SNP embrace childcare by rejecting childcare.

SKINTLAND’S civic government yesterday reinforced their commitment to the importance of childcare by voting against childcare in parliament. ‘Unionists are on the run’ through fear of our progressive and inclusive actions say the SNP. AhDinnaeKen investigates:

"Whollyrude is geared toward teenage idiocy." - Sam Shepherd.

Who should you ask why the SNP voted against their own policy commitment? SNP benches provide the answer.

By Turnn Koat

CIVIC NATIONALISM received a boost yesterday by rejecting a key commitment to which it is committed.

The SNP voted against their own independence childcare manifesto pledge in order to prove how worthy it is.

Scottish minsters said they were committed to providing childcare by denying it to children who needed it.

Caring, committed, progressive, civic, inclusive spokesperson for the SNP, Wee Naebudy said: “It’s all there in the White Nationalist Paper on page 1513 – “Extensive provision of early learning and childcare for all families is a hallmark of some of the most advanced and successful countries today.“.

“And that’s why we’re not having it. Only in an independent country could we be that advanced.

“While we still labour under the yoke of Unionist oppression we have to demonstrate how backward we are and this vote against our own policy today certainly does that.”

Child eating, pitchfork bearing, Tory-lite, Labouring spokesperson, Imah Careerist said: “The 670 Nationalist Commandments made its position quite clear by stating that “the principal aim of providing this support is to give children the best start in life and the greatest chance to succeed“.

“Todays vote against vulnerable weans clearly demonstrates how committed to vulnerable weans ‘success’ the Nationalists really are.”

Firstminster Salmond was unavailable for comment due to previous golf, luncheon and ‘McArthyalpine’ commitments.



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2 responses to “SNP embrace childcare by rejecting childcare.

  1. I can’t believe they did that… what were they thinking? So they are trying to put Scotland on its knees before the referendum to show their independence arguments are valid?
    I’m totally shocked! 😦

    • Thankyou McFighter

      Nothing the Nationalists do or say this year will surprise me. Though, the transparently cynical manoeuvre on the Free School meals vote did widen my eyes a little.


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