Joan McAlpine: No stone too small in hunt for anti-Scots

AhDinnaeKen was only (half) kiddng with its piece some time ago over a proposed ‘porridge test’ in an independent Skintland. After Joan McCarthy-alpine’s shenanigans on Sunday over her beloved leader’s ‘John Terry’ moment, we* now have a pedantically mean spirited attack on the hard pushed subs at the Scotsman.  AhDinnaeKen asks, does this kind of behaviour justify her £50,000+ salary? Does this kind of behaviour fill Skints with confidence of a brave new ‘socially just’ Skintish world where we ‘do things differently here’? Her recent outburst of paranoid hysteria could be a reflection of things to come in an independent Skintland. Ooer, haud us back:

“What work you do! It's strange work for a Christian girl to hang old women!”  ― Arthur Miller, The Crucible

“What work you do! It’s strange work for a Christian girl to hang old women!” ― Arthur Miller, The Crucible. Go Lassie Go! Please -just go.

By Moan McVulpineAre you feeling hysterical? Naw, he’s feeling mine.

DECORUM AND dignity appear to be non-existent in the world of the SNP hierarchy.

Take Joan McCarthy-alpine (please just take her*) and her recent humiliatingly embarrassing public outbursts.

Not content with making an arse of herself on Sunday over a perceived slight of her beloved Eck, she’s still on the hunt for anti-Skints blood.

And in her pseudo ethno-centric Nationalist world she exhibited the kind of behaviour which, if it wasn’t so embarrassingly laughable, in another context could be seen as chilling.

It’s always worth remembering that this freeloading list MSP has no real people’s mandate. No one voted for her directly, yet she takes it upon herself, because of her ‘special relationship’ with the Firstminster, to berate and bully perceived anti-Skint enemies.

The fact that she isn’t being slapped down for it by the party apparatchik shows that this kind of thing is, if not sanctioned by SNP central, tolerated or encouraged by the hierarchy.

How dispiriting! Worrying too.

Take a look at the Twitter outburst above and consider just how much time this freeloading list MSP has on her hands that she can take time out to have a go at Alex Massie over a Scotsman sub’s mistake.

Or for that matter, consider just how appropriate it is for a Firsminsterial aide to be seen berating a newspaper sub for a SPELLING mistake in a caption. FFS!

Newspapers in Skintland are so hard pressed that subs are in short supply. And the subs who do have jobs have such a heavy time-centric workload that misspelling a politician’s name on a caption is virtually inevitable.

Or maybe she’s taking a social audit of misspelling subs so that they can be dealt with appropriately post-independence.

Whatever her manic grievance is, it’s time the SNP reigned her in.

This kind of action might play well with the Braveheart Commandos, the Polarised Militants and the Paranoid Media Monitors, for everybody else, it gives them the willies and turns them off.

How long till a Tebbit style ‘cricket test’ is proposed by McCarthy-alpine?

We* think we* should be told.


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