Nationalist Front misogynist exposed as rape apologist

Misogyny is often subtler and less violent than a grown man assaulting a seventeen year old female with a saucepan. Often, it manifests itself in tone, motivation, intent and delivery. It especially manifests itself when it comes from the type of misogynist who lives in a bubble Bath of denial concerning their own, ahem, ‘sexuality’ and hatred of women. AhDinnaeKen investigates a horrific case of denial, victim blaming, misogyny and rape apologism:

Tone, motivation, intent and delivery. It doesn't take much for women to home in on Mr Campbell's particular brand of misogyny.

Tone, motivation, intent and delivery. It doesn’t take much for women to home in on Rev Campbell’s particular brand of misogyny.

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

AHDINNAEKEN RECENTLY discovered that a Nationalist Front hate preacher was accused of being an “abusive, misogynistic, rape apologist” by a female rape victim five years ago.

Reverend Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland subjected Cara Kulwicki – editor of The Curvature, an American blog dedicated to feminism – to a sustained and deeply unpleasant personal attack for speaking out against rape apologism.

Ms Kulwicki, who had been traumatised by a serious sexual assault in her past, was told by Rev Campbell: “It’s unfortunate when the people brave enough to speak out against unacceptable behaviour are also so pathologically stupid that it serves only to completely undermine their cause.”

The accusation was aimed directly at Ms Kulwicki by Mr Campbell.

However, Ms Kulwicki proved to be no supine victim willing to be denigrated, bullied or dismissed by such a misogynistic accusation.

She countered by banning Rev Campbell from commenting on her site and issued the following statement: “Campbell wants to make it about me. He thinks that I only give a shit because I’m psychologically damaged — and says that he doesn’t want to minimize what was done to me, right after calling me crazy, and right before calling me a hysterical exaggerator. (It doesn’t take very long to go from “angry woman” to “hysterical,” does it? Oh, I forgot . . . same thing.)”

Misogyny and Apologism
Rev Campbell appears to have a disturbing clearly telegraphed slant against women which forms a fairly predictable pattern.

He was recently challenged by Una Purdie, a (female) magazine editor and political tweeter, over the following statement written by him four years ago in relation to a videogame review: “Beginner is for girls and homosexuals, but forgiveable for a reviewer with limited time who needs to see as much of the game as possible.”

He's done a lot of "growing up" in the last four years. Apparently.

He’s done a lot of “growing up” in the last four years. Apparently.

He defended himself unconvincingly against Una’s charge of sexism and homophobia.

He said: “Yes, one flippant four-year-old joke on a videogames website definitely proves I hate women and gay people. Do grow up.”

Humour is often in the eye of the beholder, but can such alleged humour be so casually explained away as a flippant joke in the face of other more compelling evidence?

Can it be dismissed by attempting to ignore it, by arguing that it was all in the past and, by implication, doesn’t count now?

You the reader should decide.

Victim Blaming

Another recent exchange, this time, between Rev Campbell and Green campaigner Adam Ramsay on Twitter is even more telling regarding Rev Campbell’s outlook toward women and victims of male abuse.

Victims to blame for being battered, abused and not telling the police.

Victims to blame for being battered, abused and not telling the police.

The following tête-à-tête took place in relation to the recent Bill Walker case, where the ex-SNP MSP was found guilty on 23 charges of domestic abuse and violence against three separate women.

A kindred spirit for Rev Campbell to identify with perhaps?

Rev Campbell stated the following: “As the Herald goes into full-on “GET THE NATS!” Mode, am I alone in wondering why an abuse victim went to a political party, not the police?

Mr Ramsay quite rightly asks: “Are you seriously going to start criticising the victim?

Without going into the full he said she said (which can be accessed by clicking on this link), the crux of the matter can be distilled into the two following statements:

Rev Campbell: “If I suffer a crime I call the police, not the Liberal Democrats. (And I can ask whatever I like, thanks.)

Ramsay: “you have a right to ask victims of domestic abuse why they don’t report their partners to the police. But it is obnoxious.”

Victims of domestic abuse are not just victims of violence. In most cases they have been subjected to sustained periods of psychological undermining, domineering control, systematic humiliation, had their self esteem destroyed, been told consistently that they won’t be believed, threatened with social and financial ruin and made to feel that there is no alternative other than remaining with their abuser etc etc.

Mr Ramsay is absolutely correct to state that Rev Campbell is being obnoxious. This level of obnoxiousness is symptomatic of a bona fide misogynist without a shred of empathy or sympathy or understanding of the psychological state of the victims of Bill Walker.

In effect, Rev Campbell is siding with Walker in order to undermine the victims in order to further undermine the wider point being made that the SNP should never have selected a man like Walker to represent a constituency in Scotland in the first place.

Misogynist Spotting
Misogyny was defined by feminist blogger Ashan thus: “it can manifest itself in a variety of ways ranging from chauvinism or sexism to physical abuse and rape.”

She lists several traits and characteristic of a misogynist:

  • Denies women’s feelings and makes them wrong for feeling them.
  • Makes jokes or derogatory comments about women and then ridicules any woman who gets offended or upset.
  • Has no remorse or guilt for the pain he causes women.
  • Has grandiose behavior; cocky and self centered.
  • Must ALWAYS win in a discussion with or about women – all encounters with or about women are seen as a battle to be won.

There are several more indicators listed but each of the above can be directly related to Rev Campbell and his online behaviour. Ask virtually any woman who has disagreed with him online.

And therein lies the crux of the argument of this feature.

Rev Campbell freely admits to being a misanthrope According to him, in the absence of other evidence it would be irrational for a human being not to be one.

AhDinnaeKen wonders how long Rev Campbell’s deeply pocketed donaters will keep funding someone whose outlook on life is so fundamentally skewed by hatred of the opposite sex and his fellow human beings. The Wings donaters willingness to keep donating whenever he wishes to raise funds tars them with the same brush.

AhDinnaeKen is still deeply undecided regarding the independence debate. It’s clear however that it is beginning to take a turn for the worse. That turn could soom be replicated in the country at large. Hate preachers like Rev Campbell revel in that type of environment. He’s on record elsewhere saying that he actively wants people to “hate” him and that there should be firm dividing lines so that he and his followers know who to hate.

Hopefully more brave campaigners like Cara Kulwicki will resist the likes of Reverend Stuart Campbell by further exposing his vile twisted brand of misogyny fuelled hatred.

AhDinnaeKen certainly hopes so.

As Cara said on her blog in reply to one of Mr Campbell’s followers: “yes, Stuart is insensitive. He does not care about victims of rape — most rape victims do not want men sitting around judging and ranking their experiences with sexual violence. If he cared about victims of sexual violence, he wouldn’t run around calling them pathologically stupid, hysterical exaggerators, or any of the other insults he has thrown my way.”

AhDinnaeKen tips the hat and tugs the forelock to the strong women of the net such as Cara, women who have stood up to and exposed Rev Stuart Campbell for the misogynistic homophobic rape apologist he clearly appears to be: strong women such as Kate Higgins, Kayleigh Quinn, Una Purdie, Louise Morton, Daftquine, Juliet Swann and Rebelgirl59.

Women for Independence campaigner Natalie McGarry needs to open her eyes. Being seen to condone a nasty libellous smearing fantasist such as the Reverend Stuart Campbell is unseemly in extremis. AhDinnaeKen believes she is much better than that because she is much better than that.

In the eyes of the law, Rev Stuart Campbell is of course innocent of any crime. In the Court of public opinion however, when it comes to the accusation of being a victim blaming misogynistic rape apologist there is only one naturally just verdict: GUILTY as charged!

The Rev Stuart Campbell is an abusive, homophobic, misogynistic, rape apologist.

Who would dare defend him now?

A manly man being manly in a manly way playing manly games with other manly men. No room for women in the manly world of Rev Stu.

A manly man being manly in a manly way playing manly games with other manly men. No room for women in the manly world of manly Rev Stu. Natch!



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13 responses to “Nationalist Front misogynist exposed as rape apologist

  1. Patriot

    Thats the most recent photo of Stu I have found – any more?

  2. Dear Longshanker

    I have to say I admire your ability to dig and research the famous Wings over Scotland.

    He is such a hero to the SNP and independence campaigners, those that are left, the ship is sinking, sadly Wings won’t be a footnote in the history of this campaign.

    I have done a list of ‘rats’ in Nicola Sturgeon’s inner circle, if you have time, pop by and have a read.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  3. Bishop Brennan

    He’s a hackett looking crayter eh? Must be cause he’s hold up in that lair o his. Now ken what amazes me mair than anything, the ability he has to train cybernats, anonymous ains tae, he pretty much his them wrapped roond his xenophobic finger. On his Twitter page his profile states `complete arsehole,` well theres no many wa kin disagree we that now is there.

  4. Mr Gimpson

    This might be worth a look. Take a copy though, I’m sure he’ll remove it soon

  5. Ah…good job… You finally discovered the Pandora Box of the Scottish nationalists…. I was personally attacked online by a Yes campaign supporter concerning rape and abuse matters… Because in their face I shoveled up all the data concerning the facts that SNP is cutting funds to multiple rape/abuse charities from 2012 deeming them not ‘necessary’… Well why should Scottish abused and raped people need support? As far as the SNP goes these people don’t even exist… Scotland is the country that has the worst rape and abuse laws in the world and as a rape and abuse survivor the only choice you have after a police report is getting the he*l out of the country, change your name and phone numbers, and bye to your old life. In certain areas of Scotland police even prosecute victims. Really strange nobody ever brought up this in a SNP gathering.

    • Thankyou NorthernLights

      Indeed. Mr Campbell is a deeply unpleasant character with some abhorrent views regarding women.

      An independence blogger like him ranting away wouldn’t really be much of an issue. It’s the endorsements by some high profile Nationalists which is telling: Blair Jenkins, Joan McAlpine, Stewart Hosie, Nicola Sturgeon, Roseanna Cunningham and a few other no marks from the parliament.

      I’d be interested in any links to the material you’re referring to.


      Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

  6. Thanks for your answer longshanker 🙂

    Some of these survices survived thanks to private funding and generous donations, Scottish government didn’t move a finger. Cuts affected all areas of Scotland, at a time or another. One year I also tried to support a petition online (that fell on deaf ears, of course).

    Funny to see all these nationalists being so involved in the independence debate, yet… they are wasting precious time to follow their political agenda and they actually don’t care about the welfare of Scottish citizens at all. Independence won’t ever mean more support to the weakest parts of society, first two decades will be spent building a country… if they are already in trouble managing their finances, how are they supposed to manage a lot less money later on?

  7. Pingback: A dark vision of democracy | Duncan Stephen

  8. See Above

    Saw this and thought of you. Wonder if he still claims to have worked with rape victims?

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