Moan McVulpine: SNP’s Dunfermline battle plan could take a (wife) beating

Moan McVulpine discusses the SNP Neveremdum strategy and why they aren’t doing themselves any favours in their denial of reality.

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By Moan McVulpinePutting the desperate in desperate times

WIFE BEATER times call for wife beater measures. And nowhere is the stink of covered up wife beating apologism more pungent than in Dunfermline.

The Fife town was expected to be a solid Labour seat in 2011. The SNP expected it to remain so. That’s why they were so casual about fielding a self confessed wife beater.

Under normal circumstances, woman thumping Bill Walker wouldn’t have stood a chance. But such was the disaffection with the Labouring party throughout Scotland that those who bothered to turn out voted SNP – in protest.

In consequence, an extraordinary denial blanket has been thrown over the current Dunfermline campaign.

It’s alleged that Nicola Sturgeon knew of Bill Walker’s violent past yet still gave him the green light to represent Nationalist values.

No surprise there I suppose. This is the ‘formidable politician’ who pleaded for leniency for a previously convicted serial fraudster.

She apologised for that one. We’re still waiting for her to apologise over the Bill Walker affair.

No matter how you look at the campaign in Dunfermline – SNP say Labour = BAD. Labour say SNP = BAD – it’s being fought due to the conviction and jailing of a SNP candidate.

That’s right! The man advocating independence, ‘civic’ values and ‘progressivenes’ was more than willing to lift his hands, saucepan or whatever was handy to smash women with. Some advocacy.

The SNP say virtually nothing about that. Moan believes wife beating isn’t just anti-Scottish, it’s anti-women, it’s anti-social and it’s anti-decency.

Until the SNP hold their hands up over the affair, and the people responsible do the right thing, the stench of Bill Walker’s covered up past will reek like a festering corpse in the grave of the independence campaign.

The SNP believe in a “stick your fingers in your ears and ignore it campaign”.

Most Scots reject that.

Maybe that’s why the Nationalists are so desperate to pretend that there is a groundswell of momentum behind their vanity project.

Can you really believe such people?

All will be answered next year. Haud me back. ZZzzzz…




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