Wings Over Scotland: “Creepy as f**k” #1 Stasi-ism

THE “SHIELD and Sword of the Party” was the motto of the State sponsored Secret Police, or Stasi, in the DDR (German Democractic Republic). The Stasi spied on and informed on the German population for their political masters, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED). AhDinnaeKen asks, is the recent coordinated “surveillance” of Better Together activists by alleged media “monitor” site “Wings Over Scotland”, the start of something just as sinister?

Not known for intemperate language on Twitter, Kenny articulates what those of a sane disposition were thinking.

Not known for intemperate language on Twitter, Kenny articulates what those of a sane disposition were already thinking. What next – Nats watching your flats?

By Longshanker aka @Ergasiophobe

A SERIES of coordinated “creepy as f**k” incidents took place at railway stations throughout Scotland on Friday.

The incidents were orchestrated from a rat infested bedsit in Bath, Somerset, in the deep South of England. The actions taken were unseemly, disquieting and possibly a portent of things to come in the independence debate.

The ‘operation’ involved members of the general public, locating, identifying,  surveilling, photographing, recording, engaging and informing on the activities of their fellow citizens.

Reminiscent of the Soviet ‘agentura’ and the Stasi’s network of citizen informants, it provoked one newspaper editor, Kenny Farquarson, to proclaim that the ‘project’ was “creepy as fuck”. He’s not normally known for using such intemperate language.

All gathered information was collated by the motivated informants and sent to a centralised and remote location outwith Scotland.

The recipient of this nefarious information was the editor of the Wings Over Scotland website, Stuart Campbell.

Stuart 'Stasi' Campbell coordinated his operation from this area of his site. Entitled 'The honesty patrol' it reeks of Stasi/McCarthyism. Instead of un-American activities, the Honesty Patrol' were collating anti-Scots activities.

Stuart ‘Stasi’ Campbell coordinated his operation from this area of his site. Entitled ‘The honesty patrol’,  it reeks of Stasi/McCarthyism. Instead of un-American activities, the Honesty Patrol’ were collating anti-Scots activities undertaken by “cowardly” Better Together activists.

Wings Over Scotland is a sinister hate preaching blog which claims to “monitor the media”, “watch the watchmen” and disseminate the “truth” to its cabal of cultish followers: in effect the editor envisions himself, like the Stasi, to be the ‘Shield and Sword’ of the Nationalist party and the Yes campaign.

This time, luckily, there was no violence. But there are no guarantees for future events. And the coordinator of the ‘operation’, Stuart Campbell, now knows how fruitful such a “sinister” strategy of centralised surveillance can be.

AhDinnaeKen thought it had seen the Nationalist Front editor plumb the depths with some of his frothing, inhumane and extreme rants within the pages of his blog and Twitter accounts.

We hadn’t!

Now we have witnessed the reality behind this hate preaching extremist – direct ‘coordinated’ and ‘sinister’ action –  taking over from mere words.

Consider this menacing diatribe quoted from a piece written by Campbell called ‘The Scotland you wish to see’:

“Scotland still has a chance to escape and set an example of a better way, and anyone threatening that must be regarded with merciless contempt, for the sake of everyone who lives on these islands.”  – Stuart Campbell

Such sentiment can’t be put down to overly enthusiastic kids or #internetnucase-ism. Mr Campbell is an alleged adult of 46 and is clearly aware of the consequences of such actions and beliefs.

What everyone needs to know is, what does Campbell mean when he says anyone threatening Scotland’s escape must be regarded with merciless contempt“. And what plans of action does that “merciless contempt” entail?

The potential is truly frightening when thought through carefully, and with clarity, given the recent events which unfolded throughout Scotland on Friday.

The Stasi obtained a fearsome reputation throughout the world for the efficiency and calculating callousness of its state sponsored surveillance operations against its own citizens.

One of its main tasks was spying on the population – mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants – and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents.

Such psychological destruction was known as Zersetzung, literally meaning decomposition.

This picture was taken from some of Campbell's published 'files'. Ironically, the Stasi had a department entitled Division of Garbage Analysis who literally analysed your rubbish bin to see what you had been eating and to view what you had been reading etc.

This picture was taken from one of Campbell’s published ‘files’. Ironically, the Stasi had a department entitled the Division of Garbage Analysis. Agents literally analysed your rubbish bin to see what you had been eating and to view what you had been reading etc.

The targets of this overt Zersetzung by Wings Over Scotland were normal everyday citizens prepared to leaflet members of the public to promote the beliefs of the Better Together campaign.

Think how those leafleters and potential campaigners will feel now knowing that out there, somewhere, there might just be a “Wings goon” waiting to identify, follow, photograph, engage and file a report on them.

This time the Wings engagers were armed with mobile phones and invective. Who knows what they may be armed with next time.

Recently, as in the past, there have been demands by politicians and newspapers that First Minister Alex Salmond should rein in the so called Cybernats.

AhDinnaeKen thinks such demands border on risible. At least, we did. In Wings case, a legitimate exception could and should be made.

The Yes campaign has already had to distance itself from Wings due to its intolerant, discriminatory and bigoted spewings.

The coordinated campaign of borderline intimidation around Scottish train stations on Friday was executed by Wings in the name of ‘truth’, Scottish Nationalism and voting Yes.

Several prominent Scottish Nationalists regularly engage with Campbell and therefore leave the party open to claims that they condone the activities and extremist views of the site.

Joan McAlpine, the First Minister’s parliamentary ‘aide’, actively promoted Wings through her weekly column in the Daily Record last August.

Praising the site’s fundraising efforts, she implied that Wings had obtained donations from around 10,000 people. The actual number was nearer 700.

When this site challenged Ms McAlpine over her promotion of Wings – we have never failed to call Wings out for its extremism and hate preaching – she retorted with a threat of prosecution and a scurrilous ad hominem. Birds of a feather etc.

What also came to light, was that Wings is keeping a ‘dossier’ on activists known to be in opposition to voting Yes.

When challenged by a Tweeter with the tag @GB_bear_sg, Campbell boasted of his collected and collated information, “I have a BIG file” he boasted.

The Stasi had a BIG file too. Millions of them.

The Stasi had a BIG file too. Millions of BIG files.

When the Berlin wall came down in 1989 the full extent of Stasi operations was laid bare: the Stasi had collected, collated and maintained millions of surveillance files on millions of its citizens.

The files became an invaluable resource and insight into the workings of a twisted and paranoid political system. Their public accessibility was meant to serve as a warning to the world.

One of the many Stasi administrations was the ‘Main Administration for the Struggle Against Suspicious Persons’.

The parallel with Campbell’s “creepy” actions is there for all to see.

Of course, Campbell doesn’t wield such power as the Stasi. But he has demonstrated a real and present ability to manouevre his Wings ‘agentura’ virtually anywhere within Scotland – and with an unquestioning zeal.

That makes him a real and potential threat. Not just to Better Together campaigners, but to anyone in Scotland opposed to his stated political aims.

In Campbell's twisted and sick world, to be pro-British is to be anti-Scots. To consider voting No is to be "cowardly". If they are the words of a temperate "Tribune Journalist" then we're Jim Sillars.

In Campbell’s twisted and sick world, to be pro-British is to be anti-Scots. To consider voting No is to be “cowardly”, “craven” and “pathetic”. If they are the words of a temperate “Tribune Journalist” then we’re Jim Sillars. Hint – we’re not Jim Sillars. Yet!

If the SNP or Yes campaign fail to condemn the actions taken by Campbell last Friday, it can only be concluded they are condoning them.

If so, the Yes campaign deserve every bit of political damage and fallout from this “creepy as f**k” sinister “operation”, that will eventually head their way.

What the public really needs to know is when the 'operation' is going to change from observation to something more dangerous.

What the public really needs to know is when the ‘operation’ is going to change from observation to something much more dangerous. The Nationalists really need to address this particular brand of Nationalist Front fundamentalist zeal. No one is safe.



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10 responses to “Wings Over Scotland: “Creepy as f**k” #1 Stasi-ism

  1. Dear Longshanker

    I wonder after the Scottish indy campaign is over and Salmond loses it, do you think that long black leather coats and wide brim hats will be out of fashion?

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • Charles Addison

      I doubt it george, Scottish Labour and their creepy friends in the Daily Mail will still have theirs.

      • Remind us which party centralised the police?

        You need to reappraise your use of the word “creepy”. Leave it for the Wingnuts informants and their creepy coordinator.


    • I don’t know George.

      There are quite a few prominent Nationalists out there who hopefully go out of fashion.


    • Richard Adams

      I certainly hope this won’t be the case. I have both, but then I am from that sub tribal group known as Goths. I’d hate to think I’d be out of fashion for political reasons.

  2. Stuart

    Hmm and just what will be done with all the information on this ‘Big’ database.

    For what purpose is it being kept?

    Why does ‘Big Brother’, Stu think this is a good idea?

    I wonder what would happen if the same was done to supporters of the ‘YES’ campaign…

    Come to think of it, what do the ‘YES’ campaign think of this?

    Do we know?

    • No doubt there will be a House Committee of anti-Scottish Activities.

      The Yes campaign were forced to distance themselves from Campbell. But it didn’t deter Roseanna Cunningham, Nicola Sturgeon or Joan McAlpine.

      Tells its own story.


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  4. Graham Scott

    BT claim that they will hand out 500,000 leaflets, Wings called bullshit and (rightly or wrongly) decides to prove them wrong so that the media can’t report it as 500,000.

    The problem with the internet is that it is open for everyone to check what you are writing. The twitter feed shows that his ‘big file’ was in reply to ‘radicals and loons’, and then went on to clarify that “Psycho mentalists != poor wee innocent leafleters.” The leafleters (with faces blurred in any photographs published) were not who he was talking about. Contrast this to Graham Grant who published his ‘file’ in a national newspaper.

    I *guess* you have a right to worry that this might lead to violence (does contempt hurt?), but giving that he has explicitly stated he does not condone violence, that there has been no instances of violence, that the commenters on Wings do not mention violence (there were however quite a few mentions of ‘bring them a cup of tea!’), that absolutely everything points to this being a peaceful process, I suggest you are wrong.

    Just to be clear, I have no problem with anyone forming an opinion on him. But if you are going to publicly post, maybe try not to twist everything to the extreme? The Scottish people are getting quite used to this.

    • Thankyou Graham

      Writers write. Haters hate. Apologists apologise.

      …decides to prove them wrong…

      It was hardly disproved was it? The “creepy” ‘operation’ was hardly empirical or systematic. It was as anecdotal as any of BT’s claims.

      Those few ‘creepy’ pictures proved NOTHING, other than that Campbell can mobilise others to do his dirty work for him. Who vetted his mobilised agentura?

      Could Campbell assure the lone leafleters that they were safe from his unvetted ‘goons’ – armed with mobile phones and poltically motivated intent?

      If you don’t think strangers taking photos of you and reporting back to a location outwith Scotland is ‘creepy’ or stasi like, you should get a grip.

      Graham Grant sent out professional photo/journalists and is answerable to both his readers and the PCC. He also knew exactly WHO the people he mobilised were. He could vouch and take responsibility for them AND take requisite action if anything untoward occurred.

      Are you trying to argue that Campbell could do the same because of a diktat from his site that there should be no violence?

      Ironic, don’t you think, that one of the ‘doorstepped’ in the Daily Mail story should bleat that it was “stalker” like and “creepy”.

      The twitter feed shows that his ‘big file’ was in reply to ‘radicals and loons’…

      Campbell’s perception of those categories is questionable at best. He’s indulged a vindictive smear aimed at this site, provided no evidence of the claims made and libelled a named person into the bargain.

      If you really care about Campbell’s integrity, then you should demand why he will not reveal the reason his alleged complaint to the police was dropped by the Procurator Fiscal. In law he has the express right to know. And he’s not normally shy at coming forward. So why the sustained silence despite a few requests from this site?

      …does contempt hurt?

      Depends on who’s nurturing the contempt. Campbell is on record saying he wants people to “hate” him. Couple that to his amibiguous declaration of “merciless contempt” for those threatening indy. Maybe you should contact the rape victim Campbell hectored and harrassed.

      “…if you are going to publicly post, maybe try not to twist everything to the extreme?

      I assume you’re being ironic. There are none as blind as those who choose not to see.


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