Skintland needs less MSPs and more action to protect us from freeloading SNP hypocrites

MOAN says that the brutal truth of the matter is that she would do and say anything to elevate her political career. Ask the Firstminster’s wife.

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By Moan McVulpine67% of Scots think cheesey adulterers lack moral authority

WHOLLYRUDE’S indifference to its devolved powers is the political equivalent of treating the sovereign people with contempt.

Perhaps that is why no one from the SNP is prepared to speak openly for the Skintish government to actively do something about the impact of the bedroom tax.

Last time one of them tried they were threatened with a night time visit from Joan McArthyalpine and her motley ‘porridge testing’ crew.

The Scottish government’s own devolved powers shows housing is firmly in the list of competencies able to be interfered with by the parliament.

Yet still, nothing is done by the SNP majority administration to alleviate the problems imposed in Skintland by the bedroom tax. Why not?

The Skints should demand to know why the government they voted for in 2011 is standing idly by while the suffering are being systematically brutalised and impoverished by coalition legislation.

Could it be that it suits the SNP’s purposes for the poor and disadvantaged to be publicly seen suffering?

Could it be that this kind of cynical politicking with people’s misery would produce more Yes votes than the separatist manifesto would normally be expected to deliver?

Who knows?

It’s clear though that it suits the SNP’s empty rhetoric and cynical agenda to blame such uncaring indifference on Westminster and the Tories while doing nothing about it themselves.

As prime ‘plum duff’ Henry McPeish said in the Hootsman today, “a Tory government devoid of decency, compassion and beyond any notion of the common good”, is the SNP’s best friend.

It let’s them grandstand with moral authority backed up by full on Barnum statements about ‘Skintish values’ in the knowledge that it can only help their cause.

And of course, all of this posturing is aided and abetted by the next to useless Skintish Labouring Party who should be screaming about how devolved powers could be used to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the unfairness of the hated tax.

But that doesn’t excuse the SNP. They have it in their hands to do something about it now.

That they choose not to speaks volumes about their real commitment to Skintland and its people.

Nationalism is about the taking and holding of power for its own sake – a vehicle to get the people on board for the purposes of gaining power.

The ‘civic’ and ‘positive’ brand so frequently exhorted by the Skintish variety of Nationalism is nothing, if not, blatantly obvious for all to see.

It’s time the Skintish people woke up to this callous cynicism and demanded action.

That’s why we voted for them in 2011 after all.




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7 responses to “Skintland needs less MSPs and more action to protect us from freeloading SNP hypocrites

  1. Dear Longshanker

    I see that ‘moan’ hasn’t been fired by Salmond after being named in a divorce case, you would think a man married to a woman ‘old enough to be his mother’ would take firm action on this issue.

    More bad judgment on his part.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • ‘old enough to be his mother’ – what at age 12 or so? Time to be aware of your own bad judgement, George!

      • I think you’ll find there’s a 17 year gap – more than old enough to be his legal mother. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a rebuttal, eh?

        Well done.


    • Thankyou George

      Nothing’s been proved yet George. Unlike others in the blogosphere I genuinely believe in innocent until proved guilty.

      Salmond’s right to stand by her – or whatever it is he does by her – until such time as it’s no longer prudent.


  2. Playground jokes, schoolboy humour, awesome literary talent – more in common with certain people than you would care to admit. Aw boys the gither ‘n that!

    • Thankyou wanvote

      I’m not sure what you’re alluding to here, but I guess you probably aren’t too sure yourself, y’know, given your grasp of basic facts and rebuttals.

      Feel free to expand. I’m at a loss??


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