Moan McVulpine: Take it as Red.. SNP will twist anything to back up their falsehood

MOAN says she would bet her honours degree in Snake Oil Hucksterism that the Red Clydesiders would have rejected anything SHE had to say on the Yes campaign.

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By Moan McVulpineturning a blind eye to history’s uncomfortable truths

IT’S ONE of the most famous images in Glasgone’s history – tanks in George Square circa 1919.

Stationed there on the orders of the ‘great’ war hero Winston Churchill, it was an image which helped ensure that organised Labour took root throughout the UK and finally gained government.

What Joan McCarthyalpine conveniently fails to mention in her homage to the raising of the red flag in George Square, is that the vast majority of those present – almost to a man – were virulently anti-catholic.

They viewed Irish immigrants working on the Clyde as a scourge and organised themselves, helped by Scottish institutions, in such a way that catholics found it very hard to find jobs.

So when Joanie refers to the Red Clydesiders as “fiercely proud Scots”, her failure to mention that they were also fiercely anti-catholic acts as a pointer to the type of Nationalism she espouses.

It’s the romantic Nationalism of falsehood and common enemies. It is the Nationalism of rewritten history to suit the cause. And it is the Nationalism of falsehood, enemies within and grievance politics.

The rest of her polemic conjures up stirring images of Skinttishness and its history of freedom fighters, rebels, dissent and political triumph.

But, doing so on the back of a skewed romanticised vision of history is the type of Nationalism which must always be guarded against.

Of course, Joanie isn’t that stupid. She gifts herself a ‘get out’ clause:

“Hindsight can be a dangerous game. But I would bet my honours degree in Scottish History that the Red Clydesiders would be at the forefront of the Yes Campaign today.”

Nationalist hindsight is indeed a “dangerous game”.

Joanie knows fine well that the anti-catholocism inherent throughout Skinttish society at that time had its roots in the type of Presbyterianism which naturally found an expressive outlet in the Skinttish Unionist party – the only party ever to have secured an outright majority of votes in Skintland.

No mention of that in Joanie’s chip on shooder rant. No surprise there however. Uncomfortable truths are inevitably ignored by big ‘N’ Nationalists.

Moan, like many Skints, sees the merits in the inherent possibilities of Scottish independence.

But, if the likes of Joan McCarthyalpine’s big ‘N’ Nationalists have anything to do with it, count me out.

What would James Maxton have made of the bedroom tax asks Joanie?

The answer to that is fairly simple. He would have said to the current Nationalist cabal haunting Whollyrude that they have the power/competence to do something about it now – only they choose not to because it suits their political purpose in generating grievance.

That makes me see red.

It should make you see red too.



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