Moan McVulpine: Pay row proves Skintland gets shortchanged by SNP

MOAN exploits yet another opportunity to demonstrate the inherent superiority of the Scots over their more southerly English basturt cousins.
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By Moan McVulpineRolling in loadsa money

MOST folk would be a bit miffed to open a letter from the boss saying they would not get a proposed pay rise.

But I was delighted.

You see, I earn £50,000 plus in salary, have so far lifted more than £20,000 in expenses and have a nice little earner on a red top earning me approx £15,000 a year – for writing sanctimonious pish like this.

So, you see, I don’t need a pay rise. I’m rolling in it.

Nationalist MSPs are exploiting the opportunity to show that we’re doon there wi’ the people – no like they basturt English troughers at Westminster.

King of the opportunists and snake oil huckster in-chief, SuperSalm, immediately spotted the chance to make hay.

For the committed 25 per cent of Braveheart Commandos it shows the true virtue and self-righteous sense of civic duty of the Scots over the profligacy of the arrogant wasteful English.

And it hasn’t taken long for us Nationalists to sound the moral superiority klaxon to warn everyone of what independence would help us escape from.

MSPs are paid proportionately less than MPs and their expenses are much tighter too.

But when you see that they have time to debate golf and President Kennedy’s legacy, are you honestly surprised?

If they got paid proportionately for what they actually do then we really should be looking at Parish Cooncil wages.

Apart maybe from John Swindley and Firewummin Sturgeon.

John get’s danger money for having to deal with the fallout of SuperSalm’s off the cuff policies e.g. re-Nationalisation of the Post Office and a Penny for Scotland, being two that quickly trip off the tongue.

Meanwhile, Sturgeon’s having to carry the Firstminster and his stream of consistently embarrassing gaffes, as well as carry the main thrust of the independence campaign.

She’s worth all of the Nationalist backbenchers wages alone – she certainly does their work for them.

Politicians earn way above the average wage, anyway.

It is obscene that the likes of Joanie McArthyalpine can preach about the cost of Westminster MPs when she and her fellow Nationalist freeloaders do nothing but bitch about the UK Parliament most of the time.

They don’t even use the powers they have to good effect, never mind giving them more.

Here in Scotland we must ask ourselves if Holyrood is worth the candle.

It’s provided a platform for power hungry freeloading grievance merchants, more concerned with what Westminster is doing than what they could do for their own country.

Sending MSPs to Holyrood has already cost Scotland too much.

Were the likes of McArthyalpine and her ilk to gain more power, we’d soon find out that it was a price most definitely not worth paying.




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4 responses to “Moan McVulpine: Pay row proves Skintland gets shortchanged by SNP

  1. See where your dumbed down knobbery gets you, this is utter drivel masquerading as an article in your small mind merely because it has words I reckon.

    And jolly good luck with your campaign to close the Scottish Parliament, the people are er, really with you on that one, those multitudes support you and there is a referendum afoot to……..but wait………. paradoxically there is a campaign to rid Scotland of the………drumroll……’westminster shitehole’ you so love!

    Utterly boring of you to pretend in your feverish unionist mind that the Scottish Parliament has never done anything worthwhile while you cry and cry into your keyboard about poor old ‘quality’ westminster, that well respected mother of parliaments that never puts a foot wrong and yet instead of being blissfully happy like yourself we are going to vote westminster out of our lives in Scotland!

    You must enjoy coming across like a twat-no offence.

    You are a sad little twat.

  2. Did you read the piece caller?



  3. Bluster Buster

    Surely its time to shutdown the Shortbread Senate and sell it to a hotel chain for the good of the hardpressed scottish taxpayer

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