Moan McVulpine: Salmond thinks we were all Osborne yesterday

AFTER SOCIAL surveys revealed recently that less and less rUKers want a currency Union, Moan reckons Salmond’s greetin’, whingin’ and moanin’ hasn’t fooled anyone.

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By Moan McVulpinehelping to Nationalise Nationalism

AND NOW for the even worse news.

rUK confidence in a currency union is at its lowest in 300 years and the numbers suffering permanent scepticism is at record levels.

The latest independent survey by YouGov revealed this dispiriting news recently.

But wait a sec, that’s not what Firstminster Salmond predicted – and surely the anointed one’s assertions are always truthful and correct.

In terms of the debate.

Back in 2012, Salmond made one of his grand blustering gestures with Andrew Neil in interview on the treacherous anti-Scottish British Brainwashing Corporation.

He fibbed: “Yes, (we have legal advice on Europe) in terms of the debate”.

Alas, for the boy formerly known as Believable, he was unable to confirm a single word of the lie and delayed a Freedom of Information request for longer than is decent, or acceptable.

And then he was found out.

No legal advice was taken – and the world saw him for what he was.

Within seconds, he not so much cemented, but doubly reinforced the belief that ye cannae believe a word the five pensioned gambler has to say.

And then we saw distasteful glimpses of his future corporate Scotland vision that independence would lead to:

Subsidies for tax avoiding parasitic Amazon, abuse of local power for his corporate pal Donald Trumpton, and clandestine lobbying intentions to help foist a sinister Murdoch media monopoly on the rUK.

He was bluffing about European advice and his bluff was called. He tried to bluff about his meetings with Murdoch and his bluff was called. He was bluffing about currency union and his bluff was called.

Anyone notice a pattern there?

The plain fact is this – nobody trusts Salmond other than the faithful, the deluded and the resentful. Y’know – Nationalists.

He is increasingly reverting to type ie stereotype. How many times did he mention the ‘English’ in his alleged ‘deconstruction’ of the Bullingdon Chancer’s speech in Edinborrow recently?

Hunners o’ times!

It’s a sure fire indicator that indy is going to lose.

In Scotland there are plenty of 90 minute Anglophobes, but ye cannae rely on them to vote Yes just because we* all allegedly hate Poshboy Tory Toffs.

Still, it’s clear Salmond has learned nothing from the Bullingdon Chancer’s intervention.

He keeps asserting, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home. Or rather, there WILL be a currency union.

How often can he assert that before what’s left of his tattered political reputation is completely shredded?

He failed to rebut any of the awkward repercussions of the new political future of the currency union.

He is trying to avoid answering awkward questions.

So is his lapdog Swindley.

By their deeds shall ye ken them.




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4 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Salmond thinks we were all Osborne yesterday

  1. Stuart

    An interesting question to ask is this; ” What will a Scottish pound that is not backed by the Bank of England, be worth on September the 19th?”

    • Answers in green crayon to Firstminster Salmond at Bute Hoose.

    • Will

      In fairness, it will be worth exactly the same since we would still be part of the UK on the 19th. Its what happens after independence day (after the current government negotiate our independence for us…) that makes this an excellent question if there is no formal currency union. One I’d really like to know the answer to.

  2. Dear Longshanker

    To return to the theme you touch on re ‘enemies of the state’.

    I found this on Wings over Scotland:

    Macandroid says:

    18 February, 2014 at 5:44 pm
    “Here’s a belter that needs sorted out.
    Scottish independence: Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man Alex Salmond warns: the ‘George Tax’ from of all places, The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow Uni”

    You can find on this link:

    I am famous at last, I made the Stasi list.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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