Moan McVulpine: I will never forget the war dead – or the principles that mean we should always blame Westminster

SPEAKING out against the glorification of war means Moan can reap the best of both worlds – morally superior grievance and sticking the boot into Westminster.
Moan McVulpine - delivering collateral damage every time she speaks

By Moan McVulpineputting the ‘inferior’ into moral inferiority

WHEN Joan McArthyalpine condemned World War I as a victimisation of the Scots by Westminster last week, she was following a long and tedious tradition of Nationalist grievance.

The founder of the SNP, John MacCormick, spent the final year of his life campaigning “It wiz the basturt English whit did it.”

His friends say his vitriolic attacks on the English became a sort of “War Fever” which still finds an outlet in the likes of freeloading list MSP Joan McArthyalpine today.

Scottish poet Joe Corrie, lamenting the need to sign on at the dole office, took succour from this type of festering anglophobic resentment.

In the last verse of his poem, ‘Scottish Pride’, he wrote: “It’s fine when the clerk says, ‘Nae dole for you, To proodly turn, and think o’ the bluidy slashin’ the English got at Bannockburn.

A pride always worth the mindin’ when Joanie get’s up on her high horse aboot Westminster’s alleged butchering of the Scots in World War I.

You can be sure, next year, she’ll be feverishly waving her hallowed saltire at the celebrations of the “bluidy slashin'” the English got in 1314.

So, no matter the subject, no matter the topic, no matter the debate, we can always rely on the SNP narrative to turn full circle and blame Westminster, aka the basturt English, for everything.

Joanie claims to have been misrepresented by a very right-wing London (basturt English) newspaper recently.

She wasn’t. They can spot their polar opposites from 400 miles away. They hit her square between her anti-English eyes, further exposing her unconcealed resentment of the Auld Enemy.

It just shows, once again, how obvious it is that Joanie and her ilk have stayed on message with the pride which comes from knowing that the English got a ‘bluidy slashin’ at Bannockburn.



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