McVulpine plays the who’s got the biggest wang card

MOAN says that the SNP are so desperate for good news that they’re even willing to cuddle up to Nationalist Front extremists with big wangs and large polls. Ooer missus!

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By Moan McVulpinein praise of universally cheesy wangs and big polls

IT’S BEEN used to kick-start everything from near lynchings of paediatricians to nasty wee Nationalist supremacist sites with polarising militant agendas.

It’s called hysteria-raising and it’s a way of inciting outrage, grievance and collective victimhood.

In hysteria-raising, like minded individuals with communal hatreds and frustrations chip in a few bob in order to arm themselves with righteous indignation so they can demand respectability from all and sundry – particularly their perceived enemies.

If 10,000 folk cared enough about Nationalist Front site Wangs Over Skintland that would be a political phenomenon.

Unfortunately the Wangs Over Skintland donation figure was nearer 1,000 and screeds of those were repeat donors – so well done to Joan McArthyalpine in the Daily Ranger for not so subtlely implying that 10,000 had anything to do with the Wangs Over Skintland site.

She even goes so far as to equate the Wangs site with worthy causes such as start up companies and disaster relief charities.

Moanie tips her hat to Joanie’s brazenness. You’re nothing if not shameless, as news stories have recently exposed. Weel din Fucky Sark!

Readers of the Wangs Over Skintland site were fed up with their new political landscape visions and delusions being constantly thwarted by reality.

So they mob-funded their own ahem ‘professional journalist’ based opinion poll.

These are expensive undertakings. But a fool and his money are often parted, so it certainly seems there’s enough money going around in Skintland to fund such vanity projects. Ask the Firstminster, eh?

The blog hysteria-raising poll was carried out by Flannelbase – an internet based polling company which rewards those who answer questions.

The poll showed that, unlike any other polls anywhere, the gap between Yes and No to an independent Skintland was narrower than previously thought – with 36 per cent No, 34 per cent Yes and 30 per cent undecided.

But running with those numbers as a given is a deception considering the complexity of the question which raised the figure.

Consider what Professor John Poultice of Scratchcard Uninveristy said:

“Apart from the potential for confusion in such a complex question, given this limitation we simply cannot be sure that those who felt able to say Yes or No are representative of the views of all Scots.”

In other words, that figure is all front and no substance when seriously analysed – much like the editor and the editorial of the Wangs Over Skintland site. Ask him the difference between a Consulate and an Embassy for example.

One of the stupidest questions however, turned the credibility of the poll on its head.

Respondents were asked to imagine Skintland was currently an independent country. How many would vote for a union with Westmonster? Only 18 per cent said they would vote to give up our ffrreeddoomm™, with 55 per cent against and 28 per cent undecided.

But should we be surprised? It is just an imagining after all, just like some of the boldest and most seriously mauled and discredited assertions stated by the SNP over the course of the alleged debate.

Worth considering that Joanie made an unfounded accusation/assertion against one of the editors of this very site some time ago.

Unsurprisingly, the editor of Wangs Over Skintland made a much more serious accusation.

Given that neither have presented evidence to prove their unfounded and vindictive accusations, you have to question the credibility of any of their claims.

Both act like nasty wee busted flushes. The phrase “yer damn right” springs to mind.



McVulpine plays the who’s got the biggest wang card



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4 responses to “McVulpine plays the who’s got the biggest wang card

  1. Hermione

    I think a re-examination of the Cheesegate story is well overdue. McLachlan says some naughty things on his blog and his boss, “Weasel” Russell, immediately sacks him and claims no knowledge of his office manager’s activities. This from the guy who was going around asking people (e.g. Cllr Angus Nicholson) to join a “blogging ring”!

    McLachlan [Edit:] allegedly tries to blackmail Russell by publishing emails between the two – including him asking for a replacement job in a quango somewhere – and this is at the very time when he and McAlpine are [Edit:] allegedly holed up in a hotel somewhere conducting an affair and trying to save McLachlan’s career.

    Bet the atmosphere in meetings involving Russell and McAlpine must be interesting. Do you think they could sell tickets?

    I think I’ve still got all the background info and references for all this saved somewhere – let me know if you need it.

  2. Bogspotter

    Here’s a million quid. Kin we commission a poll on erse cracks and which erse has the most crack?

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