Lookalikes: Vote Yes for some dream SNP wallpaper

Yes campaign supporters ramp up the ‘meme’ power in the War of Independence Propaganda. Looks like they need some more creative collectivism for the pseuds-Yes campaign.

Lookalikes 02
Dear Sir

Am I the only person to notice that you could buy a ‘dream house’ with the £300,000 Firstminster Salmond promised us Skints the other day there?

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between this facile empty fallacious poster by the pseudo-Yes campaign and this empty facile fallacious poster by the Just Say Yes (please) campaign?

I think we should be told.

Yours sincerely


[Edit: We* got spoofed by the pseuds. Takes hat off and tugs the forelock. Turns oot ye can kid a kidder 🙂 ]

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