Bullies who tried to bully bullies get bullied

The Nats started it. Deny us our currency union and we’ll default on the debt they said. Get it up ye’s said the BritNat government – we’ll take on the debt oorsel’s. Now the Nats are to be told they’re no gettin’ their currency union. You’re bullying us, they bleated. AhDinnaeKen asks, what did the Nats expect, kid glove’s treatment? In the language of the playground, they started it – the bullies! AhDinnaeKen investigates:

If you try to bully someone bigger than you, expect to get bullied back. Don't bleat about it when it happens though.

If you try to bully someone bigger than you, expect to get bullied back. Don’t bleat about it when it happens though.

By Declar Asian-Ofwar

THE INDYREF has taken a turn for the bullying worse.

The Nationalist bullies tried to bully the Westminster bullies by threatening to default on their debt.

A bullies move.

The BritNat bullies pooh poohed the Nationalist bullies attempt at bullying by pulling away the debt carpet – they assured the bully markets that rUK was good for its debt and wouldnae be bullied by the Nationalist bullies.

The BritNat bullies are now going to bully the Nationalist bullies by bullying them over the currency union.

Ye’s urnae gettin’ a currency union they’ll bully.

The Nationalist bullies cried “bully!” and said the BritNat bullies were bullying them and it wisnae fair – it was bullying.

AhDinnaeKen said: “If ye try to bully somebody bigger than you, expect to get bullied back.

“Just don’t cry bully. It makes you look like a weak and stupid bully.”

So no change there then.



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5 responses to “Bullies who tried to bully bullies get bullied

  1. Hermione

    Here’s a question.

    Where exactly is the Nats’ beloved “Boss”, aka “AS”?

    Why is Wee Nicky from Boots being sent out to take the heat, over and over again?

    Has something happened we don’t know about?

    • Hey Hermione, good to see you’re still out there.

      Nicky’s got more credibility than the Firstminster now.

      Salmond irritates as much as he enthuses.

      As for his “bluff, bluster and bully” catchphrase on Scotnicht. Jeez, it takes one to know one – a taste of his own medicine methinks.

      Alex Massie hit the nail on the head yesterday in his blog when he said of Osborne: “He is reminding Scots where power really lies. This is annoying, even exasperating and the kind of thing that stirs the blood.”

      Westminster politicians ganging up like that to make such a powerful political point, to me, is a real turnoff.

      It almost boiled my blood. But what can we expect when Salmond calls the shots for the Yes lot?

      If I wasn’t such a facile and empty rattling vessel, I’d almost have sympathy for the Nats.

      Just as well I am then. 🙂


      • Hermione

        Osborne can easily come across as a squeaky-voiced prat. To his credit, he knows this. Look at the way he delivered the speech, and consider the timing – all the “blood-boiling” factors will have faded by referendum day, but the content won’t.

        As for “where power lies”, look at the currency and bond markets. Thousands of very smart people paid lots of money to predict the effect of political stuff on asset prices. If the Nats are right, then the £ and UK bonds should be showing a significant downtick.

        I believe today the £ hit a long-term high against the $…

  2. Stuart

    Oh Wee Eck finally put in an appearance, breathing fire and brimstone, and mentioning that word ‘default’ again, as an economist he must know the consequences of using that word, and it’s not the first time it has been used.
    By now the money men, banks, and big corporations will have noticed it too, along with the EU.
    For an individual, or a business, defaulting is stupid, but for a new nation, it’s suicidal.
    In one easy move the ‘Posh boys’ have blown up the white paper, and judging by the results, they have demolished the SNP’s credibility as well.

    • I don’t see how the Nats can recover from this. They’ll ramp up the grievance – with some justification – but that will be almost as big a turnoff as the United Front from the Westminster politicians today.

      Looks like the Neverendum is shaping up to be a Foreverendum.

      Ho hum.


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