Wings Over Scotland: “creepy as f**k” #2 – Hate Ritual

“THE PROGRAMMES of the Two Minute Hate varied from day to day, but there was none in which Goldstein aka the Labour Party/Media was not the principal figure.” – George Orwell, 1984.

"There were hisses here and there among the audience/readers. The wee tartan-brained Wingnuts gave a squeak of mingled fear and disgust." - George MacOrwell, 2014.

“There were hisses here and there among the commenters/readers. The wee tartan-brained Wingnuts gave a squeak of mingled fear and disgust.” – George MacOrwell, 2014.

By Creepias Phuck

THE TWO Minute Hate ritual in George Orwell’s seminal book 1984 served a dual purpose for Big Brother and the Party.

It cemented the bonds of the oppressed populace to the Party and gave them an emotional outlet and focus for all of their pent up hate, rage and frustration.

In many ways, if you twist it a bit and indulge a sneer for comedy effect, the same phenomenon can be witnessed within the anointed pages of the Wings Over Scotland ‘media monitoring’ quasi-political religious site.

Instead of Big Brother orchestrating the ‘operation’, we have ‘Wee’ Brother Campbell.

And instead of Goldstein as the focus of the hate ritual, we have the Labour Party and the Scottish Media.

Where the parallel, and indeed the analogy stops, is in the timing.

Wee Wingsy Campbell’s hate rituals last much longer than two minutes. The Jedi ‘Reverend’s’ polemics/hate sermons last as long as his shortarse rage can sustain them. (approx 20 hours a day)

Following the “creepy as f**k” orchestrations witnessed last week at train stations throughout the country, AhDinnaeKen has paid a bit more attention to Wee Wingsy’s site and the comments therein.

The similarities within to the Two Minute Hate ritual are striking. Wee Brother Wingsy proclaims from on high, and the Wee Wingnut acolytes scramble all over themselves to vent their outrage.

Consider the following piece entitled ‘Mindboggling things that happened today’ published in yesterday’s Wingnuts Over Scotland. (we* salute the snappiness of that attention grabbing headline by the way).

In this instance, the Goldstein proxy is the Scottish Labour Party. True to form the acolytes line up to vent their impotent spleens.

Some of the comments are hilarious. If you were to take them seriously, it would be quite worrying.

But top marks to Wingsy for providing a platform for a belly laugh. And to think, this site is cited as a source for ‘truth’ – the online Ministry of Truth. Ye couldnae make it up.

If you don’t feel like wading through the detritus, here are some lowlights from the snappily entitled ‘Mindboggling things that happened today’:

Some opening salvos in the Daily Hate ritual.

Some opening salvos in the Daily Hate ritual.

“They (Labour Party) were the primal traitor, the earliest defilers of the Scots’ purity.” – McOrwell, 2014

Would that be 'ethnic cleansing' by any chance?

Would that be ‘ethnic cleansing’ by any chance?

“Wingsy’s diaphragm was constricted. He could never read Labour party tweets without a painful mixture of emotions.” – McOrwell, 2014.

I'm sure the Labour Party have more than one policy.

I’m virtually sure they have more than one.

“…an attack so exaggerated and perverse that a child should have been able to see through it…” – McOrwell, 2014

As opposed to the SNP policy of "Wesminster bad".

As opposed to the SNP policy of “Wesminster bad”.

“Wingsy’s polemics even contained Doublespeak words: more Doublespeak words, indeed, than any Party member would normally use in real life.” – McOrwell, 2014

House! Labour Party and Scottish media and turned stomach, all in one comment. Congratulations Gordoz you win the Zoomer of the day award.

House! Labour Party and Scottish media and turned stomach, all in one comment. Congratulations Gordoz you win the Zoomer of the day award.

“Before the Hate had proceeded for thirty seconds, uncontrollable exclamations of rage were breaking out from more than half the people commenting on the site.” – McOrwell, 2014

We hates them! We hates them forever!

We hates them! We hates them forever!

“They were an object of hatred more constant than either the WetNats or the Tories.” – McOrwell, 2014





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14 responses to “Wings Over Scotland: “creepy as f**k” #2 – Hate Ritual

  1. See Above

    Well, you don’t have to tolerate other people’s opinions if you’ve already decided what it is they actually think.

    Wings Over Scotland ‏@WingsScotland 4h
    @KennyFarq @alanbissett What is a No vote but a display of a lack of faith in fellow Scots? “We can’t do things for ourselves.”

    Steve Sayers ‏@stevesayers1 4h
    @WingsScotland @KennyFarq @alanbissett that’s not what those of us who will vote no think.

    Wings Over Scotland ‏@WingsScotland 4h
    @stevesayers1 @KennyFarq @alanbissett You’re perfectly entitled to think that, but don’t lie to yourself and us about what you’re saying.

    • Thankyou See Above


      As Sarah Silverman recently tweeted: “My heart goes out to the know-it-alls. What a bummer way to live.”

      There’s a real and present hate based pathology regarding Mr Campbell. I think it can be traced to narcissism and his self confessed misanthropy.


  2. Well, I stumbled across your website looking for websites for an undecided friend of mine and I have never read such hate outside of the Daily Mail comments section. Will not be recommending your website to anyone I’m afraid

  3. Major Disaster

    I bet Stephen Browns ‘Friend’ isn’t really undecided at all, and after all as a grown adult should not he or she be allowed to make up their own mind? But then I am forgetting Stephen will probably not like people thinking for themselves, far better for them to learn to swallow any old guff that the SNP come out with…

    • Thankyou Major Disaster

      Stephen’s a Wanger, a Wingnut, a born again follower of the Nationalist Front cause.

      Like a lot of them, he’s mostly sincere and thinks that the Jedi Reverend speaks for him.

      More to be pitied than scolded etc. Not too bright though.


  4. Prof. Dumb Down

    A classic example of how it is not always what you say which matters, but how you say it. There is a reason people hate Wings so much, and it is because it is very rare that Labour people really need to look in the mirror, or have anyone point out their defects. The compliance of the Daily Labour newspapers, The Sun and Daily record ensures that. Now I am no supporter of the Rev. Campbell, I think some of his twitter outbursts are disgraceful actually, and he can come across as somewhat petulant when people disagree with him. I also think he is somewhat egotistical, and the Wings assuages this no end on a daily basis given its massive following.

    So I can sympathise with people that have a dig, I really can. However, he is hated because he is effective some of his critical output analysing Better Together policy and media content must be hard to read for those in the NO camp, just a little too close to the bone.. I am a university academic and many of my students and colleagues read Wings as do many in the middle classes.

    The biggest failure the site has it that it could do a better job of laying out a positive argument for an independent Scotland rather than just nitpicking all the time.

    So sure, legitimate criticism can be made of Wings and Mr Campbell but frame it in such a way so that you don’t come across in a similar way to those who you hold up to ridicule. Also the Labour tweet was patently absurd, so I am not sure you chose the best example there.

    • Thankyou Prof Dumb Down


      For an alleged academic you’re not too hot at sentence construction, never mind trying to construct an argument.

      You’re plainly an apologist for the Wings extremist despite the transparent inchoate attempt at making concessions re the hate preacher’s twitter behaviour etc.

      There’s no real evidence for the alleged “massive” following. 100,000 page views can easily be frittered down to a few thousand readers given the construction and layout of the site. You’ve plainly been seduced by the propaganda.

      I care little for Better Together’s alleged campaign.

      I care even less for this pitiful attempt at justifying your cackhanded apologism.



  5. Johnny come lately

    Does it really matter! The unionists it would appear have nothing to offer the people of Scotland apart from UKOK. I mean they have had nearly 7 years to construct a positive argument and the best they have managed to come up with is negativity and scaremongering aided and abetted by a compliant media.
    I get the strongest feeling as many do, that Better Together, Westminster and The labour party would prefer it if everybody would just shut up and listen to the assertions, misinformation, untruths, distortions and scare stories. Maybe we are all wrong. Maybe we should stop asking questions and stop exposing the propaganda and just vote no. I’m sure The Labour party and Better Together would be in seventh heaven.
    It would be just like the good old days of brown envelopes, backhanders, dodgy land deals, inventively filled out expenses slips, incompetence and total disregard for the people they are voted in to represent.

  6. Gordon Jackson

    I agree that in many ways Wings Over Scotland more closely resembles a religious site than a political one. Ignoring the fact that he has no real academic background and routinely makes basic errors in his analyses, the general thrust of Campbell’s posts is that everyone who isn’t already a believer is a scumbag.

    He’s gone to great lengths to effectively write off every mainstream media organisation in the country. There are now some otherwise reasonable people out there who are convinced that the entirety of the mainstream media are biased and the only source for information which has escaped this conspiracy is Wings Over Scotland itself.

    So whenever anything remotely negative crops up in the media, the natural instinct is for them to log on to Wings Over Scotland and get the “real story” – he’ll duly oblige by having a post up within minutes that promptly sweeps the latest development under the carpet. Sometimes he’ll have a decent rebuttal, sometimes his response will be gibberish; but the important point is that he disputes it in the first place. It reassures the believers and allows them to go on blindly subscribing to the idea that the doctrine of independence is flawless. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world thinks something else because everyone who isn’t with them is presumed biased by default.

    Arguing with these people is a complete waste of time. It’s like trying to get a religious missionary to accept that there are flaws in the bible. As soon as you stick your head above the parapet (and I make a point of trying to be as nice and civil about engaging with independence supporters as possible) you receive a torrent of self-righteous nonsense in return. If you actually point out a genuine observable flaw in what he’s written (and, as someone who actually teaches economics for a living, they’re not difficult to spot) he’ll just ignore it.

    As a final point I have to stress that not all independence supporters are like this. What Wings Over Scotland represents is a small hardcore of the Yes campaign who are prepared to believe not only that independence is a good idea, but that they’re waging some kind of holy war against the entirety of mainstream society. I firmly believe that most Yes supporters are normal reasonable people who simply think the pros of independence outweigh the cons and we shouldn’t tar them with the same brush.

    • Thankyou Gordon

      Some excellent points:

      “If you actually point out a genuine observable flaw in what he’s written (and, as someone who actually teaches economics for a living, they’re not difficult to spot) he’ll just ignore it.”

      It’s an oft repeated pattern – and accusation raised – throughout his polemical/hate preaching career.

      “…the only source for information which has escaped this conspiracy is Wings Over Scotland itself.

      The righteousness and purity of latter-day absolutism should never be queried.


  7. Anon Sailor

    What’s wrong with hating the Labour Party?

    • But it’s not the Labour party your “creepy as f**k” hate preacher hates. He hates everyone not on his side.

      Don’t worry, you’re okay. He likes useful borderline illiterates like yourself.


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