Bullingdon Toff Tories laughing at Skintland thanks to the SNP

It’s the equivalent of having a fifty pound note burned in front of a jakey beggar by a £3000 suited Oxbridge posh boy: Bullingdon towel folder and Chancer of the Exchequer can’t believe how pish his Nationalist pro-independence opponents really are. They’re so pish, they make his Bitter Thegither campaign look good. Thanks tae the SNP the Tories will use this damp squib against us for generations. Weel din Ecky Sark and the rank amateur SNP bang gang! AhDinnaeKen tries not to greet and whinge too much:

Imagine being so pish that this lot are laughing at you. Sheesh! Think again Fat Salm.

Imagine being so pish that this lot are laughing at you. Sheesh! Think again Fat Salm.

By Rank Amateur

THE SNP backed campaign for an independent Skintland is so pish that the Tories are openly laughing at the Skints.

A chinless Whitehall civil servant likened it to “big boys verus wee jobbies”.

And the thoroughly depressing part is that the most recent Ipsos-Moron poll backs that assertion up in stark ‘black figures on white paper’ in a dispiriting graph.

If it gets any worse, it’s rumoured the Bullingdon Chancer will just shut up the plasticine parliament talking shop and tell us to go home and think again.

Five Pensions Salmond has described this period as a “phoney war” but the only thing that is phoney is the alleged competence of the bloated one and his party.

The main feature of the campaign so far is that the Tory Tories cannae believe how pish our alleged political elites really are.

Thanks SNP, we’re gonnae suffer from this for decades. Well done!

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