Scottish independence: Scots EU plan gets the green light from EC president

The writing on the wall is ever more clear – Project Fear will do and say anything to stop Scotland from claiming its inalienable right to achieve ffrreeddoomm!!™ from its ancient subjugating enemy – RUKland. AhDinnaKen rejoices:

“The moment you doubt whether you can dictate to the EU, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

“The moment you doubt whether you can dictate to the EU, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

By Dee Nile

COMMENTS BY the European Council president have confirmed the ease with which Scotland will be welcomed into Europe.

Herman Van Rumpypumpy said that, if Catalonia became independent from Spain, then there was no reason why Scotland couldn’t follow suit.

Bitter Together opposition parties said the Scottish government’s argument was now more credible than credibility itself.

Nationlistminsters said the comments were “clearly” welcome and would add pressure to the increasing scaremongerer-ing of their Project Feartie enemies.

Mr Van Rumpypumpy, who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, emerged from a meeting with David Cameron, convinced that the two men can circumvent the magical all encompassing powers of the Edinburgh Agreement.

He said: “If part of a territory has Moses Salmond in it, then normal rules  do not apply.

“If Salmond asserts it, then so must it be. Ignore the pish of the Unionyptians. They’re running scared.”

Triumphalist, self-righteous, morally superior, civic, inclusive, progressive denialist for the Nationalist party, Wee Naebudy, said: “It is now more clear than clarity that Europe will accede to the word of the Lord through our exalted leader Moses Salmond.

“The blasphemers have mocked, ridiculed and jeered our great leader.

“They will be laughing on the other side of their faces following the letter we found on NewsnetScotland.”


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