The Impersonal Touch

Notorious website Wings Over Scotland indulges in the type of behaviour which it continually claims the mainstream media is guilty of.  AhDinnaeKen investigates:

What has this picture got to do with anything? Bloody biased mob-funded media.

What has this picture got to do with anything? Bloody biased hysteria-funded media!

By Longshanker aka @ergasiophobe

A NATIONALIST FRONT website blogger has claimed he is the victim of a Unionist conspiracy and stalking campaign.

Stuart Campbell of Nationalist supremacist website Wings Over Scotland claims that an alleged “virulent Unionist” and “Rangers supporter” Murray Brady is stalking him in order to discredit his site in the eyes of the Yes campaign and the mainstream media.

He further claims that a “dossier” is circulating around the offices of the evil and wicked MSM in order to taint him in a “grim personal smear attack”.

Mr Campbell, 45, is a self appointed defender of truth, righteousness and probity in the independence campaign and he is famed for single handedly holding the “evil” Unionist MSM to account for its wickedness.

Impartial observers have noted that there is virtually no substantial factual content or evidence evident anywhere in Mr Campbell’s story, entitled “The Personal Touch”, which could possibly corroborate or substantiate one iota of a smidgeon of the claims raised.

Some went further, stating that it’s merely a pathetically obvious and evasive ruse to deflect from being exposed for his extreme views and relentlessly tireless hate tirades from his mob-funded website and Twitter feed.

One impartially wry observer noted that there appears to be no verifiable facts, sources or independent citations within the whole story for any of the claims to be taken seriously.

Longshanker, associate editor of ‘satirical’ website AhDinnaeKen said:

“Mr Campbell spins a story and provides background information about an alleged ‘stalker’ which doesn’t stack up. The only ‘evidence’ proffered, which allegedly connects this named individual, Murray Brady, to the AhDinnaeKen website, is the non-specified timing of comments left on Mr Campbell’s site and the writing style of the non-specified commenter. Other than that laughably meagre fare, which depends on Campbell’s “opinion” there is nothing of substance which can be verified by an independent observer.

“In the real world of ‘professional’ journalism, such minimalist conjecture doesn’t stand up as a legally tight credible story and leaves both the ahem, ‘journalist’ and the publication exposed to potentially expensive challenge or embarrassing take down.

“Mr Brady, if he actually exists, would have a right of claim of harrassment, if not defamation, against Wings Over Scotland and its curious brand of alleged ‘professional’ journalism.”

The Campbell story centres upon an unidentified commenter appearing on the Wings Over Scotland website at around the same time – which is only implied – as he alleges Murray Brady had charges for a non-specified alleged crime dropped by the Procurator Fiscal in Glasgow.

Despite providing no tangible evidence whatsoever, Mr Campbell gravely concluded:

“While we have, as noted, no conclusive proof, our opinion, for numerous reasons, is that there is no doubt whatsoever the author of the blog responsible for the “dossier” is Murray Brady, or someone acting as a front for him.”

Curiously, Mr Campbell edited his site, without reference or note or reason, to add the following line:

“Murray Brady used to consistently deny being in any way responsible for his hate campaign, right up to the point where the police forced his internet service provider to reveal his identity.”

Translated into the real world, this probably means the police used Google or some other form of internet search tool.

AhDinnaeKen invites readers to question why Mr Campbell’s piece is so coy about providing any hard facts to prove a case against his alleged assailant, Murray Brady.

What AhDinnaeKen would like to ask, on behalf of reason and sanity, is the following:

1) Just what were the charges raised against Murray Brady, if indeed there were any, and when and why were they dropped by the Procurator Fiscal?

2) Why is there no third party independent corroboration, other than an unnamed Scottish journalist, of anything that is claimed in the whole story?

3) Why did Mr Campbell use a picture of Norwegian right wing supremacist Anders Behring Breivik, one of the most dangerous and repugnantly evil mass murderers currently alive in Western Europe, to illustrate his piece? Surely the use of such a picture is the same type of underhandedly deceptive device used by the “evil” MSM to discredit and smear by association and juxtaposition?

4) Why was there no attribution or reason offered for the editing of the paragraph in which Mr Campbell asserts that Murray Brady is responsible for a “chilling” dossier doing the rounds of the “evil” MSM.

5) Why were the vast majority of half witted commenters on Mr Campbell’s site so ready and willing to believe such a half baked concoction of a story? The only thing that carries any credibility in the whole piece is the notion that a press release using material sourced from this very site is doing the rounds of the “evil” MSM.

Meanwhile, if Mr Brady exists, AhDinnaeKen invites him to contact the relevant authorities or the press and insist on a takedown of what is a quite clearly non-attributed, repugnant and libellous post – an affront to professional journalism and journalists.

Discerning readers can, once again, make up their own minds.

The text as it appeared originally.

The text as it appeared originally.

Unattributed edit no. 2. Curiouser and curiouser.

Unattributed edit no. 2. Curiouser and curiouser.


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10 responses to “The Impersonal Touch

  1. allanwils

    They really have learned well from their SF buddies in the dark arts of ‘online propaganda’

    • They haven’t learned too well. The Personal Touch piece is so risibly amateur and bereft of crucial detail where it counts that it mocks the concept of journalism.

      • allanwils

        But detail doesn’t matter , it’s only the message that counts. Most people don’t check things out

      • Point taken. And you’re right. Job done as far as the smear merchant is concerned.

        What amazes me though is that Mr Campbell is either so confident or so insane that he thinks a solid detail like a Procurator Fiscal dropping an alleged complaint isn’t tangible enough to be followed up, or at least queried.

        My investigations so far have turned up virtually nothing to substantiate Mr Campbell’s libellous claim against this named person Murray Brady.


      • allanwils

        Just read my reply and glad you saw, I was not stating my point of view, but what the object of throwing out these kind of ‘statements’ are. As I said they picked up these things from the ‘experts’ who even though they were hand in hand with the worst terrorists in Europe, kept winning the ”propaganda war’ and still are.

  2. samuel

    Murray Brady is a 100% real, unfortunately. I am firm, firm friends with him and only recently spent a pleasant evening in his presence, supping some foaming nut-brown ale.

    Also it’s worth noting that this whole thing is excellent and really funny and fits Stuart’s usual online argument M.O perfectly. He’s such an excellently flawed and deficient man in so many profound ways, and yet despite the fact he seems somewhat intelligent he’s completely unable to realise this. It makes the whole spectacle really compelling, in a bizarre way. Someone other than me put it best when they say that stu seems to have peaked as a very intelligent 14 year old, and remained there mentally ever since,

    The fact he can never admit he’s wrong, the ignoring of points in arguments which directly disprove his own, the self-aggrandisement, the bluster, the cherry-picking and deliberate misunderstanding of people’s reubttals, the godawful writing style which hasn’t changed since he wrote for Your Sinclair more than 20 years ago. It’s all there, just as it has been in any of his numerous online bust-ups over the years.

    There’s decades worth of the stuff from when he used to be a videogames journalist, it’s all astonishingly hilarious and depressing in equal measure. Depressing because he simply will not give up, or admit that he’s wrong, even when he clearly is. Probably because he has nothing else to do.

    To be honest it’s probably worth ignoring him, because arguing with him doesn’t get you anywhere at all.

    Or you could take the piss out of him because he once had a flat-top style haircut. He fucking HATES it when you do that. Don’t you Stuart?

    • Thankyou Samuel

      If Murray Brady is a real individual then he has clearly been defamed by Stuart Campbell.

      Mr Campbell claims a readership of up to 60,000. Mr Brady is deserving of compensation considering his reputation has been seriously impugned in the eyes of so many.

      Perhaps you can help. Campbell’s piece, The Personal Touch, said this:

      “It eventually resulted in an arrest, a report by Glasgow police to the Procurator Fiscal recommending prosecution, which to everyone’s surprise was declined, after a very long delay and for unclear reasons.”

      A very curious statement. In Scotland, “where a Procurator Fiscal decides to take no action in a case, the victim can ask for an explanation of the decision.”

      Can you help with any of the details of this alleged case?


  3. Mr Gimpson

    It appears the ‘Rev’ has edited the section about Murray Brady again in this article

  4. Sorry, I just burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it.

    The picture Stu uses is of the crazed-but-sane serial murderer A Breivik (and if you hadn’t spotted the unusual police uniform, marked (in Norwegian) POLITI, the image he used actually bears that title).

    I’m not sure if using this pic confirms a view that Stu is a games-altered violent fantasist, a cynical manipulator of fiction into “fact”, a self-cheering, attention-craving narcissist, suffers unduly from male flat-top hairloss anxiety which he projects on others – or perhaps merely has a deeply unhealthy and highly unpleasant attraction to psychopathic personality disorder, including the characteristics of devious cunning, callousness and issuing of dark threats to those perceived as enemies (legion) – but in the context of the rest of his output, this particular story of his might well suggest an unusually virulent combination of all the above.

    • It would be hilarious but for the very real and serious defamation of Murray Brady whom I now believe to be a real living person.

      I have quite a few valid reasons not to reveal my identity – not that it would make much difference to Campbell’s conspiracy theory paranoia or his zealous band of followers.

      You sound as if you have previous with Mr Campbell. I’d be most interested in some information exchange.

      I’ll follow you on Twitter and supply you with my email address.


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