Annexegate latest: Scottish Nationalist Party set to explode

Silly season of non-story scoops was launched in spectacularly embarrassing style at the Grauniad yesterday. Even the Polarised Militants of the SNP Cybernat wings recognise the Grauniad’s
sadsack attempt at an alleged story. So why did the SNP ramp up their grievance politics to DEFCON 5? AhDinnaeKen investigates:

Hell hath no fury like faux Nationalist outrage scorned. Hurrah for the Grauniad and its corporate sponsors!

Hell hath no fury like faux manufactured Nationalist outrage scorned. Hurrah for the Grauniad and its corporate sponsor styled non-story scoops!

By Phartinna Wet-Paperbag

THE FORCES of SNP self righteousness and grievance politics were ramped up to DEFCON 5 today following a silly season story alert.

Kevin Bagapringles, the SNP’s ex-media spinner baron, sounded the klaxon on Twitter, unleashing the forces of outrage, grievance and victimhood – the deadly Nationalist troika of full scale chip on shooderhood.

There was widespread outrage throughout the Indysphere as the outrage which began over 300 years ago began again:

“Now, instead of having to endure daily outrage over nothing, we can endure daily outrage over nothing.” said a clearly outraged over nothing, Nicola Sturgeon.

“What we have here is the Grauniad trying to bully its journalists into bullying the public into bullying the politicians into complaining about bullying from bullying Westminster officials.” she added.

Half-witted media monitor mendicant Rev Wanger Over Skintland said:

“This is a story about a non-story which has become a story over how much of a non-story it has become and that’s the non-story story I’m going to write a non-story story about.”




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