Moan McVulpine: BP invest in Iraq and Libya yet consider Scotland a risk.

AS ANGOLA, a country recovering from decades of war, is revealed as one of BP’s major fields of exploration, MOAN says, they’re recovering. Meanwhile, Scotland, the country of the Buckfast Triangle, is poised on the brink of uncivil war.
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By Moan McVulpineIt’ll be oilright on the night

THE ELITIST head of BP has come to the aid of the BritNat Unionist Quislings.

In the worst act of upfront treachery seen in this country since Ally MacLeod convinced us we were going to win the World Cup in 1978, he told us we should stay the gither.

He’s entitled to his seditious views, for now, of course. But it’s what he didnae say that’s significant.

He didnae say that a Yes vote would put us into the hands of centralist Nationalists who take a dim view of traitors to their country.

He knows not to be that stupid.

He knows he’d huv tae deal wi’ them should they pull the metaphorical rabbit oot the hat in September.

And Nationalists have got long memories and a list of names.

One of the biggest blows to the North Sea oil industry in past years was aided and abetted by the SNP in 1979.

They opened up the floodgates for Thatcher to bankroll her bankrupt warmongering privatisation policies throughout the 80’s – exploiting Scotland’s oil bonanza to do it with.

She asset stripped and sold off BNOC, a precursor company to an oil fund, set up by pinko commy Anthony Wedgewood Benn.

But that’s Nationalist actions for you.

Cross them and they’ll f**k you up, even if it means harming themselves and their country into the bargain.

Which in 1979 it did. Thatcherspeak is part of the political lexicon of all parties in the UK now, thanks to the Nationalists.

They don’t mind unpleasantries inflicted on their country if it means they can whinge on and on about the grievance for the sake of political advantage.

It takes a lot more than threats of violence, kidnapping, volcanic eruptions, government corruption, coups, revolutions and earthquakes to stop Nationalists from blaming it on Westminster.

So the suggestion that a little thing like a No vote in September is any kind of assurance that Nationalists will stop whinging is completely absurd.

Like sinister Duracell bunnies, expect them to go on and on and on.

I can hardly wait.




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