Wings Over Scotland’s alleged media monitoring? Why I’m still laughing.

We*’ll leave the moralising over Scottish Labour’s stance on kids meals to others. Politically, the SNP cynically outmanoeuvred the Labourers – but it left a bad taste in the mouth nevertheless. As for media monitoring from Nationalist Front website Wingnuts Over Scotland – it’s time for the boy Campbell to get his facts right. AhDinnaeKen indulges a wee new year snigger:

Media blackout? How long is it that Campbell claims he's been an ahem, "professional journalist".

Media blackout? How long is it that Campbell claims he’s been an ahem, “professional journalist”. The above is the picture of the Record tweeted by Kevin Pringle today.

By Ahmstill Laffin

LABOUR VOTED against the Nationalist government yesterday.

They had no choice.

To have voted for the Nationalist government’s provision would have meant that Labour would have supported independence as a necessity for childcare in Scotland.

The Nationalists knew that. It’s why they inserted the independence guff.

Ho hum! That’s cynical turnoff politics at its worst.

Step forward the internet’s hate preaching guardian of Nationalist morality, Wee Stuarty Campbell of Wingnuts Over Scotland.

Here’s what he wrote in a piece entitled “Conspiracies of silence“:

“…sure enough this morning’s papers execute a 100% news blackout of Labour’s opposition that stretches their credibility as impartial chroniclers of events to breaking point.

“The Scotsman, Herald, Daily Record, Scottish Daily Express and Guardian all choose to completely omit Labour’s vote from their coverage. Only STV’s Scotland Tonight reported it, inviting the party’s education spokeswoman Kezia Dugdale to defend the decision, which she did in an extraordinary way.”

Consider the picture above tweeted by Kevin Pringle, the Nationalists Strategic Communications Director.

Is that a Daily Record editorial I see?

Our message to Campbell. Go back to Media Studies class sonny. You’ve missed oot on too many lessons.

Despite my hoots of laughter, I’m embarrassed for you and all those half-wits who refer to your “trenchant insights” as facts.

If your piece “Conspiracies of Silence” is an example of media monitoring, leave it to the professionals.




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3 responses to “Wings Over Scotland’s alleged media monitoring? Why I’m still laughing.

  1. John Ruddy

    Well, to be fair, it must be very difficult to monitor the Scottish Media from, er, Bath.

  2. Indeed.

    Take a look at this:

    Talk about laugh.

    The boy’s still got a bit of learning to do.


  3. @ John Ruddy.. How ironic that you should make a comment about long distance monitoring of Scottish media on the net. Anyone can monitor the Scottish media online…

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