Osborne to call Salmond’s bluff

THE WAR of words and actions between England and Scotland has been ramped up to a state never seen since pre-Darien days. Then, ‘good’ King William helped ensure that Scotland’s daring bid to enrich itself would fail. Has Salmond’s bluff been called? Will Osborne stick his tongue oot and say, “only kidding”? We’ll find out tomorrow. For now, if this was a game of poker, Salmond’s debt default bluff has been well and truly called. AhDinnaeKen reports:

"Money is the sinew of love as well as war." - Dr. Thomas Fuller.  Westminster declares economic war on Scotland. Who's gonnae win.

“Money is the sinew of love as well as war.” – Dr. Thomas Fuller. Westminster to declare economic war on Scotland. Who’s gonnae win?

By Texas Holdem

UK CHANCELLOR Bullingdon Osborne is likely to declare economic war on Scotland tomorrow.

He said he’s had enough of Salmond’s poker playing and it was time to show who really held all the cards in the present currency Union poker game.

The Scottish government accused the chancellor of “running scared” and acting like a “bully”.

Indy commenter, Ian McWhirter, said the chancellor was effectively declaring “economic warfare” on Scotland. Though he kept quiet about Salmond’s threat to default on Scotland’s debt share if he didnae get his currency Union.

The most lucid and wisest advice given to Firstminster Salmond today was from an unexpected quarter.

Country singer, Kenny Rogers (still alive) offered the following wisdom:

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
“Know when to fold ’em
“Know when to walk away
“Know when to run
“You never count your money
“When you’re sittin’ at the table
“There’ll be time enough for countin’
“When the dealin’s done”

He further added:

“Now every gambler knows the secret to survivin’
“Is knowin’ what to throw away
“And knowin’ what to keep
“‘Cause every hand’s a winner
“And every hand’s a loser
“And the best that you can hope for
“Is to die in your sleep”

Wag, half-wit, moron and hate blinded idiot, Longshanker, said:

“That’s it then. Indy has died in its sleep. That’s a shame. Next!”





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8 responses to “Osborne to call Salmond’s bluff

  1. Stuart

    I am amazed that the Nats have ended up in this position; they clearly thought that they would never have their bluff called.
    Wee Nicola this morning on Radio Scotland said that Osborne was ‘Bluffing’, how I laughed, as she sounded really rattled….
    Now if there is no currency union, then that blows apart the assumptions in the ‘White Paper’, given that there is no plan ‘B’ according to wee nicola it would appear that the separatists have not only dug a hole for themselves, they have excavated a mineshaft.
    She also admitted there was no plan ‘B’….
    I for one am pleased the gloves are off, as so far the separatist’s have had an easy ride so far, though over on Wingsy Campbell’s website they seem to think that this is a great result for them, and it will drive more voters into the ‘Yes’ camp….
    Time will tell, but it does leave the SNP on the back foot, and it also demonstrates why Salmond never shows his face in Westminister, as he would be eaten alive in 5 minutes if he tried this sort of nonsense there.
    Strangely enough he has been conspicuous by his absence.
    I wonder why?

  2. Maximinus

    The sheer lack of preparedness for such a predictable refusal to play currency-ball is perplexing. At least it is perplexing to a non nationalist.

    I suspect the answer to this puzzle (and indeed many of their other negotiation assertions) lies in the psychology of nationalism.

    Fundamentally, nationalists believe that there is something uniquely worthy and exceptional about the nation they cleave to. The result of this is to make them lazy planners and negotiators. The belief that the other party will simply cave-in to demands is not an act of faith it is – to nationalists – a self-evidently inevitable result of their nation’s superiority.

    There is no point countering them with facts and figures, their belief is essentially mystical. No plan B is necessary as the very fact of independence will serve to make everything wonderful.

    • Fundamentally, nationalists believe that there is something uniquely worthy and exceptional about the nation they cleave to.

      That’s the worry.

      I’ve got to confess, while this is the Westminster parties showing their strength, I agree with what McWhirter said on Scotnicht last night.

      This will lead to resentment among a large swathe of Scots voters.

      It’s an aggressive economic act against the potential of an indy Scotland. Not exactly unpredictable but unpleasant and ugly all the same.

      Salmond and Sturgeon only have themselves to blame though. Threatening to default on debt if they didnae get their way was a similar type of action. Only from no real position of strength.


  3. Stuart

    Off topic I know but the poson the SNP have injected is starting to bear some nasty fruit; this from the Daily Record 12/02/14

    An Englishman told this week how he was savagely knifed after leaving a Bannockburn pub where he had been watching the Calcutta Cup match.

    Police are treating the attack on Michael Davey as “racially motivated” and have appealed for witnesses.

    The 41-year-old victim, who is originally from Chester but has lived in Bannockburn for three years, said he had received many messages of support and sympathy from neighbours and friends in the village.

    Looking shaken as he lay in the front room of his Bannockburn home, Mr Davey told the Observer how he went to McQs pub in the village’s Main Street at 5pm on Saturday, just before the Murrayfield Scotland v England match kicked off.

    He left the pub between 6.30pm and 7pm, before the end of the game, and made his way home.

    He took a short cut along a lane at the back of Murrayfield Church and it was there that the attack took place.

    Mr Davey said: “As I was walking home I heard someone shout `English b*****d’ and I turned round and I was stabbed in the side, in my stomach. It happened so fast. I did not get a proper look at (the attacker) and I didn’t see in what direction he ran, but he must have known who I was.

    “I staggered home and then I went to Stirling Community Hospital and they transferred me to Forth Valley Royal Hospital where I was detained for the night.

    “I was lucky because the knife didn’t puncture any (vital organs); there’s no damage inside but it could have been far worse.”

    This is what the SNP’s brand of grudge, grievance and nationalism leads to, and it should be resisted at all costs.

  4. Yoshi

    Today’s Stuart Campbell posts (and his tweets) are a thing to behold. I’ve never read anything so unintentionally hilarious in weeks. In his world, this is all brilliant news, more than that, the best news EVER. Westminster have fallen into the SNP’s trap, cunningly disguised as a whitepaper that no longer makes any sense.

    Really, Comical Ali has nothing on this guy. I’ve only seen such unhinged repudiation of facts mixed with unwavering certainty in the right wing of the Republicans in the USA.

    Is it too early to speculate about how he’s going to handle the inevitable No result?

    • Thankyou Yoshi

      The Jedi ‘Reverend’ said this on Effie Deans blog spot:

      The word you’re looking for is “lying”, really. There isn’t even the tiniest chance the rUK will refuse a Sterling union, for about half-a-dozen immediately obvious reasons.

      How can I say this with such certainty that I’d be willing to bet you £500 on it (which I am, incidentally)? Simple: they haven’t said they will.

      You can see the rest of his hilarious frothings here: http://effiedeans.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/why-nationalist-accusations-of.html#comment-form

      I’ll be surprised if there isn’t some caveat in Osborne’s speech today.

      But it looks like the good Jedi ‘Reverend’ can be as loose with his donators money as he allegedly was with his freelance benefits.


      • Yoshi

        Thanks for that link! I’d never seen that before.

        I wonder how Comical Stu can square his frothing today with:

        ‘If Osborne came right out and said, unequivocally and without weasel words, “We WILL NOT entertain the idea of a currency union”, it’d be a huge blow to the Yes campaign. The press would go absolutely crazy. Sensible people might not BELIEVE him, but the mere act of saying it would be enough.’

        Reading Osbourne’s speech, that’s exactly what he just did.

        One more thing. I’m reading lots of links from Campbell and other Nats to the Adam Smith institute who believe Scotland would be better off informally using the pound. This is hilarious. ASI is proposing it because such a result would severely hamper the Scottish government’s ability to borrow and finance, making them a low spending (no welfare state, no NHS) country pretty quickly. Can’t see the SNP going for that. But when the solution to every problem is independence, I guess there are no such things as consequences.

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