Moan McVulpine: Stop treating Scots like everyone else over the Royal Mail

MOAN says the coalition government’s proposed plans to sell off the Royal Mail is an imposition by Westminster to specifically victimise the Scots.

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By Moan McVulpineNurturing division at every opportunity

FOR MORE than 1500 years, Scots have relied on the English to have something to complain aboot that wisnae the weather.

The Scottish Nationalists know that if you’re in a bind, and you can’t markedly move the polls in your favour, then blaming the English is the last resort get out clause of choice.

When ill informed Southern commentators complain about the anti-English rhetoric of the Scots, it’s probably big ‘N’ Nationalists like Joan McCarthyalpine they have in mind.

Substitute ‘Westminster’, or ‘Unionist’ for English in any of Joanie’s polemics and you suddenly see that the ill informed Southern commentators might have a point.

Witness this week’s Royal Mail privatisation rant. It’s classic ‘we’re getting picked on again by the basturt English’ grievance politics.

Nobody with any sense of social justice believes that the privatisation of the Royal Mail will be a good thing,

Too many previous privatisations have shown what happens – ordinary folks get shafted by higher costs for less service.

And that’s how it will be when the Bullingdon Tories and their Lib-dem fags flog off the Royal Mail.

In the Nationalist mindset, however, it serves as yet another showcase for Joanie to demonstrate the unimaginative straitjacket of Nationalist diatribe.

“Look at how they treat us”, she moans. “They have no respect for us” she whines. “There’s only one alternative” she groans.

The whole subtext is of powerlessness and victimhood. Yet the privatisation is being imposed nationwide, not just in Scotland.

Backward and desperately in need of reform as it is, that’s British democracy.

For independence to have any chance of being a success, Westminster and its vested interests need reformed first.

If it isn’t, an independent fledgling Scotland will find itself crushed and mangled between the political jaws of Westminster and the cherry picking speculators of the City.

The only potential escape will be into the welcoming parasitic maw of the European bureaucracy.

It will be like a reverse of 1560 when we allied with the English in order to escape from the increasing dominance of Scotland by the French.

Whatever happens, it will be yet another example of how Nationalists in control only make things worse.

Now that’s worth not voting for.



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