Humiliating by-election defeat proves Yes will win – McGarry

A LACKLUSTRE limp biscuit campaign by the SNP in Coodenbeath will lead to miraculous victory in September says uninspiring SNP candidate. AhDinnaeKen asks, eh?

"If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost." - Zig Ziglar.  Poor Natalie. She's obviously learned nothing. Quelle surprise!

“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” – Zig Ziglar. Poor Natalie. She’s obviously learned nothing. Quelle surprise!

By Newspeak McGarry

THE EVIL Empire’s Red-Tory Labouring party trounced the forces of righteousness and sanctimony yesterday in a Coodenbeath by-election.

But Red-Tory party activists fear what the undercurrent of a huge 11 per cent electoral swing really means.

Some are whispering that it could be an omen of ill fortune for the great vote for ffrreeddoomm™ in September.

According to busted coopon faced Nationalist candidate Natalie McGarry, her humiliating lacklustre performance was only a ruse.

She reckons that it was all part of a cunning Nationalist plan to lull the Evil Empire’s forces into a false sense of security.

She said: “I was out on the doorsteps and a lot of people said to me:

“Listen hen, huv ye no got wan o’ they X-Box Wan’s in yer poket?

“Gies wan o’ thame the noo and ah’ll vote fur ye. If no, bugger off, Jeremy Kyle’s oan the telly.”

McGarry claims that messages such as that are Red-Tory code for voting Yes in the Neverendum.

Cringing, whinging, clandestine, forktongued, snake oil spokesperson for the SNP, Wee Naebudy, said: “Red-Tory Labour have fallen into oor trap. After this embarrassing rout, they’ll go back tae no takin’ us seriously. And then we’ll show them. There’s plenty of room for complacency.”



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7 responses to “Humiliating by-election defeat proves Yes will win – McGarry

  1. Dear Longshanker

    I am glad the people of Cowdenbeath utterly rejected Natalie McGarry, they made the right choice.

    I have blogged for ages on the lack of talent in SNP, and here is a prime example, George Laird right again.

    SNP is a party within a party, Alex Salmond predicted a swing from Labour, getting more mental as this indy campaign rolls on.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for human Rights at Glasgow University

  2. Stuart

    Quite interesting too that some members of the SNP wanted Natalie McGarry to lose, I wonder why?

    On Twitter Euan McColm said that some in the SNP hoped that McGarry would not win.

    Courtesy of George Laird, so is there dissent in the ranks, as there will be more following this disaster…

    • Thankyou Stuart

      Quite interesting too that some members of the SNP wanted Natalie McGarry to lose, I wonder why?

      So do I. I can only speculate that it would be because she’s even more gaffe prone and reactionary than Joan McAlpine.


  3. Stuart

    Interesting to see the ‘Reverend Stu’ has been given a going over by the Daily Mail….

    But nothing is quite as it seems with the ‘Reverend’ (a claim no one has yet verified; last night, the Church of Scotland told the Mail it had no record of Campbell as a Kirk minister).”

    Now this is a nasty little line. Why only ask the Church of Scotland? Why not the Catholic Church or the Wee Frees or any other of Scotland’s many denominations? The implication seems to be that it only matters that someone isn’t a Protestant. Or, put another way, that they might be a Catholic. (Or Jewish.)

    However he still avoids answering the question….

    Yet Campbell brazenly told the Mail: ‘The term “cybernat” is an attempted smear intended to denigrate anyone who supports independence and can operate a computer.’

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