Yes Scotland and a matter of trust

AhDinnaeKen first brought TonyBlair Jenkin’s reputation into the spotlight last week when he appeared to endorse a Nationalist Front website’s attempts to set an agenda for debate in Scotland. Is this latest scandal on paid for advertorial’s about to bring him down.  AhDinnaeKen indulges in a bit of shameless speculation.

If this piece had 'advertorial' on behalf of Yes Scotland above it, then it would have been sound. The fact it doesn't...

If this piece had ‘advertorial’ on behalf of Yes Scotland above it, then it would have been sound. The fact it doesn’t…

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

ONCE AGAIN TonyBlairJenkins, leader of the Yes campaign’s, judgement is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Firstly his organisation has been linked with payments to and endorsements of sham group Labour For Indy.

Secondly he openly endorsed the idea of a Yes Scotland debate suggested by hate preaching Nationalist Front website Wings Over Scotland.

Thirdly, he appears to have paid for academic advertorials to be placed in the Herald newspaper.

For someone with an alleged vested interest in the integrity and ethics of news delivery this is somewhat curious.

Consider the following quote from his worthy document ‘Better Journalism in the Digital Age‘:

“There has been a significant loss of public trust in news organisations, which is why a new culture of integrity and transparency within the media and a restoration of that trust are so important.”

There is something ironic that Mr Jenkins should have such high falutin’ values and then appear, so publicly, to undermine the ideals and vision suggested in the document.

This scandal, for scandal it is, damages not only the integrity of the Yes campaign, it damages the perceived integrity of the Herald newspaper.

Everyone knows that the majority of stories in the newspapers are press release and PR led. It’s a matter of economics, numbers and time.

But press release led news reporting can still provide useful insight to what’s going on.

Politically paid for advertorials are a different matter altogether.

That this information should come out following an alleged hacking attack, only illustrates the complete lack of transparency surrounding Mr Bulmer’s piece in the Herald.

Looks like the SNP doubters of Jenkins strategy have finally got their way. It seems only a matter of time till Mr Jenkins has to resign.

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2 responses to “Yes Scotland and a matter of trust

  1. allanwils

    Did you see BBC Scotlands free YES campaign advert on this Mornings News ? meant to be a story about ‘hacked email’ but was just one long pause on YES poster, YES phone number and then a long pause on a YES campaign mug , Independent and impartial reporting my arse .

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