BBC found guilty of reporting news. Something should be done say Nationalists

First there was an irate swivel eyed complaint. And then there was another one. And then there was another one after that. And then there was an ‘academic’ report from the List D University of the West of Skintland. And now it has been concluded that the BBC is in cahoots with the Bitter Together Project Feartie Anti-Scots, ‘Keep Skintland subjugated’ campaign. And now, AhDinnaeKen investigates the storm in a tartan List D cup, in-between the tears of incredulous laughter:

Clunky dull headline bias clearly demonstrates Newsnat Skintland have no idea about the media or news values.

Clunky dull headline bias clearly demonstrates Newsnat Skintland have no idea about the media or news values. No surprise there then.

By Yoonionist Unda-Dabed

THE BBC have been found guilty of reporting the independence debate it was revealed recently.

According to ‘crackpot’ website Newsnat Skintland, the BBC have reported on the independence debate since it began.

And, they further claimed, the BBC continues to report on the indy debate.

The stooshie in a fur cup, concerns the BBC’s reporting of Irish European Leprechaun President Lucinda Righton.

The BBC’s Raymond Buchananstreet reported that she said: “If Skintland were to become independent, Skintland would have to apply for membership and that can be a lengthy process…”

Raymond Buchananstreet then used the word “but” and “and” to link her comments to comments made by Tefal Heid ex-Scottish Secretary Michael More.

This was seized upon by the Nationalist grievance merchants as proof of concerted and sustained bias against independence.

The hapless Buchananstreet was then offered up by the BBC Tristram Trust to be sacrificed on the altar of ‘inaccuracy’ – in order to appease the baying Newsnat loons.

One BBC insider said the BBC Tristram Trust’s action had demonstrated a textbook example of lily livered Neville Chamberlain bias (doing a Neville).

But, as expected, the Trust’s sacrificial lamb appeasement strategy was rejected by the Nationalist fundamentalists.

Nothing short of 24 hour self immolation, confession and begging for forgiveness on every media outlet throughout the land will satisfy the Nationalist Inquisition.

Frothing, spitting, dribbling, cackling, heidbanging Newsnat reporter, G A Ponceybody said: “This proves exactly what we have been ranting about all these years.

“The BBC reports news that we don’t like. And it’s not good enough.

“In an independent Skintland we will set up a board of Un-Scottish activities. BBC employees can look forward to appearing in front of it.”

Failed media studies dropout, Reverend Jedi Campbell, screamed: “They’re all against us! They want to destroy us! We must fight back! Give me money! Only with more of your money can I save Skintland single handedly.”

The DWP, or the Unionist led conspiracy, were unavailable for comment.


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