, but it doesn’t seem to pay enough to suit some people.” – Kin Hubbard

Acolytes and fans of the site will have no problem believing the anointed Campbell. That’s part of the reason they’re such committed Yes voters – they’ll believe virtually anything dressed in Nationalist snake oil.

For anyone else it’s a different matter.

Like many middle aged men, Campbell is a prodigious reader of second world war material. From battles to diplomacy to Nazi propaganda he’s no doubt learned, if you’re going to lie, lie big.

That was the philosophy behind the most effective Nazi propaganda and Campbell, if nothing else, has a penchant for the self serving variety.

We*’re not saying he’s lying. We*’re just saying he’s not being very truthful, honest or transparent.

Grandpa grump, referred to on the intro of this piece, said that he has never doubted Wingsy’s alleged honesty.

We* bet you whatever you like that Grandpa grump can’t tell us what church the Jedi ‘Reverend’ is a minister of.

Calling himself a Reverend without revealing what church he’s allegedly from is itself a dishonest act.

He’s having a cheap laugh at his followers, quite literal, expense.

And the sad thing is, so are all his enemies and adversaries.

If Wingsy is “honest” then he should have no problem opening his Indiegogo accounts for all to inspect – without conditions.

The fact that he isn’t prepared to tells its own story.

"The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability." - Simon Mainwaring.  Ah well Wingsy, you've got the first in the list. Pity about the rest.

“The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.” – Simon Mainwaring. Ah well Wingsy, you’ve got the first in the list. Pity about the rest.



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4 responses to “Crowdfunding: Honesty and integrity #1 Wings Over Scotland

  1. Helen Smith

    On Indiegogo, there is a finite number of donators who can be listed beneath the “Funders” tab, irrespective of the number that appears in the tab itself, and the Wings fundraiser has long since passed the threshold of the number of listings that can be displayed.

    An experiment. Go to the Wings fundraiser page, click on the “Funders” tab, then keep clicking “Show More Funders” until the “Show More Funders” option no longer appears. You have reached the limit of the number of donators who can be listed. Make a note of the last four or five names at the bottom of the list and the details of their donations; also make a note of the four or five names that appear at the very top.

    Wait a few minutes until a new donation appears at the top of the list (or, if you prefer, spend your time engaged in other, more fruitful activities and then pop back for another look later). You will notice that the new name at the top of the list has pushed all the subsequent names downwards, as you would expect. However, the name that was at the very bottom of the list will have disappeared, pushed off by what *was* the penultimate name. The penultimate name will now be at the very bottom, and so on.

    I suspected that this must be the case because, at the time of writing, the names at the end of the list all say “Four days ago”; yet the fundraiser in fact began *five* days ago, and it was on the first day that the grand mass of donations were made.

    The differential between the number of donators listed and the figure in the “Funders” tab is thus explained. Quite simply, as it turns out.

  2. Dear Longshanker

    I see that Yes Glasgow is asking for £5k for an event.

    Listed as a donor is one, Ian Davidson MP, perhaps you should look at their methods as well.

    Lots on anon people and some SNP who don’t want to come clean on how much they donated.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • Thankyou George

      Making anonymous donations is fair enough. It’s the anonymous undisclosed figures plus the method of payment from Flexible Funding which makes the whole figure raised questionable.

      I think Wee Wingsy should come clean and hold a presser at the bank.


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