MOAN MCVULPINE: TV bosses! Wise up or face the wrath of the Nationalist Inquisition

Joan examines work from List D academic Doctor Johnson Robertson and says it exonerates every chip on the shooder paranoid speculative belief held by the wilder eyed fringe of the Nationalist Grievance Brigade.
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By Moan McVulpineputting the pars into paranoia

DR JOHNSON Robertson is a respected academic, particularly in Nationalist circles, with a long history of saying what the Nats like to hear.

His work includes detecting bias in everything the media does.

Now the Reader in Media Bias and his researchers have turned their expertise to the Scottish emancipation campaign.

Dr Robertson’s undisclosed ‘team’ at the List D University of the West of Scotland spent a year, looking for instances of bias in the BBC and STV.

Guess what? They found them. Quelle surprise!

It’s a not so well known maxim that if you go looking for bias in a medium, you will find it.

You’ll even be able to make your grievance credible by supporting it with selected evidence.

Why do you think frothing right wingers refer to the BBC as the “Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation?”

Why do you think frothing left-wingers refer to the BBC as the “Bourgeoise Broadcasting Corporation?”

And why do you think Nationalists – particularly Firstminster Salmond – refer to the BBC as the “British Brainwashing Corporation?”

They’ve all found ‘evidence’ to back their claims.

Nowhere in the ‘extensive’ 12 page report by Dr Johnson is there anything covering the inherent bias which affects all media outlets – including the BBC.

Nowhere in the ‘extensive’ 12 page report is there anything covering how these inherent biases are mostly ‘structural’ and part of the process of news reporting.

And, nowhere in the ‘extensive’ 12 page report is there anything relating to how these inherent biases affect ‘apparent’ political bias.

But there doesn’t need to be for the Nationalists to be convinced by the veracity of the report’s conclusions.

It fits in with their parochial world view of “they’re aw against us”.

The fact that the report says there is bias against independence is enough for the Nationalists to be convinced. No more questions asked.

In short, the report gives foundation to their fundamental grievance campaign. If it wasn’t so potentially dangerous, it would be raucously laughable.

What the whinging Nationalists don’t say. Or what they would prefer to cover up is that the sport of claiming bias against the media is fundamentally elitist.

It has it’s roots in a distrust of the people – it assumes they aren’t able to make up their own mind.

Effectively, they don’t think people are capable of detecting bias or thinking for themselves.

One other very important bias which hasn’t been declared, or touched upon, is the bias of the researcher himself.

Who the funders for the research were hasn’t been declared either. Nor has the political leanings of the academic and his team.

Moan’s prepared to give the Doctor and his invisible team the benefit of the doubt on this – despite the conclusions reached.

But it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the conclusions actually made.

On page 12 the report refers to the “objective evidence presented here“.

Sorry to tell you this Dr Johnson, but there’s no such thing as ‘objective evidence’ when it comes to reporting media bias – sorry for getting all ontological on your ass.

It all, ultimately, comes down to opinion and the bias of the individual/individuals making the claim.

And that conclusion is backed up by statements like this one on page 11: “Comparing Reporting Scotland with STV News, the former seems less balanced and fair to the Yes campaign“.

“Seems” is hardly objective or irrefutably conclusive is it?

It would be easy to go on. But I don’t need to.

The fact that the Murdoch Press haven’t picked up on this report and screamed it from page one of the Scum tells you all you need to know regarding its credibility.

TV bosses are probably pishing themselves laughing up their sleeves.

Politicians have a moral obligation not to knowingly dupe their electorate.

And that includes Joan McArthyalpine and her concerted grievance narrative bias in the Daily Ranger.


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