Edinburgh polis are liars – Eddi Reader

Cor blimey guv! Wid ye believe it? The September Indy rally’s biggest heidbanger has just compounded her zealotry by accusing Edinburgh’s finest of lying about the Indy rally. AhDinnaeKen puts the Tut in Tut Tut:

Too many people settle for second best,  there were 8,300 and the kiddy on rest. It's gotta be...imperfect.

Too many people settle for second best, there were 8,300 people and the kiddy on rest. It’s gotta be… oh yeah…imperfect. Just ask the Edinburgh polis.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

EDINBURGH’S BOYS in blue are liars according to prominent Yes campaigner Eddi Reader.

The embarrassing heidbanger and alleged singer has accused the Edinburgh force of lying about the numbers attending last week’s Indy rally.

And she further compounded the accusation by suggesting the polis were manipulating the figures in order to pull a fast one on the ‘undiscerning’ Scottish public.

The charge was raised following a Tweet by Indy supporter, Gary Hogg, who asked: “Why did the media lie about the numbers on the #indyrally?”

He was answered by Celtic supporter John doyle who said: “the police tell lies just like the media and the politicians.”

Agreeing with both, Eddi replied: “You’re right John.. It takes a discerning mind to realise when manipulation is happening.”

Reader, 54, believes in the delusion that more than 20,000 people marched on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill to show their support for a fatherland free of English rule.

Her belief appeared to be corroborated by the Scottish Police Federation on Monday 23 Sep two days after the march.

But Edinburgh’s Cops remained staunch and steadfast in the face of Reader’s hateful accusation.

On Friday 27 September they confirmed: “Info on day was 8300 on March and 6000 at Rally. Feds would need to speak to their number.”

The singer’s censure appears to put the Scottish Police Federation at odds with the Edinburgh City Police.

But, as independent observers have remarked, “Edinburgh’s finest were the organisation with men on the ground – the Scottish Police Federation statement was more likely to be political than procedural in scope.”

Reader’s desire for Independence culminated in a display of Nationalistic fervor when she exhibited her alleged Nazi supporting great uncle’s flag on stage at the Calton Hill rally.

Neutral impartial observer, Longshanker, said: “I’ve often wondered why Ms Reader raised a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission over the Scotland On Sunday’s Klan Alba feature showing the saltire as a swastika.

“It seemed strange at the time, but given the likely leanings of her alleged pro-IRA, Nazi supporting great uncle, it now makes sense.”

Reader’s hapless complaint against the newspaper was kicked out on the grounds of being a ‘bit daft’, ‘thin skinned’ and ‘completely lacking in humour’.

Edinburgh City Police and the Scottish Police Federation were unavailable for comment.

InDRally Numbers Ebgh Poll Tweet 02

To the “discerning” mind that equals about 20,000 people.



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2 responses to “Edinburgh polis are liars – Eddi Reader

  1. Gt Unc hated the ‘Nazis’ – and his son and two brothers (both sergeants – Highland light infantry H.L.I – 1 was my grandad), volunteered to fight them in ww2 – during 1939-1945 my gt uncle was working for the ARP in Ireland- the discusting ‘nazi’ slur is to reduce debate- and to stop ordinary citizens like me discussing and understanding the Clydeside history of our social, democratic, community, working poor fore-father and mothers. Please be more honourable than that.

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