Moan McVulpine: SNP aides waging full scale grievance war in Scotland

MOAN argues that it’s time Skintland woke up to the increasing desperation of the SNP turning to the grievance politics of despair and negativity rather than the vision politics of hope and artistic imagineering.

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By Moan McVulpinePutting the iron in irony

MOST FOLK were shocked at the second line pluralis maiestatisus” in the Daily Ranger of a list MSP berating MPs for their proposed pay rise.

What parallel universe, with her £57,521 per annum salary and £25,000+ expenses (so far for period 2012-2013) does this freeloading C-list MSP live in?

Everyone knows that Whitehall Sir Humphrey’s are paid too much. But at least they actually do something with substance, cause and effect – right or (mostly) wrong.

What’s Joan McCarthyalpine’s excuse? What does a parachuted in talentless politician and professional whinger actually do to justify the kind of plasticine parliament sums above?

One wag suggested she ‘services’ the Firstminster. But we* know that already. She writes his speeches and helps frame his flatlining jokes.

Other than that, her only purpose is to foment grievance and chip on shooder politics using her well paid second job at the Daily Ranger.

And that brings us to yet another attempt to foment ill will toward our subjugating colonial masters in England.

A quick scan of her Daily Ranger piece immediately reveals the lack of substance in her grievance mining polemic.

Take the following line regarding Skintish jobs being lost due to MoD cuts: “Gray will decide the fate of Scottish civilian defence workers.”

No mention of numbers of jobs lost throughout her piece makes Moan suspicious – it could be two jobs it could be hundreds – who knows?

And then there’s this: “a value-for-money survey for the MoD found it would cost MORE to move the jobs to Bristol.”

No attribution for the ‘value-for-money survey’. It could be legitimate it could be assertion. Given her track record so far – you decide.

Moan ran a similar type of ‘value for money survey for Whollyrude’ recently based on freeloading list MSPs and their manufacture of grievance.

Joan McCarthyalpine was found to be of limited value and ‘not fit’ for purpose.

But we* knew that already didn’t we*?

* pluralis maiestatis  used for ironically pompous effect – sorry




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2 responses to “Moan McVulpine: SNP aides waging full scale grievance war in Scotland

  1. Joe Soap

    I agree with your analysis on McAlpine’s articles but, really, you have to get up-dated yourself regards calling ‘The Record’, The Daily Ranger. With a current contract between those from the East-end and the football allegiances of top editor and section-editors then the last thing ‘The Record’ should be called is the Daily Ranger.

    ….and that’s before i even get started on ‘Bam’ Cowan and his incessant new ‘club’ stance……..they’ll do anything but read law and football authority decisions (heck, even advertising and BBC ethics committee statements) that should be news.


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